I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 1

I Evolved Into a Super Tyrannosaurus Before Future Humans Arrived - Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Descent of Future Humans into prehistory! Translator: Dragon Boat Translation  Editor: Dragon Boat Translation “130 years ago, scientists from the United States of America accidentally discovered a special tidal energy fluctuation in the Pacific Ocean near the Bermuda Triangle.

” “100 years ago, with the full cooperation of the United States of America, Russia, China, and many other countries, a space folding phenomenon was discovered in this sea area.

” “Eighty years ago, with the participation of Japanese and Indian scientists, the special space phenomenon in this area of the sea was solved.

” “Three years ago, with the joint efforts of scientists from all over the world, the space folding phenomenon was confirmed.

Moreover, scientists confirmed the specific date of the next space folding through a large number of formulas.

” In the Bermuda Triangle Sea area, there was an island that had been turned into a secret scientific research institute.

In this secret scientific research institute, the scientists who were employed had only one task: to study the space folding phenomenon.

If the space folding phenomenon was studied thoroughly, it would bring a substantial advancement to human science and technology, and could even push human science and technology to a new era.

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COM Moreover, after entering the folded space, one would travel to the ancient times or the future of the Earth and descend into another folded space of that era.

These were the conclusions of the research of tens of thousands of scientists from various countries over the past century.

Countries around the world will give their unreserved support for an exploration! The United States, Japan, India, China, and Russia sent scientific researchers and fighters respectively to form a large exploration team.

Exploring the folded space! In the Scientific Research Institute camp at the center of the island, a group of researchers from the ages of 25 to 60 were ready to set off.

They were ready to set off.

The Japanese scientist, Zhiren Yada, led his own team to the United States scientific exploration team.

Zhiren Yada looked at Will Quake, he nodded and said, “Dear Mr.

Will Quake, I am very happy to cooperate with you.

This scientific research will be the glory of humanity and the glory of Japan.

I hope we can cooperate sincerely and create greatness together.

” Zhiren Yada bowed and saluted the young American scientist with dark blonde hair.

The young American scientist leading the team was named Will Quake.

Will Quake was admired by Zhiren Yada for his golden hair, fair skin, noble temperament, rich family background, and outstanding personal ability.

Will Quake nodded, but he didn’t say much.

His temperament was cold and aloof.

The scientists from various countries were discussing what kind of era they would enter after entering the folded space-time.

There were still three hours before the spatial fold reappeared.

The departure time would be in one hour.

Scientists from all over the world would have to enter the spatial fold realm by helicopter.

The American Special Forces soldier Walkley Arnold, who was as strong as an ox, raised his arm and looked at his watch.

He then shouted, “Everyone, check your oxygen tanks, snorkel equipment, and parachutes one last time!” The scientific researchers and explorers from all over the world immediately began to check the materials they brought with them.

They did not dare to be careless.

After all, no one knew what kind of environment they would be in after entering the folded space-time.

Would they be at the bottom of the sea or at high altitude? If they were at the bottom of the folded space-time, they would have to have oxygen tanks and diving equipment.

If they were to appear at a high altitude, they would have to have parachutes.

They would also have to check the fresh water, dry food, and medicine that they carried with them.

These were all things that were used in scientific research and exploration.

Scientific researchers from all over the world entered the combat helicopter and set off for the folded space above the Bermuda Triangle.

Will Quake sat quietly in the helicopter cabin, meditating and closing his eyes to rest.

Zhiren Yada and a group of Japanese researchers were looking at Will Quake, their eyes filled with jealousy or envy.

After all, everyone wanted to be as outstanding as Will Quake.

Sitting next to Will Quake was a 22-year-old blonde with blue eyes.

The beauty’s name was Carol Garcia, a researcher from the United States.

She was plump but not fat.

Her s-shaped curves were impeccable.

She had mango breasts, peach buttocks, fair skin, and big white legs.

Anyone who saw her would want to pounce on her.

Especially Carol Garcia, who was not wearing a bra.

Her nipples were accentuated by her green military uniform.

Carol Garcia was holding a high-tech video camera in her hand.

She was broadcasting live to people all over the world.

She was telling the story of how she was about to enter the folded space.

The satellites of the United States covered the scientific research field of the Bermuda Triangle and could transmit high-tech video data at any time.

“Attention, everyone.

We are about to enter the folded space.

” “After entering the folded space, we will not be able to continue live broadcasting.

” “When we enter the folded space, the glory of humanity will be created by us, and it will be us who will bring the shock of science to the world.

” At the same time, in Times Square in the American capital, people were watching the big screen with excitement.

It was the same in Japan, China, and Russia.

People were sitting in front of their televisions and watching this exciting scene.

On the screen, Carol Garcia held her breath and began to count down.

The people in front of the television were even more excited.

Some of them were so nervous that they started to shout.

They could not help but celebrate the glorious moment of human civilization that was about to happen.

At this moment, the people all over the world stopped breathing.

Some of them even stopped their heartbeats temporarily.

They were so nervous that their minds went blank.

Along with the sound of electricity, the people from all over the world who witnessed this moment were stunned.

Then, they began to cheer and shout.

They even hugged the people around them and shouted and jumped to celebrate.

In the sky above the Bermuda Triangle, the scientific research teams from all over the world who were sitting in combat helicopters became even more nervous.

They all closed their eyes and waited for the space to fold and cross over.

The next moment, the combat helicopter suddenly jolted.

The strong Walkley Arnold roared loudly and shouted in a commanding tone.

“Get the parachutes ready! We have already passed through the space-folding transmigration and encountered the influence of the air flow in the upper troposphere.

Get ready for the helicopter to make a forced landing or parachute to escape.

” Before Walkley Arnold could finish his words, the scientific research team had already prepared the parachutes.

In order to successfully pass through the time-space folding, the scientific research team had already done countless rehearsals and rehearsals in advance.

“We did it!” Will Quake looked out of the glass window of the combat helicopter and said as he tried his best to suppress his excitement.

Outside the helicopter, the sky was blue and the clouds were white.