Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 170

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 170

Chapter 170: Four Measures That Shocked the Ministers While everyone was waiting silently, Mo Yuanqing spoke.

“First, each city must set up a military stronghold to divide one-third of the large conscripts into different cities and place them there.

This will greatly make use of the surplus military strength of the large conscripts “There are towns under the city.

Each town will have a team of soldiers stationed there.

From the city to the town and then to the village, from top to bottom, people will be sent to patrol every day.

From top to bottom, they will report the situation to the higher-ups.

Finally, they will report it to the military and administrative department of the imperial capital.

This will put an end to the sudden attack of the demons and also help protect the people to a greater extent “The rest of the soldiers will join the search for the demons.

We must uproot them.

” There was no lack of veteran generals on the battlefield.

The moment Mo Yuanqing issued the first order, they could see the shock in each other’s eyes.

The Empress’s action was several times stronger than what they had planned.



“That’s great! Why didn’t we think of that!” “Her Majesty is truly a God!” In this way, no matter which side had traces of the demons, every city would be able to discover them in time and provide timely support.

This solved the current blank situation from both offense and defense.

It wouldn’t be so passive all the time.

Mo Yuanqing saw that the officials didn’t object to this order.

On the contrary, they seemed to agree with it very much.

She then continued to propose the second order.




“Second, the people of Dafeng have been persecuted by the demons for a long time.

There is not much food and crops left in our home.

I order that we immediately allocate funds from the national treasury to help the surviving people rebuild their homes.

” “Take it from the people and use it for the people.

” Before they could recover from the shocking move just now, everyone was immediately shocked by the second order.

Since ancient times, the rise and fall of dynasties had caused the people to suffer.

If they died, the people would suffer as well! Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM Now, not only did their empress not exploit the people, she even opened up the Treasury to help the people rebuild their homes.

This was the first time that someone from the various dynasties had done this! Her Majesty the Empress was broad-minded and had a long-term vision.

She was truly a natural-born emperor! In the great hall, there were sounds of praise once again.

“Third, the soldiers and generals sent out to eliminate the demons this time will be rewarded.

The generals can go to the Treasury to choose a high-grade martial arts manual and a bottle of grade-5 pills.

The soldiers’salaries will be doubled and a bottle of body-refining pills will be given.

” “This is a reward based on merit!” One order after another was issued, causing the civil and military officials to repeatedly exclaim that they were wise.

The three measures, from the military to the People’s livelihood to politics, would solve the problems they were currently facing one by one.

Just as he was about to withdraw from the court, Mo Yuanqing gave another order.

“Thank you!”! “Countless soldiers and generals used their lives to protect the safety of the Great Minister’s people.

Their hearts can be seen, and their bravery is commendable.

The heroic monument set up in the Imperial City will let us great minister’s People Forever Remember these heroes, and we will also never forget these monstrous sins committed by the demons!” “Heroic Monument? ! What is this thing?” Everyone looked at each other, and only Wang Qianqi’s eyes lit up.

“Your Majesty is so righteous! Since ancient times, a general has succeeded, and tens of thousands of bones have withered.

And who would remember these soldiers who lost their lives because of this? !” “Your Majesty’s action not only gave them recognition for their achievements in eliminating demons, but also made us juniors remember history and not forget the shame…” “Her Majesty is truly a rare virtuous monarch!” Hearing Wang Qianqi’s explanation, the civil and military officials immediately understood and cheered in unison, “Her Majesty the Empress is wise.


Amidst the lively cheers, Mo Yuanqing slowly let out a sigh of relief.

She kept the silk pouch in her sleeve and her bright eyes looked at the sky outside the main hall.

It was as if flowers were blooming, but she was alone in silence She muttered to herself.

“Senior brother, thank you…” At this moment.

Su Xing and the rest had already left the imperial capital and were on their way back to the mysterious Sky Sword sect.

Voices filled with respect and fanatical cheers rang out from outside the main hall.

They reverberated in the ears for a long time.

One could hear it clearly even when they were hundreds of meters away from the main hall.

The next step was the specific arrangements.

Mo Yuanqing directly asked Wang Qianqi to assign the tasks.

After all, he was a senior minister and knew the details of the implementation better than himself.

Mo Yuanqing simply became a hands-off manager and wiped the long sword in his hand on the throne.



“TSK TSK, you’re not a simple girl.

Such a strategy makes even an old lunatic like me sigh in admiration!” “You should be relieved now.

” In the picture.

Wine Sword Immortal casually lay on the golden roof of the hall.

He raised the wine pot in his hand and took a few sips.

He clicked his tongue and repeatedly sighed.

A thin middle-aged man sat beside him.

Hearing Wine Sword Immortal’s words, the middle-aged man was silent for a moment.

He only slowly came back to his senses when he heard Wang Qianqi’s command.

“Sigh!” “In terms of being the ruler of a country, I’m inferior to her…” Looking at Da Feng’s current situation, the middle-aged man knew that he was no longer needed here.

Forget it, forget it.

I’m just a dead person, why should I be involved in this.

He seemed to have thought of something, and a dense killing intent surged out of the thin middle-aged man’s eyes.

“Demon race, Chen Youliang, HMPH!” In the main hall, Wang Qianqi was giving out missions to the officials of the various departments.

Mo Yuqing sat on the throne and watched quietly, her face as cold as ever.

Suddenly, her pupils suddenly shrank, and she raised her head to look at the top of her head.

“Prime Minister Wang, I’ll leave this place to you.

I’ll make a trip out first…” As soon as she finished speaking.

An aura of the peak of the great completion stage exploded on the spot.

In the next moment, Mo Yuqing turned into an Afterimage and rushed out.

“His Majesty’s strength is at the peak of the great completion stage? !” Hiss! Hiss! Some of the generals with extraordinary strength felt the powerful aura from Mo Yuanqing’s body and could not help but feel their entire bodies shake.

Wang Qianqi returned to his senses and said unhappily.

“What are you still standing there for? General Wang Wu, why aren’t you following out to protect his majesty? If anything happens to his majesty, this old man will hold you responsible.

” “Yes! Prime Minister!” A tall and sturdy general responded and hurriedly used his movement technique to follow.

When he came out, he saw Mo Yuanqing’s figure at a glance.

In a flash, he leaped onto the golden roof of the Great Hall and asked tentatively.

“Your Majesty, What are you doing?” Mo Yuanqing’s brows slightly raised.

“It’s nothing.

I came up to admire the scenery.

You can go back first.

” Eh.


Hearing this, the corners of general Wang’s mouth couldn’t help but Twitch a few times.

He checked that there was nothing unusual in the surroundings.

Because the palace had also sent more people to protect the demons, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Since His Majesty wanted to admire the scenery, it was better for him not to disturb her.

Thinking of this, general Wang slowly retreated into the main hall.

Was Mo Yuanqing really here to enjoy the scenery? It was very obvious that she was not in the mood, at least not now.

Looking at the remaining wine stains on the glazed tile at the side, a hint of coldness appeared on Mo Yuanqing’s face.

“Who is it? Get Out Here!”