Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 197

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Baiyi’s Misgivings The moment Lei Mingyuan spoke, the other elders of the Blackheaven Sword sect glared at Bai Yi and the others.

It was obvious that they were furious when they heard their mocking words.

A strange look flashed across Bai Yi’s eyes, but he quickly concealed it.

He smiled and tried to mediate the situation.

“Hahaha! Fellow Daoists, you’ve misunderstood.

We don’t have any intention of looking down on the Blackheaven Sword sect.

” “However, we haven’t left the sect for a long time, so we said a few more words.

If there are any unpleasant things to hear, please forgive us.

” “That’s right, that’s right! We didn’t mean it, Haha!” Bai Yi, who was in the lead, laughed out loud before skipping the topic.

“It’s best if that’s the case!” Lei Mingyuan snorted coldly and did not say anything else.

After what happened just now, everyone was no longer in the mood to chat.

They all quickened their pace and arrived at the meeting hall of the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect.




What everyone did not notice was the mocking look in Bai Yi’s eyes when he turned around.

HMPH! He would not have set foot into the tiny mysterious heavenly sword sect if he did not have something to ask of him.

It was just an elder in the mastery stage, and he could be easily crushed to death.

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COM Bai Yi slowly withdrew his clenched fist when he sensed a few powerful auras coming from the Blackheaven Sword sect.

“Let’s go and meet the sect master of the Blackheaven Sword Sect!” The other white-robed cultivators heard him and slowly followed him.

When they followed everyone to the meeting hall, there was no one in the hall.

Lei Mingyuan said calmly.

“I’ve already asked my disciple to invite the sect master.

Please sit down for a moment.

” “We still have important matters to attend to.

We won’t be accompanying you here.

You guys can do as you please.

” After what happened just now, Lei Mingyuan clearly did not have a good impression of the guests.

After saying a few words, he brought the elders and left.

The moment they left, the four people in the hall looked at each other sharply.

“Big Brother, this mysterious heavenly sword sect…” Eh? Bai Yi waved his hand and interrupted Bai Er’s words.

Then, he pointed to the sky.

“This place is not as simple as it looks on the surface.

I’m afraid that from the moment we entered the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect, there have been a few pairs of eyes staring at us.

” “Big Brother, you mean?” “In the depths of the mysterious heavenly sword sect, there are still a few old guys with extraordinary strength.

” Hearing this, the three of them suddenly understood and stopped looking down on them.

“…” In every faction, there would be some old fellows who would not die, and these people were the trump cards of the factions.

It seemed that the mysterious heavenly sword sect had hidden quite a few trump cards.

As the three of them closed their eyes to sense, there were at least a few auras that were not weaker than them.

Although their strength had already reached the tribulation realm and they could be considered first-rate experts in the eastern wastelands, they were not invincible existences either.

With the thought of having more trouble and less trouble, no one discussed the matter of the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect anymore.

After all, if those old monsters heard it, they might cause a lot of trouble again.

Although they were not afraid of trouble, their purpose of coming here was not to cause trouble.

There were more important things waiting for them to complete.

“Oh right, Big Brother, do you think the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect has received news about the existence of the son of Fate?” Most inheritances would involve the son of fate, and the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect was one of the ten great sects.

It was likely that they knew about it! The next moment, Bai Yi was slightly stunned.

Their mission was to find the son of fate.

They had been living in the open all the way here.

On the contrary, they had neglected this crucial matter.

That’s right! If the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect also found the child of Kismet, then how could they complete their mission? The clear water sect’s patriarch had instructed them to find the child of Kismet as soon as possible and bring him back to the sect.

However, he did not explain how they would deal with the other factions after they found him.

This time, they had really encountered a difficult problem.

Forget it, they could only take it one step at a time.

There was still no news of the son of Fate.

It was impossible for them to return to the clear water sect empty-handed.

It was better to find the so-called son of fate first before discussing the next step! At this moment, a figure slowly walked into the main hall.

The person’s thick eyebrows were very eye-catching, and his body naturally emitted a scholarly aura.

This person was Zhuang Changhe, who had rushed over after hearing the news.

When Zhuang Changhe appeared in the main hall, Bai Yi and the others stood up unhurriedly.

“Clearwater sect, protector under Patriarch Clearwater, Bai Yi!” “Clearwater sect, protector under Patriarch Clearwater, Bai Yi!” “Clearwater sect, protector under Patriarch Clearwater, Bai San!” “Clearwater sect, protector under Patriarch Clearwater, Bai Si!” “Greetings, Sect Master Zhuang.

Sect Master Zhuang, how have you been?” Zhuang Changhe came to the chief seat and cupped his fists at the others.

A trace of surprise appeared on his face.

He naturally knew of Patriarch Clearwater.

This person was the previous sect master of Clearwater sect.

He was also the first female sect master among the ten great sects.

A thousand years ago, he could be considered a good story.

Her name was clear water, and everyone in the world called her the clear water fairy.

However, a thousand years had passed, and the fairy from back then had already become a patriarch.

What made Zhuang Changhe feel strange was why she had sent people here today.

The protectors under her were, in layman’s terms, just a boy who took care of the cultivators’Food and living.

These boys must have come here on behalf of the clear water patriarch.

Was it because the message he sent fell into Patriarch Clearwater’s ears? It was impossible? If it didn’t involve the survival of the sect master, these old figures wouldn’t have made a move.

Even if it was the matter of the six sect masters, it shouldn’t have attracted their attention.

Zhuang changhe nodded to Bai Yi and the others.

“Yes, everyone is a guest from afar.

If you have anything to say, please sit down First!” The few of them sat down and looked at each other.

Bai Yi nodded and said, “Sect master Zhuang, we are here with the orders of the patriarch.

We hope that sect master Zhuang can lend us a hand.

After the matter is done, we will definitely be grateful!” “Protector Bai Yi’s words are too serious.

The Mysterious Sky Sword sect and the clear water sect have always been on the same page.

Moreover, we are also the clear water patriarch.

I will definitely not be stingy if I can lend a helping hand.

” “I just don’t know what Patriarch of Clearwater has sent you all for?” “Our Blackheaven Sword sect has still not recovered from the battle with the demons.

It would be fine if it was within our capabilities, but…” Everyone sighed inwardly at the Old Fox.

After saying so much, wasn’t he trying to show that he would not give up unless he saw a rabbit.

If he followed Zhuang Changhe’s words, he would not lend a helping hand if it was difficult, but if it was a small matter, he would do it for a favor.

However, he didn’t think about it.

If it was really a small matter, why would he ask Patriarch Clearwater to send someone over? Bai Yi smiled and said, “Sect master Zhuang is right.

If it’s something too difficult, we aren’t willing to make things difficult for you.

Don’t Worry!” “This matter isn’t difficult for sect master Zhuang.

On the contrary, sect master Zhuang might be quite interested.

” Zhuang Changhe did not like to play charades and immediately asked with a frown.

“Oh? What is it exactly? Please tell me clearly, Protector Bai Yi.