Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 234

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Senior Sister, Please Fight With Me   “Hahaha.

” “You guys cultivate well and perform well.

Tonight, senior brother will show you something good.

” Su Xing walked out of the bamboo forest while laughing.

“Junior sister Qing ‘er!” Su Yan ‘er walked to Mo Yuqing’s side, she comforted him softly, “Cultivation is like a drop of water piercing a stone.

The most important thing is to persevere.

Junior sister, you don’t have to worry too much.

It’s just a sword technique.

Back then, it took me a month to comprehend the Dugu nine swords, so don’t take it to heart.

” The next moment.

Mo Yuanqing turned his head and looked at Su Yan ‘er.

Then, he smiled faintly.

A fighting spirit lit up in her eyes as she suddenly said.

“Senior sister Yan ‘er, why don’t we have a fight!” “AH? Let’s have a fight, Alright!” .



“What? Junior sister, what did you say?” Upon hearing Mo Yuanqing’s words, Su Yan ‘er subconsciously replied.

After replying, she was stunned on the spot.

She looked at her junior sister suspiciously and asked in surprise.

“Junior sister Qing ‘er, are you serious? You’re not joking, right?” “Yes! Senior Sister, please fight with me.

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COM Su Yan ‘er:”…” “Junior sister, are you sick? Quickly come and let senior sister take a look.

” “There’s nothing wrong with that.

Your body temperature is normal, and your breathing and pulse are also normal.

Then, it’s not a physical illness.

” “Could it be that he’s been stimulated?” Su Yan ‘er reached out her hand and rested it on Mo Yuqing’s forehead and wrist for a while.

Then, she continued to talk about her own conjectures.

In the end, she eliminated all of them.

On the other side, Mo Yuqing continued to speak.

“Senior sister, we won’t use spiritual power.

Let’s fight with Dugu Jiujian!” Mo Yuqing did not resist her senior sister’s strange actions.

Instead, the light in her eyes grew stronger, and the battle intent on her body could not be concealed.

“Junior Sister Qing ‘er? Do you know what you’re talking about?” “You just came back from Dafeng not long ago.

You must be exhausted.

Why Don’t you rest for the next two days? You can’t rush cultivation.

” Although Su Yan ‘er was the empress in her previous life and was ruthless to her enemies, she had learned a lot from Su Xing after coming to the sunset peak in this life.

As her second senior sister, she also regarded her junior sisters as family.

Therefore, after hearing Mo Yuqing’s words and combining it with her junior sister’s mysterious manipulation, she couldn’t help but feel a little worried.

Could it be that her junior sister failed to comprehend the way of the sword and became possessed instead! Hiss hiss! One had to know that the higher the level of the cultivation method, the more difficult it was to cultivate.

The “Nine solitary swords”was undoubtedly a high-level sword technique in the way of the sword.

The situation that Mo Yuqing was displaying now was really a sign of being possessed.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was possible.

A worried expression suddenly appeared on Su Yan ‘Er’s beautiful face.

She just stared at Mo Yuqing Like This.

Oh? How Strange! Looking at his junior sister’s appearance, it didn’t seem like she was joking! After a careful inspection, Mo Yuqing’s eyes were clear and there was no sign of Qi deviation.

Su Yan ‘er asked tentatively once again.

“Junior sister Qing ‘er, are you really going to fight me?” Mo Yuanqing did not explain.

He only nodded his head lightly, his eyes filled with fighting spirit burning with incomparable fervor.

“Alright, then senior sister, I will spar with you to see how junior sister has improved recently.

” In the end, Su Yan ‘er added worriedly.

“In a sword technique competition, you are not allowed to use spiritual power.

” Under the use of spiritual power, it was very easy to cause accidental injuries.

However, just the danger of sparring with swordsmanship and martial arts techniques made her laugh a lot.

Not long after.

A strong fighting spirit pervaded the green bamboo forest.

Mo Yuanqing wanted to verify his thoughts, while Su Yan ‘er sincerely wanted to give her junior sister some advice.

