Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 183

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 183

Chapter 183: The Oddity of Old Monster Sword Who would have thought.

The patriarch who had been sitting there for hundreds of years was actually scolded by Old Monster Sword.

This strange scene caused even Bai Xueling to feel a chill down her spine.

All she could do was watch silently from the side.

But today, the four patriarchs of the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect called Bai Xueling and the others over naturally weren’t here to quarrel.

Back to business.

Some time ago, when the demon king appeared, the son of fate of the east barren also appeared.

The various sects with heritage had noticed it, but the other large factions naturally received the news as well.

So recently, everyone’s search for the son of Fate had begun quietly.

The Mysterious Sky Sword sect had also sent people to secretly keep an eye on the son of Fate.

Although there was no news yet, everyone knew that he would appear in front of everyone one day.

When it came to the son of fate, there was much to be said.

Cultivators who were familiar with the history of the eastern wastelands might have heard of the son of fate, but very few people had seen him before.




Some said that the son of Fate was an existence favored by the entire eastern wastelands, while others said that every time the son of fate appeared, the eastern wastelands would fall into a natural disaster or man-made disaster.

The so-called son of Fate was the Savior sent by the heavens.

No matter what, the identity of the children of Fate was very important.

The last time the children of fate appeared was three thousand years ago.

At that time, the demon race had already established a considerable power in the east barren, forcing the human race and other living beings into a crevice to survive.

And it was at that time that a sword cultivator appeared out of nowhere, he fought with the leader of the demon race for more than ten days and nights, and finally killed him.

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COM Later, under his leadership, the humans of the east barren once again exterminated the demons and re-sealed the entrance of the demon invasion of the east barren.

After that, he left, hiding his achievements and fame.

After exterminating the demons, the sword cultivator did not reveal his name but rode his sword and left.

At that time, people called him the son of Fate.

Of course, it was impossible to determine whether he was the son of fate or not now.

And today, the four patriarchs of the mysterious Sky Sword sect summoned Bai Xueling because they had made a big discovery.

“We already know about the demon invasion this time, but these people are obviously not orthodox demons.

At most, they are only half-demons who have been assimilated by the demon Qi!” “In three months, the real demon race will appear.

We summoned you here today because we want you to seize the time to find the whereabouts of the son of Fate!” “The holy war, the Holy War from three thousand years ago is about to begin again!” As these figures said this, a strange fluctuation appeared on their bodies.

It seemed that they had already expected the moment to come, but they did not expect that this moment would come so quickly.

Chen Youliang and the others’small fights were just the advance troops for the birth of the demon race.

The truly terrifying things were still to come.

Hearing this, the atmosphere suddenly became somewhat heavy.

A trace of a smile appeared on Old Monster Sword’s face.

His big yellow teeth were completely exposed, but he still said with determination and a hint of playfulness.

“No matter who comes, if you want to enter my mysterious Sky Sword sect, I will be the first to refuse.

” As his voice fell! An indescribable concept swept out from old monster sword’s body.

The fluctuations caused by the strange concept instantly stirred up gusts of wind.

Beside him, Bai Xueling’s light blue dress fluttered in the wind, and her black hair danced wildly.

Even the withered figures sitting on the edge of the cliff had withered leaves and weeds flying up and down on their bodies.

A look of surprise appeared in the eyes of the four patriarchs of the mysterious Heavenly Sword sect.

This kid was indeed pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger.

He clearly had such tyrannical strength, yet he appeared to be a low-level ascendant.

If one really didn’t know his background, they would really be deceived by this bastard.

“Stop!” One of the forefathers shouted softly, and the violent wind suddenly stopped.

Upon hearing the voice, Old Monster Soundsword also withdrew his aura.

And it was very obvious that after he withdrew his aura, his face became somewhat red.

It seemed that using that power wasn’t without a price for him.

White Snow Spirit noticed his strange behavior, and immediately cast a concerned gaze.

“Cough! Cough! I’m fine.

I just used too much strength!”Old Monster Sword waved his hand, and his expression gradually softened.

Bai Xueling:”…” He also felt the power just now.

It was a very strange but powerful power.

It should not be the power of the east barren, but he did not know where her cynical master got it from.

Such power was naturally a great help.

Obviously, old monster sword had not fully grasped it.

If he overused it now, it would not be a good thing! Bai xueling immediately analyzed the pros and cons! In conclusion, this power was a double-edged sword when used without fully grasping it.

She could understand it, and the other four patriarchs naturally knew it.

With a complicated look, the four patriarchs each flew out a golden light from their arms, and then circled a few times above their heads and flew to the hand of old monster sword.

“Old Fart, what is this thing?” It was said to be a medicinal pill, but there was no medicinal fragrance, and it was somewhat like the inner core of a jindan stage cultivator.

But why did these four old fellows give him a Jindan? “Little rascal, don’t be unappreciative.

This is the sarira left behind by a virtuous expert when he passed away.

We can see that there is a lot of murderous aura in your aura, so you can’t perfectly use this strange power now.

Find a time to refine these four SARIRAS into your body, perhaps it will be of help to you.

” “Sarira, I don’t want it!”A ripple appeared on old monster sword’s face when he heard this.

Then, he prepared to throw the sarira back.

Old Monster Sword naturally knew why the few patriarchs had Sariras on them.

The four of them would inevitably be corroded by the Devil Qi if they stayed in the seal of the demon race for a long time.

And this sarira was something that the various great sects had used all their strength to find back then, the goal was to ensure that the person guarding the seal would not be corroded by the Devil Qi.

This sarira was indeed helpful to his cultivation, but if he were to take it away, the Patriarchs would have to use their bodies to resist the Devil Qi.

Although their cultivation had already reached the peak.


, there was still a risk of being invaded by the Devil Qi over time.

So, he couldn’t take it.

“Hey! At least you have some conscience, not bad!” “Haha! I think he’s afraid that we’re all dead and no one will listen to him fight!” The Patriarchs, who had always been calm, made a rare joke.

In the end, they didn’t take the sarira back.

One of the Patriarchs said, “Now that the seal has been trapped by the immortal formation and the demonic aura has been completely isolated, the sarira will be wasted on us.

We might as well let you increase your strength.

In the time to come, the Blackheaven Sword sect or the entire eastern wastelands will be plunged into darkness.

Since you have the power, you must shoulder your mission!” Bai xueling nodded and explained the situation of the immortal formation to Old Monster Sword.

After learning of the situation, old monster sword didn’t hesitate any longer.

After all, only a fool wouldn’t be moved by a treasure in front of him.

And now, old monster sword was obviously smarter than anyone else.

“Hehe, I’ll take it.

Don’t blame me if you die in the future…” Everyone:”…”