Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 253

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 253

Chapter 253: Body Tempering, Pain and Pleasure After a long night, more and more people entered the cauldron.

Some entered voluntarily, while others were thrown in by the elders.

“Ah! It hurts so much! I’m almost cooked! Let me out!” “Help! I can’t hold on any longer! I feel like I’m going to die!” Other than a small number of people who gritted their teeth and tried to resist, most of them struggled to escape.

Of course, they were still thrown back by the elders.

For a moment, the Blackheaven Sword Sect screamed and wailed for a long time.

Just like that, the thousands of disciples who came to the training ground all entered the cauldron.

Most of them were in so much pain that they bared their teeth.

Only a few of them were in a better condition.

Although they were also enduring the burning pain, they endured the pain while sitting cross-legged inside, they did not make a sound even though they were drenched in sweat.

In addition, when they discovered that the flames under the cauldron had become smaller, the elders would increase the flames one after another, not allowing the temperature in the cauldron to drop by even a little.

Looking at the few disciples who were jumping up and down in pain, the elders in the training ground could not bear it any longer.

On the high platform, a few of the eight chiefs also revealed expressions of sympathy.

However, they knew in their hearts that there was nothing easy to accomplish in this world.

Since they had chosen the path of cultivation, they would inevitably suffer along with it.

How could they see the rainbow without experiencing the wind and rain.




“Ah…” In the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, countless screams that sounded like pigs being slaughtered rang out.

It was ear-piercing and strange in the silent night.

Everyone within a radius of ten miles could hear it clearly.

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COM At this moment, on the Sunset Peak.

After their cultivation ended, the group of women walked to the kitchen in a neat manner.

When they did not see Su Xing’s figure, they walked to Xue Jian’s room.

Xue Jian had fainted because she had used too much eye-bloodline technique.

However, she woke up now, but she was still a little tired.

Therefore, Su Xing did not let her go for today’s cultivation.

This was because the power of eye-bloodline technique did not belong to spiritual energy.

Instead, it was a special energy.

Therefore, the best way to recover the power of eye-bloodline technique was to rest more.

That’s right, to rest.

Because it was like a property of the body.

It could only recover by itself.

Other elixirs and heavenly materials and earthly treasures were ineffective against it.

Of course, it was not that there was nothing that could be replenished.

It was just that it did not exist in the east barren world.

“Sister Xue Jian, how are you?” With Su Yan’er as the leader, Mo Yuanqing, Li Yiyi, and Shen Yaoling entered the room.

When they saw that Xue Jian had woken up, they sat around and greeted her.

Xue Jian’s face was ruddy.

It seemed that she had almost recovered.

In fact, if she had just used a simple eye technique, there wouldn’t have been much of a problem.

The only problem was that not only had she used an eye technique to watch Su Yan’er and Mo Yuanqing fight, but she had also tried to analyze the martial arts that the two of them had learned, that was why she had used up a large amount of energy.

However, it seemed that she was fine now.

“I’ve made all of you worry.

I’m fine now!” Xue Jian smiled and replied.

Then, she looked behind everyone as if she was looking for something.

Su Yan’er seemed to understand her thoughts when she saw this and said immediately.

“Oh! I forgot to tell you.

Senior Brother Su Xing was called by the Sect Master today.

It seems that he wants to be an official for him, so he should be back very late.

” In fact, Su Yan’er had overheard this by accident.

She was not very clear about the specifics.

“Wow, could it be that the sect master wants to abdicate and let Senior Brother Su Xing be the sect master? Then Ling’er will be the Junior Sister of the Sect Master of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect in the future.

How awe-inspiring…” “You little girl, you actually want to have a good time.

” “Hahaha…” Just as the few of them were laughing and guessing, a wave of strange cries came from afar.

Everyone was terrified! “Not good, could it be that the demons have entered the sect?” Shen Yaoling blurted out.

