Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 241

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 241

Chapter 241: The Trial Conference (Part 1)Due to Zhuang Changhe’s previous foreshadowing, Daoist Zuo and Daoist Wuxin had already been labeled as colluding with the demon race.

And the two of them were the higher-ups of the selfless sect.

Now, the atmosphere in the venue had become very delicate.

The chaotic discussions below the venue had also quieted down because of this sudden change.

Everyone’s gaze turned to the position of the selfless sect, and their eyes flickered with a strange light.

There were even some people who had started to hate the selfless sect.

It was as if the selfless sect had become the target of public criticism.

“Humph! “I agree with sect master Zhuang’s point of view.

Those who colluded with the demons are traitors of the eastern wastelands.

We, the cultivators of the eastern wastelands, have the obligation to kill them.

“However, the selfless sect knows nothing about the actions of Daoist Zuo and Daoist Wuxin.

I dare to swear an oath to the Heavenly Dao to prove it.

” Hearing this, the surrounding cultivators’gazes softened.

Daoist Xuan Guang was smart enough to use the Heavenly Dao oath to clarify himself.

Everyone knew that there were no lies under the Heavenly Dao Oath.

Therefore, after Daoist Xuan Guang swore an oath on the spot and there was no heavenly dao phenomenon, everyone gradually put down their suspicions.

“Fellow Daoist Xuan Guang is right.

I have already interrogated Daoist Zuo and Daoist Wuxin.

Indeed, the selfless sect has nothing to do with the demon race.

The collusion with the demon race is only their personal action.

” “Fellow Daoists, please do not have any prejudice against the selfless sect because of this.

” .



Zhuang Changhe’s words were perfectly timed.

Not only did it highlight the generosity and justice of the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect, it also helped the selfless sect to mediate the situation.

Touched! That’s right.

At this moment, the people of the selfless sect suddenly felt a surge of warmth in their hearts.

Even Daoist Xuan Guang, who was a little angry at first, could not help but take another look at Zhuang Changhe.

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COM He knew that if Zhuang Changhe had explained earlier, then why would he have been forced to swear the Heavenly Dao Oath? And when Zhuang Changhe stood up after he swore the Heavenly Dao Oath, he had some ulterior motives! However, this was not the main point at the moment.

There was one more thing that needed to be clarified after the selfless sect was taken out.

At the thought of this, Daoist Xuan Guang said in a clear voice.

“Thank you, Sect Master Zhuang, for your righteous words.

I, Xuan Guang, thank you here.

” “However… Daoist Zuo and Daoist heartless colluding with the demon race just based on some small news and your sect’s one-sided statement is too hasty.

” “I think we should give these two a chance to prove themselves.

If we execute them without asking the truth, how are we different from the demons who treat human lives like dirt? It’s also unfair to them.

” Hearing Xuan Guang’s words, everyone nodded in agreement.

After Daoist Xuan Guang finished speaking, Yin Yijun, who was sitting at the most eye-catching seat of the Clearwater sect, also spoke slowly.

“Mm, such a request isn’t too much.

Since it’s a trial, we can’t not give others a chance to explain, right? On this matter, I agree with Daoist Xuan Guang’s point of view.

” “Those who are clear will be clear, those who are turbid will be turbid.

Sect Master Zhuang, do you think this is the truth?” Yin Yijun smiled as he looked towards the high platform.

When his gaze landed on Zhuang Changhe, he nodded his head.

“That makes sense.

We should listen to him.

” A white-clothed youth sitting next to Yin Yijun was fiddling with the longsword in his hand.

Suddenly, he raised his head and spoke lazily.

This youth was a genius among the younger generation of the Qingshui sect.

Yin Shisan was the disciple of the little sword saint of the Qingshui sect.

During the last anti-demon operation, he had met with the mysterious heavenly sword sect.

Lei Mingyuan recognized this youth’s identity at a glance.

Hearing their conversation, everyone’s eyes flickered.

Because it was just as they had said, since it was the trial assembly, they couldn’t listen to the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect’s one-sided words.

As the parties involved, Daoist Zuo and Daoist Wuxin naturally had a part of the right to speak.

Of course, whether it was true or not, they could just make a heavenly dao oath when the time came.

“I’m here to join in the fun.

There’s nothing wrong with what everyone said.

