Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 242

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 242

Chapter 242: The Trial Conference (Part 2)The reputation of a well-established sect, a reputation that had been accumulated over a thousand years of heritage was destroyed in just an instant.

The matter of the Sect Master and the Great Elder colluding with the demon race in the Selfless Sect had become a stain in their history from today onwards.

And all of this was thanks to the two people on the stage who remained silent.

“Damn it, how did things turn out like this?” Daoist Xuan Guang’s initial wishful thinking and hostility towards Zhuang Changhe and the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect had all disappeared.

What replaced them now was an endless sorrow.

“Sect Master Zhuang, this Taiyi horsetail whisk is an item of our Clearwater Sect.

I hope that fellow Daoist can return it to me.

Our Clearwater Sect will definitely remember Sect Master Zhuang’s favor.

” Yin Yijun retracted his gaze and cupped his hands towards Zhuang Changhe on the stage.

“That’s right.

This scarlet firmament treasured sword is our sect’s sect guarding treasure.

Since we saw that old Daoist today, we might as well bring him back.

Sect Master Zhuang shouldn’t take advantage of us, right?” After Yin Yijun, old man Yan of the Yan Yun Sect also said this in a strange manner.

The conference to judge the traitors of the demon race suddenly emanated everyone’s begging intentions.

The other sects that had discovered their own magic treasures also asked for them from Zhuang Changhe, their faces full of excitement.

Zhuang Changhe nodded and looked around the crowd below the stage.

Then, he slowly spoke.

“Fellow Daoists, please rest assured.

I did not recognize the ownership of these items before, so I did not return them.

How about this? After the conference is over, I will personally return all the magic treasures of each sect.

” .



“We are currently dealing with the matter of the trial of traitors.

Please wait for a moment!” Whew! Hearing Zhuang Changhe’s words, the representatives of the various great sects all heaved a sigh of relief! They were finally relieved! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM If Zhuang Changhe pretended to be dumb and refused to return the magic treasures, they did not know what to do.

If they tried to snatch them, this was the territory of the Blackheaven Sword Sect.

Just the sect protecting-formation that was rumored to be of a godly level was enough to make them feel apprehensive.

Hence, Zhuang Changhe’s actions had brought them a good impression.

At this moment, they did not say much.

Some people who did not know could not help but curse when they saw this.

If they were still uncertain before, now that they were caught red-handed, it would be useless even if Daoist Zuo and Daoist Wuxin talked about it.

The voices of denouncement in the crowd stirred up the intense atmosphere.

The crowd erupted.

Everyone looked at Daoist Zuo and Daoist Heartless.

Unfortunately, they were now under control and could not make any retorts.

An elder of a sect clenched his fists in anger and said.

“Now the evidence is conclusive.

These two have betrayed the Selfless Sect and colluded with the demon race.

Sect Master Zhuang, quickly kill them to preserve the lives of the six sect masters and the creatures that were killed or injured during the demon race’s invasion.

” “Sigh! This old man is blind.

I actually misjudged the two of them.

” “Such traitors from the Eastern Wastelands.

If we don’t kill them, what’s the use of leaving them alive? Kill them!” “Colluding with the demon race, everyone must be executed.

” Seeing that the atmosphere in the scene was starting to lose control, Zhuang Changhe immediately let out a dry cough.

A powerful aura mixed with pressure transmitted his voice into everyone’s ears.

Although his voice wasn’t loud, it covered the voices of everyone present.

“Everyone, calm down.

Just now, there were a few fellow Daoists who wished to give these two a chance to explain.

Since we’ve already waited for a period of time, we’re not lacking in this little bit of time.

Next, let’s hear how they explain!” Due to the series of operations earlier, Zhuang Changhe had already obtained the support of most of the cultivators.

And because his own magic treasures were in his hands, the six great sects naturally wouldn’t have any objections! Therefore, when Zhuang Changhe said this, everyone suppressed the Killing Intent in their hearts and stopped.