Faced with this sudden scream, everyone looked at each other and understood what they were thinking.

“Let’s go! Let’s go and take a look!” “I’ll go with you.

” The moment she heard the scream, Xue Jian jumped up from the bed.

Seeing that everyone wanted to check out the situation, she followed.

If it was really what Shen Yaoling said, that the demons had attacked, then the situation would be terrible.

The situation was urgent, so the few of them did not have time to think too much.

They ran all the way down the Sunset Peak.

They rushed in the direction of the sound.

At the same time, the nine peaks’ cultivation field was filled with wails.

The eight chiefs, led by Zhuang Changhe, were calmly drinking tea.

Su Xing sat cross-legged at the edge of the high platform.

He took out a jar of hundred-flowers wine from his storage ring and casually raised his head to drink a few mouthfuls of wine.

When he saw the changes in the disciples, he could not help but nod his head in admiration.

The medicinal bath continued for the time it took for an incense stick to burn.

The disciples were soaked until their bodies were completely red.

Each and every one of them was sweating profusely.

However, the refining process was also gradually entering a good state.

The group of disciples who were shouting the loudest at first gradually eased up a lot.

Some of them even showed an intoxicated expression on their faces.

The cultivation levels of the disciples present were uneven.

The strongest had already reached the Golden Core Stage and the weakest was only in the Qi refinement stage.

However, they were all cultivators after all.

The vitality and endurance of their bodies were much better than that of ordinary people.

After getting used to it, they experienced the benefits of the medicinal bath.

Don’t look at how miserable they were screaming, but in reality, the medicinal bath was beneficial to them without any harm.

And when Su Yan’er and the others were halfway there, the shrill screams had already disappeared without a trace.

“Hey, Senior Sister, didn’t you say that there were demons? Why didn’t Ling’er sense any demonic Qi at all?” Shen Yaoling’s nose twitched slightly.

When she realized that there was nothing unusual, she asked.

“Not only is there no demonic Qi, the movement just now has also disappeared.

Something is wrong.

” Mo Yuanqing’s expression was silent.

Although he spoke very calmly, his fair hand had already tightly gripped the black iron sword.

“It’s a pity that my ocular technique can not be used for the time being.

Otherwise, I should be able to check it out.

” After the mutation of Xue Jian’s innate ocular technique, she already possessed the ability to trace the origin.

The last time she was able to see the bamboo forest from the cliff, she had relied on this ability.

However, the energy of her ocular technique had just recovered a little, so it was unlikely that she could use it again in a short period of time.

Of course, for her safety, everyone would not agree to her use.

At this moment, Su Yan’er, who was second Senior Sister, stood out.

She thought for a moment, then proposed her idea to the few of them.

“Yes, yes.

Everyone, don’t be anxious.

The square is right in front of us.

We don’t know the situation yet.

Let’s go and take a look first.

” This was the only thing they could do for now.

Just like that, the few of them walked over from the Sunset Peak and headed in the direction of the Nine Peaks Training Ground.

The Nine Peaks Training Ground was not far away.

Before long, they arrived at a place not far from the square.

However, before they could get close, a strange smell filled the air.

It was thick and familiar.

Immediately after, countless ‘big metal pots’ appeared in the square.

There were red-faced figures sitting cross-legged in the middle of them.

Hundreds of elders of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect were walking around them as if they were patrolling.

Even Su Yan’er, who had experienced many storms, could not help but be stunned when she saw this scene.

The others were also shocked.

Countless questions began to appear in their minds.

What were they doing? The few elders had been adding firewood.

Could it be that they were cooking? If that was the case, then who was the person sitting on top? … How should they describe it? The scene in front of their eyes was really so strange.

It was so strange that even people who saw it were at a loss.

At this moment, a gaze was cast over from the high platform.

The faces of the ladies suddenly bloomed with smiles as they called out that person’s name in tacit understanding.

“Senior Brother Su Xing?” “Brother Su Xing!”