Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 195

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 195

Chapter 195: A Projection from Thousands of Years Ago In the sky, Thunder and lightning roared and black clouds rolled! Two blurry figures appeared before everyone’s eyes.

One of them had a dense demonic aura and his entire body was surrounded by darkness.

The pair of scarlet eyes that were revealed was especially eye-catching.

His dark golden attire made people feel extremely depressed.

His gaze was indifferent and bloodthirsty.

After more than ten rounds, his aura became even more powerful.

Bang Bang Bang! In the blink of an eye, the sounds of countless attacks colliding continuously rang out.

The sounds of explosions reverberated between heaven and earth.

The surrounding mountains, rivers, and void were like paper, continuously being destroyed in the intense energy confrontation.

Looking back, the scene behind the two of them had already become a scene of utter destruction.

Soon after.





A gorgeous sword light cut through the darkness that filled the sky, cutting through the darkness that was created by the demonic qi.

A handsome young man with sword-like eyebrows and starry eyes, dressed in the attire of a Ranger, stepped out of the void with a smile on his face.

This young man’s long hair was as black as ink, and his white clothes fluttered in the wind.

A dense stream of light surrounded his body, and an indescribable dao rhythm flowed around him.

His entire person was like an immortal from a floating sword, and his temperament was extraordinary, as if he did not exist in the mortal world.

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COM The long sword in his hand seemed to be endowed with a soul.

It was agile and full of spirituality.

As the man took a step forward, it followed closely behind him.

And when he appeared, another dark figure stopped attacking.

Hahahaha! The black figure of the demon race crossed his arms and laughed.

“Son of Fate? What a ridiculous title!” “You were unable to do anything to me in the previous two holy wars, so don’t even think about stopping this lord’s good deed today!” “Son of Fate? !” Hearing the demon expert’s words, the white-clothed youth frowned slightly.

He did not know where he came from, nor did he know who he was.

But until he appeared, everyone had called him son of fate.

This made him puzzled.

Thinking that it might have something to do with his background, he asked calmly.

“You said that I am the son of Fate.

Do you know my identity?” “Keke! Of course I know you.

We are old friends!” “How is it? Do you need me to help you recall?” “Can you really help me?” The white-clothed youth recovered from his daze, and his slightly raised sword-like brows relaxed a little.

“That’s right! I am the Demon Emperor of the demon race.

As long as you can help me do one thing, what harm is there in telling you your true identity?” In the darkness, that deep voice sounded once again.

“We have never been enemies.

We have never been.

” .


The moment the two of them appeared.

The entire world had lost its original color.

As far as the eye could see! The sky was divided into two colors, black and white.

And between the two colors, one black and one white, two completely different figures, separated by a dividing line, faced each other from afar.

They stood in the void.

The destructive aura that the two emitted, mixed with endless pressure, swept over.

It made people’s hearts involuntarily feel a sense of insignificance.

The two of them that appeared out of thin air were actually this terrifying! Could they be mighty figures at the Great Circle of Ascension? Or experts above ascension? Hu Hu! This scene that suddenly appeared in the air and the information that the two of them had sent over while they were talking was really strange to the extreme.

Yin buping, whose cultivation base was the lowest, felt the heavy pressure on his body.

His face could not help but turn a few shades paler.

However, the pressure on his body was far less intense than the impact on his soul.

If he guessed correctly, one of the two existences in the void should be the legendary son of fate.

Although she didn’t recognize the other person who felt the soaring devil qi, this person should also be an important existence in the devil race, he should be at least at the level of a Devil King.

“Senior Wine Sword Immortal, this is?” Wine Sword Immortal let out a long sigh and retracted his gaze.

This was the first time the two of them saw such a complicated expression on his face.

Because only wine sword immortal knew that the scene before his eyes wasn’t real.

It was just a projection from thousands of years ago.

Since it was the past, there was no need to be nostalgic! Wine Sword immortal let out a light snort, and the dense spiritual energy in his palm circulated non-stop.

“Break!” A light shout that shook one’s soul suddenly sounded! Everyone felt the pressure on their bodies instantly lighten.

When they looked at the terrifying figure in the sky, it was no longer as oppressive as they had felt before.

At this moment, the scene in the sky was like a dream.

Although it still gave people a very real feeling, everyone could already discover some clues from it.

“This isn’t real.

It’s just a phenomenon that has been preserved in the world!” Yin buping was startled.

Only now did he realize that the sudden appearance of the two people and the fight that had happened earlier should be a special phenomenon that had been preserved through some kind of fortuitous encounter.

If not for senior wine sword immortal’s reminder, they would not have been able to wake up from it.

Could it have something to do with that strange pillar of Light? Before the two of them could regain their senses, wine sword immortal waved his hand and dispelled the strange phenomenon in the sky.

The black and white figures in the sky also disappeared.

Wine sword immortal sighed with emotion.

“Let’s go.

There’s nothing to see.

It’s just some old matters.

” After saying this, he turned around and walked into the depths of the mountain.

“Eh? Does that young man look familiar? I keep feeling like I’ve seen him somewhere before.

” Yin buping muttered softly.

As they watched wine sword immortal leave, a special look appeared in their eyes.

The back view of wine sword immortal that had left at this moment was strangely similar to the white-robed figure in the sky from before.

Could it be an illusion? Yin buping shook his head and followed behind with Mo Shenghong.



For some reason, after the old Daoist arrived, wine sword immortal didn’t use his flying technique or his movement technique to hurry on his way.

Instead, he chose to walk like a mortal.

Seeing wine sword immortal in such a state, Mo Shenghong and Yin Buping didn’t ask any more questions.

With the previous scene, the two of them followed closely behind with full attention.

They were afraid that they would encounter something unusual again.

Just like that, nothing strange happened along the way.

The three of them continued to walk forward in silence.

They walked all the way past the grassy grassland and disappeared into the depths of the forest.

Before long, a new scene appeared in front of their eyes.

The center of the Red Cliff that stretched as far as the eye could see was no longer a desert.

After walking through the lush forest, numerous mountains that looked like the cave dwellings of gods and steep peaks that looked like peerless divine weapons began to slowly appear.

Golden Light shot out in all directions.

The air was filled with jewels and light.

It was extremely dazzling! Looking from the ground, it was as if an ancient immortal realm had opened up.

It was as if it had experienced countless years.

There was an eternal and mysterious aura everywhere.

It was mystical and extremely mysterious, making people feel enlightened for a moment.