“Yes, sixth brother, untie them!” Lei Laoliu and his sect master looked at each other, and then used a special method to untie the seals that were branded on Daoist Zuo and Daoist Wuxin’s bodies.

“Lei Laoliu, f*ck you! One day, I will lead the demon race to flatten the Dark Sky Sword Sect.

At that time, I will drink your blood and eat your flesh.

” “Hahaha!” The moment his restraints were released, Zuo Daoist cursed at Lei Laoliu.

God knows how he had endured these past few days.

He was constantly being punished by lightning and was thrown into a dark secret room… Lei Laoliu was always able to change his ways to torture him, and he was able to do it differently every day, it was simply unbearable.

He was lucky to be able to live until now.

“Hmph! He’s just the demons’ lackey!” When Lei Laoliu heard someone insulting him, his face darkened.

“You should feel lucky.

If it wasn’t for the Sect Master keeping you alive, I would have long cut you down by the sword, and it would be your turn to nag here.

” “You…” Hearing the conversation between the two, there was an uproar.

Lei Laoliu was a ruthless person in the cultivation world.

What good would he get if he caught him? However, these two were traitors of the Eastern Wastelands, so Lei Laoliu’s actions were quite gratifying.

“How dare you, Daoist Zuo, collude with the demon race to harm our Eastern Wastelands.

You even set up an ambush for the sect masters of several great sects.

Your crimes are numerous, and killing you is already considered a bargain.

” “We have already given you a chance.

Hurry up and tell us how you colluded with the demons so that we can give you a decent way to die.

” By the time the trial had reached this point, more than half of the time had passed and all the necessary effects had been achieved as scheduled.

Zhuang Changhe did not waste any more time and directly asked.

Daoist Zuo’s expression was playful and did not have the slightest awareness of being Frank.

“Zhuang Changhe, you are not a good person either.

So what if I colluded with the demon race, why should I tell you?” “In any case, I will die.

I am not stupid.

” “F*ck, everyone, look, this is the ugly face of a traitor.

” “Even now, he still does not know how to repent.

What is the point of keeping such a stubborn person? Everyone move aside… I will chop this traitor to death with my next slash.

” How strange! You’re a traitor who colluded with the demon race, yet you’re still reasonable.

Who gave you the courage? Is it the demon race? Those who could come to the trial assembly were at least the higher-ups of the sects or other forces.

Many people from various forces had died in the operation to resist the demon race.

Seeing Zuo Daoist’s arrogant appearance, they couldn’t help but feel angry! Some people even pulled out their weapons from their waists.

If it were not for the other cultivators who tried to stop them, they would have run to the high platform to duel with Daoist Zuo.

It could only be said that they had done a good job and gained a large amount of hatred points for themselves.

Even the Selfless Sect did not dare to speak out to help now, for fear of being implicated by Daoist Zuo.

“Sect Master, I’m afraid that this person has gone crazy.

Hand him over to me.

I’m very confident that I can make him speak.

” Seeing Zhuang Changhe frown slightly, Lei Laoliu volunteered to help.

His eyes revealed an eager expression.

“Are you really confident?” “Sect Leader, you may not know this, but I’ve recently developed a new type of punishment.

As long as he is used on Zuo Daoren, he will definitely be able to explain clearly that he peered at the female disciples of the sect.

” Zhuang Changhe originally had some expectations, but when he heard Lei Laoliu’s last sentence, a row of black lines appeared on his face.

When the crowd heard that they were going to use the punishment on Daoist Zuo, their eyes were filled with excitement.

However, after that, a strange expression also appeared on their faces.

Cough, cough! This leader of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect was really extraordinary.

Even his words were so down-to-earth, Haha! Zhuang Changhe glared at Lei Laoliu.

How could he not know what this fellow was thinking? It was obvious that he was unhappy after being scolded by someone just now.

This was clearly a blatant opportunity for revenge! Zuo Daoren simply stared.