Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 218

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 218

Chapter 218: The Trouble Caused by the Youth Retaining Pill The youth retaining pill was a legendary item.

Once it appeared, it would cause a group of old monsters to fight over it.

In Su Yan ‘er’s previous life, it was already fortunate that she could find a pill.

She did not expect such a rare item to exist in this small eastern wastelands.

Moreover, someone even took out a bottle at once.

However, if this person was placed on the always mysterious Su Xing, then everything would become very normal.

After all, Su Xing had brought her a lot of surprises during this period of time.

Su Yan ‘er looked at her senior brother with a complicated gaze.

“Senior brother, how did you obtain this pill?” Everyone was surprised and happy.

Only Su Yan ‘er voiced her doubts.

“Oh, this pill is called the youth retaining pill.

It took senior brother a lot of effort to obtain it.

” “It…” When he heard Su Yan ‘er’s question, Su Xing was just about to find an excuse to casually answer when a familiar notification sounded in his mind.

“Beep Beep!” .



System notification: “Congratulations, host.

Due to host preparing dinner for Su Yan ‘er, Shen yaoling, Li Yiyi, and Xuejian, you have done your part as a senior brother.

You have received a system reward of 1,000 years of cultivation.

Please continue to work hard!” Oh? Only 1,000 years of cultivation? This daily reward seemed to be getting lesser and lesser.

However, no matter how small a mosquito was, it was still meat.

It was better to accumulate cultivation bit by bit.

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COM Su Xing muttered to himself and comforted himself.

Just as he was unconcerned, the system suddenly sent out a new notification.

[ congratulations, host, for sharing the youth retaining pill with your junior sisters.

You have become an example of an elder brother.

The system reward of 4,000 years of cultivation and 10 times of cultivation critical hit.

You have received a total of 50,000 years of reward.

] Hiss hiss! Hearing the mechanical voice in his mind, Su Xing could not help but suck in a breath of cold air.

40,000 experience points? ! This was… going to be rich! These few youth retaining pills were exchanged for 40,000 experience points.

This simply caused Su Xing to be in a daze.

One had to know that he had personally taught his junior sisters only about 30,000 experience points.

How could a few pills trigger such a rich cultivation reward.

“System, you owe me a reason? If there was a reward for gifting, why didn’t there be one before?” Su Xing communicated with the system in his mind.

The system said, “The youth retaining pill is a non-existent high-level item in the East Wilderness.

The host’s gift touched upon the reward distribution mechanism, so each person was awarded 10,000 cultivation points.

A total of four people totaled up to 40,000 cultivation points, and the distribution was confirmed.

” A emotionless voice sounded in Su Xing’s mind again.

Hearing the system’s explanation, a hint of surprise flashed across Su Xing’s eyes.

He looked at the youth retaining pill in his hand.

What he saw was not a pill, but a full amount of experience points! Suddenly, he thought of something.

“Aiya!” Su Xing slapped his forehead in heartache and let out a sigh that caught him off guard.

“Brother Su Xing, what happened to you?” Seeing this, Xue Xing quickly stepped forward and held Su Xing.

Her originally happy face was filled with worry.

The others also looked over.

Among them, Su Yan ‘er raised her brows slightly, as if she felt that she should not ask the question just now because everyone had their own secrets.

Although Su Xing was their senior brother, he did not have the obligation to share his secrets.

At this moment, she said leisurely, “Senior brother, if it’s not convenient for you to answer, then forget it.

Just pretend that I didn’t ask!” As a dignified empress, her words were like spilled water.

However, at this moment, Su Yan ‘er clearly wanted to retract her words.

What they did not know was that Su Xing’s heartache was not because of them, nor was it because of Su Yan ‘er’s inquiry.

His heartache was because of the youth retaining pill that he had swallowed just now! After all, he had already comprehended a certain level of the Great Dao of mortals, and his appearance had long reached the point of being immortal.

Therefore, after he swallowed the youth retaining pill, there was no obvious change.

It was equivalent to wasting a youth retaining pill.

How could he not feel heartache! Huff Huff! Su Xing’s gaze swept across the crowd, and finally stopped on Su Yan ‘er.

He regained his mood and waved his hand.

“Don’t worry, senior brother just remembered some sad things.

” “And you, junior sister Yan ‘er, don’t think too much about it.

This has nothing to do with you!” So he was fine? When the crowd heard Su Xing’s words, the nervousness on their faces subsided slightly.

TSK TSK! Shen yaoling licked her lips, her eyes shining with a fiery light.

She looked like a cat that had smelled the fishy smell.

It could not be said that they were extremely similar, it could only be said that they were exactly the same.

“Hehe! Senior brother Su Xing, do you think Ling ‘ER is Beautiful?” Eh? ? ? As Shen Yaoling spoke, she walked in front of Su Xing.

Suddenly, she turned around and displayed the results of her consumption of the youth retaining pill.

Junior Sister Ling ‘ER’s action definitely had a follow-up.

Su Xing guessed correctly.

Just as he was vigilantly watching Shen yaoling’s figure, she suddenly smiled and stretched out her jade-white hand towards Su Xing with a knowing smile on her face.

“Senior brother, do you still have that soybean? Ling ‘ER ate it too quickly just now.

Before she could taste anything, it was gone.

” “Can you give Ling ‘er another one alone? This time, Ling ‘ER will be like senior sister Yan ‘er, and she will definitely eat it carefully and slowly.

” Everyone:”…” What? ? ? ? As everyone knew, the youth retaining pill only had the effect of keeping one’s youth forever after taking the first pill.

After taking one pill, no matter how many you took, it would not have any effect.

Therefore, when they heard Shen Yaoling’s words, the corners of everyone’s mouths could not help but Twitch a few times.

Rows of question marks appeared on their foreheads, as if they were confused by her words.

Speechless? No, it was a feeling of shock and helplessness.

Su Xing was already feeling sorry for his wasteful behavior just now.

After hearing Shen Yaoling’s words, he wanted to be angry but also felt that it was a little funny.

Her straight eyebrows slightly furrowed, and then she said in a bad mood, “Ling ‘er, if you like it, senior brother will find some delicious things for you another day.

I have other arrangements for this youth-retaining pill.

” “Senior brother…” Shen yaoling seemed to be a little dissatisfied and pouted pitifully.

“Junior Sister Ling ‘ER, stop fooling around, be good!” Su Xing reached out and stroked Shen yaoling’s long hair.

He patiently tried to reason with her and finally managed to appease this gluttonous little ancestor.

At this moment, Shen yaoling’s beautiful face was suffused with a rich red glow.

It was as if the warm touch from the top of her head had dyed it red.

It was very eye-catching.

It was so eye-catching that all the girls could see it clearly.

Li Yiyi was still fine, but when Xue saw Su Yan ‘er beside her, her heart felt a little bitter.

In the next moment.

“Senior brother, I’m full.

I’ll leave First!” Su Yan ‘er frowned.

She left behind a sentence that was neither warm nor cold, then stood up and walked out of the wooden house.