Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 201

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 201

Chapter 201: Su Xing, Who Teaches By Example   As Su Xing narrated, he slowly waved the axe in his hand.

Although his movements were slow, it seemed to contain countless ordinary daos.

It made people feel a special magic that they could not take their eyes off.

It was silent.

The wooden stake in front of them stood still.

Just as Shen yaoling was feeling a little puzzled, a gust of wind blew past.

The originally intact wooden stake was torn into pieces.

The cuts were neat and neat, and the thickness and size were the same.

Each piece had reached a perfect ratio.

Shen yaoling also discovered that other than the wooden stake, the ground was not affected at all.

Compared to the ravine that she left behind every time she swung the axe, the difference in the control of strength between the two could be said to be heaven and earth.

Hiss! Senior brother Su Xing was so amazing! He was actually able to transform an ordinary chopping wood into such an extraordinary one! The Aura that was emitted from his body just now paled in comparison to ordinary heaven rank martial arts, and this was because he had not used a single bit of spiritual power.




As expected of senior brother Su Xing, he was so powerful! The grasp and understanding of power in his heart was indeed far beyond his own by several streets.

In the Battle of Demonic Beasts, besides spiritual power, it was also very important for the use of power.

If she could master the way to operate power that her senior brother mentioned, then she would have another trump card.

As time passed, Shen yaoling had a myriad of thoughts.

As she thought deeper, her eyes suddenly revealed a hint of understanding.

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COM “Thank you for senior brother Su Xing’s guidance.

Ling-er understands!” Shen yaoling closed her eyes and felt Su Xing’s actions in one go.

Every sentence that he said surfaced in her mind, and she immediately entered a state of emptiness.

Yes! As expected, her understanding of the other world was connected to the Great Dao of this world.

With his previous experience, he was even more adept at lying.

Although these few sentences were transported by him according to the plot of the novel, the most important thing was practicality! “En, en! It’s good that you understand.

It’s not in vain for senior brother to put in so much effort to guide you, Junior Sister.

” Su Xing’s face carried a trace of warmth and a faint smile, as if this was just a matter of moving his finger.

Shen yaoling had already fallen into an epiphany.

She knew nothing about the outside world, but Su Xing did not say it for her to hear.

“Epiphany State? !” Seeing that Shen yaoling had suddenly become quiet and motionless, a strange aura pervaded her entire body.

Bai Xueling could not help but exclaim in surprise.

A few words from her eldest disciple could cause a person to enter a state of Epiphany.

Was this what Su Xing meant by experiencing the life of a mortal, tempering one’s heart in the mortal world? Drinking tea in a pavilion not far away, two figures with vastly different styles sat.

One was dressed in a light blue palace dress, while the other was dressed in a tattered and tattered green robe.

It was obvious that they were Bai Xueling and old monster sword.

Old Monster Sword originally thought that Su Xing was just fooling around, but when Shen yaoling fell into enlightenment, he suddenly lost his composure.

Clink! The cup in his hand fell to the ground uncontrollably.

Although Bai Xueling was still drinking tea, a ripple couldn’t help but form in her heart.

“The son of fate follows the law…” She didn’t know how to describe it anymore.

Was it because Su Xing’s fate was strong, or was it because of Shen Yao’s spiritual perception and talent.

Perhaps it was both, but Su Xing’s role couldn’t be ignored! “Well, this child is worth teaching!” Looking at Shen yaoling who had fallen into an epiphany, Su Xing couldn’t help but sigh softly.

Bai Xueling:”…” Old Monster Sword:”…” At the same time, Shen yaoling felt that every cell in her body seemed to have fallen into a mysterious metamorphosis, and her condition seemed to be on the verge of improving.

Su Xing’s actions just now, the source of his strength, flashed through his mind again and again.

His voice was like the sound of the Great Dao, causing him to sink deeply into the state of conception that he had reached with his strength.

This wonderful state lasted for about the time it takes for an incense stick to burn.

Everyone’s eyes were on the quiet figure, as if they wanted to understand something.

Su Xing just smiled and sat on the rocking chair at the side.

“Hehe! Thank you for your guidance, senior brother.

” Shen yaoling woke up from the wonderful concept and quickly searched for Su Xing.

When she found that he had sat back on the rocking chair, she smiled sweetly in Su Xing’s direction.

She could feel that after the Epiphany just now, there was a trace of magical power in her mind, and her understanding of the concept of power had improved greatly.

Obviously, it was as Su Xing had said.

When they had experienced the experiences of mortals, the so-called refinement of the mortal world could really make them stronger.

Su Xing waved his hand indifferently.

“I am your senior brother.

It is my duty to guide Junior Sister!” “Junior Sister Ling ‘ER, if you have the heart, it is my greatest relief to work hard to cultivate and improve your cultivation!” “Senior brother, don’t worry.

Ling ‘ER will definitely cultivate well and never complain again.

” “Hehe!” “Junior sister, since you have already touched upon the concept, then it’s your turn to try!” “Finish all the wooden stakes in the courtyard before nightfall.

Treat it as a practical operation arranged by senior brother for you.

” Practical Operation? ! What is this thing? Shen yaoling was stunned for a moment.

After listening to Su Xing’s explanation, a smile appeared on her face.

“Senior brother Su Xing, don’t worry.

I promise to complete the mission!” Bai Xueling:”…” Listening to the conversation between Su Xing and Shen yaoling, a strange feeling could not help but flash through Bai Xueling’s heart.

Sigh! The son of Fate was indeed extraordinary.

Compared to her own teaching method, Su Xing’s so-called heart tempering in the secular world was really something.

There was no need for her to do anything else! “Little Ling ‘er! Are you sure now? Su Xing is really a monster!” “Other than him, who else can take on the title of the son of Fate…” “I’m Old! Young people nowadays are much more outstanding than we were in the past!” “You are old, but I’m Not!” Bai xueling replied indifferently.

She looked away from the distance, feeling mixed emotions.

How could she not know what old monster sword meant.

There were too many secrets involved in the matter of the son of fate.

As the son of Fate, Su Xing would inevitably be involved in the turmoil in the future no matter where he was.

The stronger he was now, the more worried they would be.

Xue Ling knew Su Xing’s personality very well.

Although he appeared indifferent to everything, the sense of justice in his heart was stronger than anyone else.

In the future, this would also become his weakness.

Therefore, she was gratified by Su Xing’s strength, but also worried about his identity as the son of Fate.

After all, every character he faced in the future was simple and involved some ancient secrets.

From the moment he confirmed Su Xing’s identity as the son of fate, it was destined that his future would be full of twists and turns.

What she could do now was to quietly watch.