Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 211

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 211

Chapter 211: Li Yiyi’s Transformation “A willing person took the bait? !” What kind of person could say such philosophical words? ! Li Yiyi muttered to herself a few times as if she had fallen into a wonderful state.

Buzz Buzz Buzz! Streams of milky-white light surrounded her body at this moment.

The Aura on Li Yiyi’s body also entered an ancient well-like state.

At this moment, she felt that she was just like this calm lake.

All her distracting thoughts were swept away by the wind, leaving only a tranquility lingering in her heart.

Su Xing had yet to turn his head when a trace of a smile surfaced on the corner of his mouth.

The other junior martial sisters were all extraordinarily talented.

Although this junior martial sister of hers was not that exaggerated, her comprehension was not much inferior to the others.

With his casual mention, she understood the true meaning behind it.

“Junior sister, junior sister! Your aptitude is not bad, but your temperament is too impetuous.

” “I hope that after this transformation, you can find your own Great Dao!” .



“Master is right.

You have to do everything yourself.

” “Otherwise, senior brother will be left with a black pot to organize cultivation again!” As Su Xing said this, a special smile appeared on his face.

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COM Boom! Li Yiyi sat cross-legged on the ground, and her aura kept rising.

The rich spiritual energy in the surroundings gathered and rushed into her body.

For a moment, the light was dazzling.

“Ah! Ah…” Suddenly, a scream came from Li Yiyi’s mouth.

Her rosy face turned pale, and a few drops of cold sweat appeared on her forehead.

At the same time, Su Xing’s eyes focused.

“Rise!” With a light shout, he gently lifted the fishing rod in his hand, and a golden scale fish king with two whiskers in its mouth was thrown out of the water.

“Roar!” As if sensing his fate, the fish king turned into a dragon-shaped shadow and was about to fly into the lake when Su Xing knocked it out with a palm.

“What are you shouting for? Can’t you see Junior Sister Yiyi is comprehending? If you disturb junior sister, I’ll Burn You Red!” After being hit by the palm strike, circles appeared in the eyes of the fish king.

At this moment, Li Yiyi had reached a critical moment of her breakthrough.

Su Xing did not wake her up.

Instead, he picked up the fish king on the ground and walked towards the direction of the wooden house.

“En, junior sister, as a senior brother, how can you not be courteous when you have a breakthrough? This detestable fish king even gave junior sister a fright today.

Why don’t we use it as a whole fish feast tonight to calm junior sister down!” “The fish king, who has already awakened part of the dragon bloodline, will have a feast tonight!” The Fish King:”…” After taking another look at Li Yiyi who was in the midst of a breakthrough, Su Xing turned around and left in large strides.

On the Sunset Peak, Li Yiyi’s safety was naturally not a concern.

Since the purpose of this trip had been achieved, there was no longer much meaning for him to stay.

As for how far junior sister could go from here, she could only rely on her own abilities.



Time slowly passed.

After about half a minute.

The pain on Li Yiyi’s face slowly disappeared and was replaced by a calm and comfortable expression.

Suddenly! Her beautiful figure suddenly shook, and many black impurities flew out from her body.

They formed a black fog and were instantly purified by the surrounding spiritual energy.

If a cultivator saw this, they would definitely cry out in surprise.

This phenomenon was precisely the legendary, once-in-a-hundred-years transposition of the meridians and marrow.

When a cultivator had an epiphany, there was a chance to trigger the transposition of the meridians and marrow.

At that time, the meridians and constitution of the entire body would be greatly improved, followed by a higher level of comprehension and cultivation talent.

Li Yiyi’s luck was really not just good! In other words, the luck of everyone on Sunset Peak was countless times better than that of ordinary cultivators.

Roar! Vaguely, a majestic golden dragon appeared in Li Yiyi’s mind.

The dragon circled above Sunset Peak, finally splitting out a strand of golden light and entering her body.

At this point, Li Yiyi woke up with a look of surprise and joy.

“I really didn’t expect that senior brother’s words would have such an enlightening effect.

It’s many times more powerful than those Great Dao Fanyin!” “Hahaha… I’m already a soul formation stage cultivator!” “Father, mother, I succeeded!” As she said this, Li Yiyi’s eyes suddenly became misty, and her eyes flickered non-stop.

It was as if she had recalled something unbearable from the past.

“Oh right, where is senior brother?” “Senior brother Su Xing, are you still there?” In her excitement, Li Yiyi seemed to have remembered something.

She looked around, but she didn’t see Su Xing.

A complicated expression appeared on her face.

She looked at the rocking chair by the lake and the fishing rod inserted at the side, and slowly walked over.

Whoosh! She took a deep breath.

Li Yiyi instantly fell into a state of calmness.

She sat down and raised the fishing rod in one go.

She did not even change the fishing rod.

Instead, she imitated Su Xing and threw the fishing rod out.

“Come on, the willing will take the bait!” After whispering, Li Yiyi closed her eyes and held her breath as she waited.

Obviously, since senior brother Su Xing didn’t take away the rocking chair and fishing rod, it meant that her mission wasn’t over yet.

She wanted to continue her unfinished mission until she completed it! .


At this moment, Su Xing had already returned to the wooden house.

“Break!” A delicate shout was followed by a series of shattering sounds.

Naturally, it was Shen yaoling in the courtyard.

She was still practicing chopping firewood and comprehending the great dao of power.

As for Su Yan ‘er and the beautiful master who were still competing, they had disappeared without a trace.

It was likely that the sparring had ended.


, it was unknown who would win or lose in the end.

“En! Ling ‘ER has improved a lot compared to before!” Su Xing smiled slightly and then carried the fish king into the kitchen.

Originally, he had planned to take a look at the cultivation of the others.

However, as he still needed to deal with the fish king in his hand, he could only put the others aside for now.

Cultivation was like a drop of water piercing a stone.

It was not something that could be done in a day.

The hint he gave his three junior sisters today was already very obvious.

Although it would earn him more experience points, just like what his beautiful master had said, there were still some things that they needed to experience on their own.

How could he say that he had never picked them up, so how could he say that he had put them down! That was the reason.

Therefore, Su Xing had decided to put the rest of the people’s cultivation aside for now.

For now, it was better to solve the problem of food and clothing first! “Okay! It’s up to you tonight, dragon-blood Fish King!” “Please accept the cooking from the Chef!” Hearing Su Xing’s words, the fish king, who had already regained some consciousness, let out a thud and fainted again with white eyes.

“…” At this moment, a familiar notification sounded.

“Beep Beep!” The system notification: “With the help of the host, junior sister Li Yiyi’s state of mind has achieved a major breakthrough, and her cultivation has also advanced to the initial stage of the soul formation stage.

Her favorable impression of the host is almost perfect.

Therefore, the host will receive the following rewards!” [4,000 years of cultivation, 10 times critical strike, a total of 40,000 years! One Great Dao fragment, one intermediate stage grand wheel qualification, and one bottle of youth retaining pill… ] It was truly a double blessing! Junior sister Li Yiyi had achieved a breakthrough, and he could still obtain resources to become stronger.

It was truly a wonderful thing to kill two birds with one stone! TSK TSK! At this moment, Su Xing revealed a familiar signature smile.