I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 20

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Chapter 20: Multiple Reactions! Research on the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Asquith was slightly stunned, then nodded continuously.

After a few seconds of wording, Asquith said, “That’s right! This is indeed a very strange thing.

Why does the giant Tyrannosaurus rex have to cut open its stomach and wash it clean before eating an ordinary dinosaur? This behavior is simply no different from that of a human.

” The scientists of the England Kingdom immediately fell silent and carefully thought about this most interesting and strange detail.

The giant Tyrannosaurus rex did not behave like a giant dinosaur at all.

Instead, it behaved like a human.

Only when humans ate animals did they pay attention to cutting open the belly and removing the animal’s internal organs! The question raised by the bodyguard of Prime Minister Asquith was indeed worth thinking about.

Even if the giant Tyrannosaurus rex knew that barbecued dinosaur meat would taste better, it shouldn’t have removed its internal organs first, right? To be able to know how to remove its internal organs was almost equivalent to human intelligence.

This was the most shocking situation! It was absolutely shocking to admit that a giant Tyrannosaurus rex had an intelligence no less than that of a human.




Asquith thought about it carefully, he said, “Continue to carefully study the situation of ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, and quickly contact the researchers who have traveled back to the Cretaceous period.

Tell them to get the data of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex as soon as possible, and try to catch up with the speed of the research of the United States.

” Asquith was worried, but he could not show it.

Now, almost eight hours short of the time, the United States had eight more hours dedicated to the study of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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COM Eight hours was enough time for the United States to finish studying the appearance of the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex and start studying its various physical signs.

No more time could be wasted.

Otherwise, the speed of the United States’ research on the giant Tyrannosaurus rex would be faster than that of all other countries.

The scientific doctorates of England began to take action, working overtime to study the data of the common Tyrannosaurus Rex and contacting their own scientific research teams as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in the scientific research room in China was dead, and all the scientific scholars were worried and regretful.

The scientific scholars of China decided to study the common Tyrannosaurus rex first.

They were worried that the violent nature of the giant Tyrannosaurus rex would hurt the scientific scholars who had gone to the Cretaceous period.

But this decision was very wrong! Not only did the scientists in their own countries make mistakes in their decisions, but they also caused the scientists in other countries around the world to make mistakes in their decisions together.

This was a very serious problem.

Chairman Wang Fugui of China stood in the science research room with a bad look on his face.

But chairman Wang Dafu couldn’t say anything.

Because he had to admit that the decision made by the science research room was the right one.

There was no problem, it was just that they should seek stability.

However, no one had expected that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex would be so friendly.

The fact that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake did not launch an attack on the scientific research teams of the United States and Russia surprised everyone.

Even the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was friendly with the scientific researchers of the United States! This was even more unbelievable.

“From now on, close the comment section of the live streaming video website in the Chinese Internet domain and forbid viewers from posting comments.

First, seize the time to study the data of the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex, and then seize the time to study the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex.

” Chairman Wang Dafu said in a deep voice and turned to leave the science research room.

The scientists in India were also worried, but the biggest worry was not the progress of the research, but the storage of the scientists’ personal supplies.

The scientists in India did not bring enough food and water, and staying in the Cretaceous period for a long time would be a big problem.

We must solve the food problem! Seeing that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex was willing to share the roasted dinosaur meat, Indian scientists naturally thought that this could solve the food supply problem, but they also knew that this was not a long-term solution.

They could not let the giant Tyrannosaurus rex help solve every meal, right? If this angered the giant Tyrannosaurus rex, it would be very disadvantageous to anyone.

“Begin to prepare compressed food.

Prepare to send a follow-up team to send supplies to the Cretaceous period scientists.

At the same time, if more scientists are sent, the research progress will also be accelerated.

It will not be a problem to surpass the research speed of the United States.

” Now, the researchers of various countries have confirmed the direction of their research and their research plans.

Next would be the start of the second step of the research plan! During the Cretaceous period, after eating and drinking to his heart’s content, Blake looked at the setting sun.

Even the Super Tyrannosaurus Rex Blake definitely needed to sleep to replenish his energy before he had the energy to do the rest.

Blake looked down at the researchers and decided to return to the valley to rest.

Tomorrow, Blake planned to ask the humans to help him pick fruits.

Eating fruits could also improve evolution! However, ordinary tyrannosaurs did not know how to collect fruits, and Blake had not evolved a finger before, so he could not pick fruits.

With the help of humans now, eating some fruits would not be a problem.

And now that he had evolved a finger, Blake could also eat fruits by himself, which was much more convenient.

After eating the barbecue, Blake stood up and strode toward the valley.

As Blake walked, he paid special attention to the surrounding humans.

He did not want to accidentally step on these humans.

If he killed one, it would be a loss, and it would affect the help of these humans in collecting fruits.

When Carol Garcia saw that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was about to leave, she was about to shout at it, but she immediately shut up.

She felt that she should not meddle in the affairs of the Tyrannosaurus.

The giant Tyrannosaurus had absolute freedom to do whatever it wanted.

Even if the giant Tyrannosaurus could understand the words of humans, it should not shout at it.

When Will Quake saw that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was about to leave, he heaved a sigh of relief.

The Super Tyrannosaurus Blake was probably going to rest.

Since the giant Tyrannosaurus wanted to rest, ordinary humans like them could also rest.

They hadn’t slept for almost two days, and they were constantly chasing after the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

Everyone was exhausted.

Blake took a step forward and left.

He raised his claws and pointed at the sea.

It seemed that Blake was hinting that the American scientists were staying nearby and that he would come to the sea tomorrow.

In addition to eating fruit, Blake’s plan included eating dinosaurs in the sea.

For example, sea dinosaurs such as Neptune and Mosasaurus.

Previously, without the evolution of a finger, it was difficult for Blake to hunt dinosaurs living in the sea.

Even if he caught them, it would be difficult to bring them to shore.

Now that he had a finger, he could catch the dinosaurs that lived in the ocean.

Eating the dinosaurs in the ocean would definitely speed up his evolution! Blake was even planning to evolve the ability of atomic breath to attack the pterosaurs in the sky after he grew an arm.

Eating the pterosaurs in the sky would also greatly increase his evolution.

Blake had a plan long ago, but he needed time to complete it step by step.