If we really deal with these two people, it wouldn’t make sense.

We should listen to their explanation.

” “I’m quite interested.

What kind of benefits did the demon race promise to make these two important figures of the selfless sect so willing to become lackeys? hahaha!” It was unknown what old man Yan of the Yan Cloud Sect was planning.

He was obviously discussing how to deal with the traitor, but he still showed a very excited look, which made people suspicious of his actions.

“Humph!” “The facts are already in front of us.

What else is there to prove? The evidence of these two colluding with the demons is conclusive.

Just kill them directly.

” “Just kill them.

It’s just a waste of time to continue interrogating them.

” “The two traitors of the eastern wastelands who colluded with the demon race deserve to die.

” As for how to deal with Daoist Zuo and Daoist Wuxin, everyone began to discuss.

Some appeared to be disdainful, while others did not have much patience.

The people from the six great sects also expressed their views one by one.

The scene was divided into two distinct sides.

One side felt that they should be more cautious and give the two of them a chance to prove their innocence, while the other side had already started shouting and fighting, the two sides had the tendency to start fighting if they did not agree with each other.

Zhuang Changhe did not directly interrupt them.

Instead, he waited until the matter had developed to a certain extent before he felt that he should intervene to mediate the situation, in case these people really started fighting in the mysterious Sky Sword sect.

“Fellow Daoists, please don’t be anxious.

Please calm down.

” “Actually, everyone is right.

We naturally have to get rid of those who colluded with the demon race, but at the same time, we can not falsely accuse a good person because of this.

” “Uh… how about this, this sect master will let everyone see the evidence, and then according to everyone’s opinions, let these two talk about what happened.

Perhaps we can get some useful information about the demon race.

” Hearing Zhuang Changhe’s words, the cultivators stopped their discussion, and most of them nodded in agreement.

Not to mention other things, they knew too little about the demon race.

Other than a few words from some old monsters and the sect’s ancient books, most people now had only a half-understanding of the demon race.

Such a good opportunity to understand the demon race naturally attracted a lot of people.

Zhuang Changhe took out a storage ring from his sleeve and held it in his hand to show everyone.

Then, he explained the origin of this storage ring.

“This is the storage ring of Daoist zuo of the selfless sect.

The things inside are definitely unimaginable.

” As he said this, the corner of Zhuang Changhe’s mouth curled up into a sneer.

Immediately after, a large number of items flew out of the storage ring and piled up in the empty space in front of Zhuang Changhe.

Hiss hiss! Was this the storage ring of a sect master? He was indeed filthy rich! Just as everyone was sighing with emotion, Yin Yijun’s gaze suddenly focused and he exclaimed.

“Tai Yi horsetail whisk?” What Tai Yi horsetail whisk? Everyone looked at each other, not knowing why Yin Yijun was so excited.

Following his gaze, a snow-white horsetail whisk appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

There was a faint white light surging on the horsetail whisk, glistening like thousands of stars in the sky! At a glance, they knew that this horsetail whisk was definitely not an ordinary item.

Could this be the Tai Yi horsetail whisk that Yin Yijun had mentioned? They didn’t expect the sect master of the clear water sect, who thought himself to be noble, to be so worldly when he saw a treasure.

Everyone secretly cursed in their hearts.

As soon as Yin Yijun’s voice fell, there were several surprised and joyful voices.

Complicated voices sounded from all over the square at the same time.

“That’s the Crimson firmament treasured sword, the treasure of Zhenshan of our Swallow Cloud sect.

” “The treasure of our sect is among them.

What’s going on?” “The Sunset Divine Bow, this is the treasure of our sect.

Only the sect master can use it!” “…” Amidst the discussion, Daoist Xuan Guang revealed a bitter expression, because the sect-guarding magic treasure of his selfless sect was also among them.

However, it was not unusual to think that this was Daoist Zuo’s storage ring, but the magic treasures of the major sects had appeared in the storage ring.


, daoist zuo and Daoist Wu Xin would not be able to clear their names even if they jumped into the Yellow River.

Sigh! Daoist zuo, Daoist Wu Xin, you are killing the selfless sect! From now on, the people of the selfless sect would probably not be able to raise their heads when they walked through the eastern wastelands.

At the thought of this, Xuan Guang could not help but let out a long sigh.

His eyes revealed a deep sorrow.