Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 244

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 244

Chapter 244: News of the Son of Fate The trial conference had already reached its end.

After Zhuang Changhe gave an encouraging speech, he announced the news of the Demon God Sect’s coming into being.

This caused another huge uproar.

When they asked if the news was true, the sect masters of the other sects also testified.

Because other than the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect’s ancestor, the other old sects also had some old monsters.

How could the aura of the Demon God Sect’s coming into being be hidden from them.

When everyone heard about the Demon God Sect, the entire hall was in an uproar.

Since the matter had come to this point, they had to believe it even if they did not believe it.

After all, this was a matter that concerned the survival of the Eastern Wastelands.

If the Sect Masters of the other sects spoke up together, then it was definitely true.

Following that, Zhuang Changhe also took this opportunity to inform everyone about the approximate time of the appearance of the Demon God Sect so that they would be ready to guard against them.

After hearing such an important piece of news, everyone did not have the mood to stay in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect any longer.

They all found an excuse to return to their sects.

The one who benefited the most from today’s trial conference should be the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

At this moment, Zhuang Changhe could not help but smile.

Through the trial conference, not only did they destroy the rumors about the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect colluding with the demons, they also revealed the disappearance of the Sect Masters of the six great sects.

Apart from that, they also gained the support and support of a large number of righteous people.

Today’s conference could be considered as killing two birds with one stone! .



In the main hall of the sect meeting.

Zhuang Changhe sat on the main seat of the main hall, and the sect leaders of the six great sects took their seats one by one.

Everyone looked at Zhuang Changhe with sparkling eyes.

Zhuang Changhe was not surprised that they did not leave.

He ordered his disciples to serve tea, and he smiled as he sipped his tea, not saying a word.

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COM Because he knew that someone was more anxious than him.

He looked around at the crowd.

Ever since Yin Yijun of the Clearwater Sect entered the grand hall, he had been sipping the tea by himself.

He didn’t show any trace of anxiety.

He was not anxious, but the others could not keep their cool.

“Fellow Daoist Zhuang, the trial has ended.

Can you return the magic treasures to us?” Old Man Yan saw that Zhuang Changhe did not take the initiative to return the magic treasure.

After drinking a few cups of tea, he clicked his tongue and said.

After he said that, the representatives of the various sects also voiced out their support.

“That’s right.

Since the Demon God Sect is about to be born, we have to hurry back and make arrangements.

Sect Master Zhuang, please take out the magic treasure!” “As long as fellow Daoist Zhuang is willing to return the magic treasure, our weapon refining sect will definitely remember your favor.

” “Huh! I was still thinking about how to deal with the matter of the Demon God Sect and had forgotten about it for a moment.

I hope fellow Daoists don’t take offense!” Zhuang Changhe slapped his thigh as if he had just remembered the matter.

He cupped his hands toward the representatives of the various sects present.

Eh… When everyone heard this, they were stunned for a moment before a trace of suspicion appeared on their faces.

Forgotten? Was it really that simple? Perhaps there was something else behind this? A tribulation transcending mighty figure, the leader of a sect.

If it was said that Zhuang Changhe had forgotten about the matter of returning the magic treasure, no one present believed it.

However, in order to get their own magic treasure back, no one exposed it.

“Haha, Sect Leader Zhuang wants to manage this huge Blackheaven Sword Sect.

Just now, he took a break from the matters of the trial assembly.

With such a busy and hard work, it’s normal for him to forget about it.

” An elder of the Weapon-Refining Sect laughed.

It must be known that the items of the other sects were either magic treasures or fortune, and what their sect lost was the secret manual of weapon refining.

This was not something that any heavenly materials or earthly treasures could compare to.

Therefore, when Zhuang Changhe’s voice fell, he quickly stepped forward to smooth things over so that he could get the supreme secret manual of weapon refining as soon as possible.

Although the Weapon-refining Sect was not famous among the top ten sects, it was because their martial strength was much weaker than the other sects.

However, their strength lay in forging divine weapons, which was why they were ranked among the top ten sects even though they were weak.

“So it’s Master Li of the weapon refining sect.

I’m sorry!” “Please take a look!” Zhuang changhe nodded to master Li of the weapon refining sect.

Then, he took out Zuo Daoren’s storage ring, and several items wrapped in spiritual energy flew out.

