I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 12

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 12

Chapter 12: Chapter 12: The Little Ants Blake Saw Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation Carol Garcia aimed the recording device at the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

After a few seconds of focusing, she excitedly recorded it.

After seeing the recording, Carol Garcia was slightly stunned and couldn’t help but feel puzzled.

However, Carol Garcia didn’t realize that something was wrong.

She just felt that something was a little strange.

There were many viewers in modern society, and many people had already noticed what was strange.

The comment ban on the live streaming platform was lifted, and the viewers continued to comment.

Some people had already discovered the special situation of the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

“Wait! Look, this isn’t the Tyrannosaurus just now.

”– An American viewer “What a huge Tyrannosaurus rex, it looks so good! It’s very far away, it can block laser weapons, and presumably can also block nuclear weapons.

”– a certain American viewer “Such a Tyrannosaurus rex is indeed very shocking.

”– a certain Chinese viewer “Why do I feel that it has become even bigger?”– a certain Japanese viewer .



“Aiya! Don’t you realize that this Tyrannosaurus rex is not the same as the huge Tyrannosaurus rex from before?”– a certain Indian viewer “That’s right! This Tyrannosaurus rex has five fingers, and the one just now only has three fingers.

”– a Russian viewer “No, could it be that this giant Tyrannosaurus rex mutated after being hit by the laser and grew two extra fingers?”– a Chinese viewer “What? Oh My God! It’s only been a few hours, and this Tyrannosaurus rex can grow new fingers?”– An American viewer Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM The viewers on the live streaming website posted comments one after another.

Many people had already discovered that the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake’s fingers had changed from three to five.

How could it grow one or two fingers at such a speed? No genetic mutations can happen that fast! The viewers were already beginning to guess whether the giant Tyrannosaurus rex in front of them was not the same one as the one just now.

Most people believed that there was more than one giant Tyrannosaurus rex in the Cretaceous period.

Will Quake frowned, and cold sweat broke out on his forehead.

Even Walkley Arnold noticed that the distant Tyrannosaurus rex had grown two new fingers.

Those of them who were in the Cretaceous period knew best that the giant Tyrannosaurus rex sleeping on the beach in front of them was the one they had just met in the valley.

It was impossible to make a mistake by following the tracks.

Even if there was a second giant Tyrannosaurus rex, at least the one before them was the one just now.

Will QUake wiped the sweat off his forehead and said in a deep voice, “Something’s wrong! This Tyrannosaurus rex is very likely to have mutated, and it’s very likely to have mutated because of our laser attack just now.

” “How is this possible? It’s just a laser gun shooting, and it can actually mutate? If it absorbs the energy of the laser, it will mutate.

If it were a nuclear weapon, wouldn’t this Tyrannosaurus rex become a real Godzilla?”Voklee Arnold frowned, he refuted Will Quake’s idea.

Will Quake was stunned, and he couldn’t help but frown slightly.

Everyone could understand what Walkley Arnold said.

Indeed, things like laser mutating were too strange.

Laser mutating, just thinking about it felt impossible! But the facts were right in front of him.

If he could confirm that the giant Tyrannosaurus in front of him and the one he saw in the valley were the same, then he had to accept reality no matter how much it defied biological possibilities.

“Let’s continue our journey and get as close as possible to this giant Tyrannosaurus rex first.

From what we saw in the valley just now, we can tell that this giant Tyrannosaurus rex is not hostile to us,”Carol Garcia suggested excitedly.

The American scientists nodded one after another, agreeing with Carol Garcia’s words in their hearts.

However, everyone still looked at Will Quake, waiting for his decision.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Will Quake nodded, thinking that they should indeed get close to the giant Tyrannosaurus rex.

Walkley Arnold raised his laser gun again, getting ready for battle.

Even if the giant Tyrannosaurus rex wasn’t hostile to humans, it didn’t mean that the ordinary tyrannosaurs weren’t hostile either.

The ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex was also very aggressive! Although the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex couldn’t block the laser shots, it could still kill a few researchers.

Will Quake took a deep breath and said, “We must be careful and approach the giant Tyrannosaurus rex first.

If possible, we’ll go and communicate with the giant Tyrannosaurus rex and try to communicate with it.

” The scientists and scholars of the United States nodded in agreement and thought that Will Quake’s idea was correct.

This was the right thing to do! No one knew how high the IQ of the giant Tyrannosaurus was, but it was definitely not too low.

After all, the size of the Tyrannosaurus was so big, and its brain was also very big.

It might have a very high IQ.

The IQ of the Tyrannosaurus race was not low to begin with.

As a species, the bigger they were, the higher their IQ would be.

Under the protection of Walkley Arnold, the American researchers moved forward one after another, heading straight for the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

In less than half an hour, they arrived near the Super Tyrannosaurus Blake.

It was still a few kilometers away from Blake, and it was still quite far.

But if they continued to get closer, MM was worried that they would anger Blake.

Moreover, many ordinary tyrannosaurs had already begun to wander around the surrounding coastal areas, eyeing humans like them.

Walkley Arnold gritted his teeth and looked warily at the ordinary tyrannosaurs around him from the corner of his eyes, he said, “The situation doesn’t look good! The ordinary tyrannosaurs gathered here don’t seem to be ruled by the giant tyrannosaurs.

They are individuals that act alone.

” “It’s fine! If the ordinary Tyrannosaurus rex attacks us, then fight back.

”Carol Garcia turned the transcription machine to take pictures of the ordinary tyrannosaurs nearby.

Just then, Blake woke up.

When he opened his eyes, Blake happened to see Carol Garcia holding the transcription machine! Blake was slightly stunned, then he shook his head slightly.

It turned out that this beautiful woman with a graceful figure was a photographer.

When he first saw her, Blake mistakenly thought that Carol Garcia was carrying a high-tech weapon.

After all, this group of humans came from the future of the parallel world, and there were many things that Blake could not guess the use of.

If he knew the use, Blake would definitely be able to quickly understand.

“Oh? There are still many small ants around, but they don’t seem to have been tamed by me in advance.

They don’t dare to come close to me, but they seem to have the intention to kill future humans,”Blake thought to himself as he looked at the ordinary tyrannosaurs around him.

In Blake’s eyes, ordinary tyrannosaurs were not worth mentioning.

Blake believed that other than the ordinary tyrannosaurs that he tamed that had some use, the other tyrannosaurs that were not obedient could only be killed to establish their authority.

Now, these ordinary Tyrannosaurus Rex had thoughts about the future of humanity.

Coincidentally, Blake wanted to see if the future of humanity had any more high-level technological weapons! If he had nuclear weapons with him, Blake would be even happier.

Because nuclear weapons could speed up evolution!