Although she was a little worried about her junior sister’s situation, as the empress, she would definitely not go easy on her.

In the following battle, she would have a fair fight with Mo Yuanqing.

Her junior sister had always regarded herself as a sword cultivator.

She wanted to see if there was any difference between her and a pure sword cultivator.

Two shocking battle intents rose up from the bamboo forest.

Their power was like two giant dragons facing each other.

A look and a trace of aura stirred up gusts of wind.

At this moment, the surrounding scene suddenly changed.

Leaves fell one after another.

The light wind blew, and the crisp sound of bamboo leaves and branches colliding could be heard.

Suddenly, a bamboo leaf slowly floated down.

Mo Yuanqing held the black iron treasure sword in his hand.

Suddenly, his entire person’s aura instantly turned cold.

In addition to the battle intent in his beautiful eyes, the faint image of a sword appeared, flickering within.

This was the Sword Dao realm of man and sword as one.

Junior sister Qing ‘Er’s sword dao attainments were so strong.

Could it be that what senior brother Su Xing said just now was true? Seeing that her junior sister was already prepared, Su Yan ‘er could only stop the distracting thoughts in her heart.

She held the sword horizontally in front of her chest and made the starting stance of the nine solitary swords.

“Junior sister Qing ‘er, the practice just now was too monotonous.

Next, senior sister will use the nine solitary swords to compete with you.

You have to watch carefully.

” “Senior sister, Come On!” After saying that, two sword chimes suddenly sounded in the arena.

Obviously, both of them chose to attack at the same time.

“Dugu nine swords, illusionary sword form!” “Dugu nine swords, illusionary sword form!” Almost at the same time, Su Yan ‘er and Mo Yuanqing shouted the same words, and the long swords in their hands also used the same move.

Thousands of sword shadows suddenly appeared and surrounded the two of them.

The sound of metal colliding with stone could be heard as the sword shadows of both parties pounced on each other.

In the next instant.

The expression on Su Yan ‘er’s face began to become unnatural, especially the shock that was difficult to hide in her beautiful eyes.

At this moment, she seemed to have seen an unbelievable scene.

That was because the move that Mo Yuanqing used was the ‘nine solitary swords’.

Although its power was slightly weaker than hers, she had learned this sword technique for three days, and Mo Yuanqing had only seen it once.

Even the esteemed empress was shocked by this scene.

How was this possible? One had to know that in her previous life, Su Yan ‘er was the fire phoenix divine palace empress with decisive talent.

She was reputed to be the existence closest to an emperor.

Even she had spent three days to reach the basic level of swordsmanship, yet her junior sister had only seen it once and easily grasped 70-80% of it.

This, this, this… wasn’t this too much of a blow! Su Yan ‘er’s thoughts flew.

At this moment, Mo Yuqing seemed to have entered a strange state.

At this moment, her mind was undistracted.

She only had the longsword in her hand and the Supreme Sword Dao in her heart.

It was as if her entire body was completely empty.

Each sword was faster than the last, and each move was fiercer than the last.

In just a short span of ten breaths, she was already showing signs of catching up to Su Yan ‘er.

When she saw her junior sister’s fierce attack, Su Yan ‘er was secretly shocked.

She knew in her heart that she couldn’t think too much at this moment.

Mo Yuanqing was able to do this because of his dedication to the sword.

If she continued on like this, she would definitely be defeated.

Her identity was that of the Empress and second senior sister.

She couldn’t easily lose to her junior sister.

Otherwise, where would the dignity of her empress and senior sister be.

Thinking of this, she threw away all her distracting thoughts.

Just like that, the longswords in their hands became faster and faster.

The sword shadows around them also became more and more.

In a short while, their graceful figures were covered within.

Rumble! Along with the sound of bamboo collapsing, the battle between Su Yan ‘er and Mo Yuqing became even more intense.

Two Shocking Sword Dao concepts suddenly rose from their bodies.

It was as if they were two giant dragons engaged in a fierce battle.

Their powerful auras collided with the terrifying auras, shooting straight up into the clouds and actually shattering the clouds in the sky.