“Crimson Firmament treasure sword!” “Tai Yi horsetail whisk!” “…” “Haha, Thank You, fellow Daoist Zhuang!” Master Li of the refining sect stroked a piece of black iron.

His wrinkled face bloomed like a chrysanthemum, and even his voice carried a kind of joy.

Others might not know, but he knew in his heart that this ordinary-looking piece of black iron was the secret of the sect, the supreme refining manual.

After everyone received their own magic treasures, they looked at Zhuang Changhe with much gentler eyes.

“Alright, since we have the item, then I won’t accompany you anymore.

Goodbye~” Old Man Yan waved at everyone and swaggered out of the hall.

At this moment, a loud voice came from Zhuang Changhe’s mouth.

“Fellow Daoist Yan, please wait!” “Sect Leader Zhuang, is there anything else?” Turning his head, a trace of displeasure flashed across Old Man Yan’s face.

His intuition told him that this was not a simple matter from the start, so he had wanted to take back the magic treasure and leave as soon as possible.

Unexpectedly, he was stopped by Zhuang Changhe.

“I have received news that the Son of Fate has been born.

I wonder if everyone has heard?” Zhuang Changhe said indifferently.

What? The Son of Fate! Different from the forces that had left, the people present were all the higher-ups of the major sects.

They naturally knew about some ancient secrets.

When they heard Zhuang Changhe say the name of the Son of Fate, their eyes could not help but flicker.

Obviously, they were not unfamiliar with the Son of Fate.

“Fellow Daoist Zhuang, you mean you know the whereabouts of the Son of Fate?” Yin Buping, who had been silent all this time, suddenly asked.

“That’s right!” “Apart from the trial conference today, there is one more thing I want to discuss with all of you.

That is the news about the Son of Fate!” “Since it is related to the Son of Fate, then let me hear it as well!” Old Man Yan rolled his eyes and staggered back to his seat.

It was obvious that he was quite interested in the son of fate.

Zhuang Changhe nodded his head in satisfaction when he saw everyone’s heated gazes.

“Fellow Daoists, you should know the legend of the son of Fate.

Although the Demon God Sect and the devil palm behind them are powerful, as long as we can find the Son of Fate, the Eastern Wastelands will have more hope.

” Everyone did not refute this.

Legend! The Son of Fate was the guardian God of the Eastern Wastelands.

When the world fell into darkness and the demon race wreaked havoc in the Eastern Wastelands, the Son of Fate would come into being and bring a glimmer of light to the living beings of the east barren.

Actually, the various great sects had also been ordered to search everywhere for the child of fate.

Some had even dispatched figures at the ancestor level.

Unfortunately, until now, no one had found a trace of the child of fate.

Therefore, when Zhuang Changhe said that he had news of the Son of Fate everyone could not help but fall silent.

“Everyone should know about the red moon phenomenon half a year ago.

That was the Demon God Sect’s trick.

They used the flesh and blood of mortals to set up the demon race’s evil array.

Finally, they summoned a true demon mighty figure from the array, a Demon King who had ascended to the ninth transformation realm.

” Hiss hiss! Upon hearing this, a few gasps suddenly sounded in the hall.

Oh my God! A demon king who had ascended to the ninth transformation realm had arrived in the Eastern Wastelands.

Was this a sign that the demon race was going to launch a large-scale attack? What was the concept of a Demon King who had ascended to the ninth transformation realm? Even if all the experts in the hall were added together, they would not be a match for a single move from him.

Only some old monsters who had hidden themselves from the world would be able to contend against him.

No, such a major event had to be reported back to the sect to the patriarch.

Only they could deal with it.

Looking at everyone’s fearful expressions, Zhuang Changhe almost couldn’t help but laugh.

At this moment, Yin Buping said with a bitter smile.

“Fellow Daoist Zhuang, why are you joking with us? If the demon king has really appeared, then why hasn’t there been any news about it in the Eastern Wastelands until now?” Yi! That’s right.

Logically speaking, the Demon King’s appearance should have caused quite a stir, but until today, there hadn’t been any news about it! One had to know that the Demon King had a combative nature and liked to feed on humans.

However, more than half a year had passed.

Don’t even mention the Demon King, it wasn’t even easy to find a half-demon with demonic Qi.