Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 156

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Green Mountain City, Hell on Earth After Mo Yuanqing succeeded in becoming the Empress of the Great Feng Empire, Su Xing and the others followed Great Feng’s army to eliminate the demons.

As the empress, Mo Yuanqing stayed in the Imperial Capital to make arrangements for Great Feng Empire’s future plans.

During this period of time, the demon race seemed to have disappeared without a trace.

Apart from a few small demon strongholds and a few petty soldiers and low-level generals, they did not discover the existence of the demon race’s main army.

This also made Su Xing and the others suspicious.

Just what kind of plot the demon race was plotting and Chen Youliang’s whereabouts had both become a mystery.

While walking, Su Xing raised his head to look at the sky.

It was dark.

If one looked carefully, one would discover that the sky was not dark clouds but actually clusters of demon Qi gathering.

The huge amount of demon Qi was constantly expanding, as if something was being nurtured above.

Not far away, a blood-red moon appeared, the strange moonlight not only did not actually illuminate the Earth, but it also added a hint of strangeness to the quiet place.

“Wait a moment.

You guys hide here now.

I’ll go ahead and scout the path first.

” Su Yan’er and Shen Yaoling stopped in their tracks when they heard this.

“Senior Brother Su Xing, did the demons appear?” Shen Yaoling cast a puzzled look.




During this journey, Su Xing had shown a magical ability of foresight, and the devils within a ten-mile radius had nothing to hide from him.

The current Su Xing had already become the divine weapon they used to discover the demon race.

Oh!? Something was wrong! Su Yan’er also frowned at this moment.

A faint bloody smell drifted in the air.

There should be a battle not far away.

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COM Wasn’t the Great Feng army behind them? Were there other teams hunting the demons? “Junior Sisters, stay where you are and don’t move.

Senior Brother will be back soon.

” As soon as he finished speaking, Su Xing flashed forward.

In order to avoid alerting the enemy, Su Xing did not use his aerial ladder.

Instead, he used his movement technique to move through the forest.

However, his speed was not slow at all.

With each jump, he had already appeared hundreds of feet away, after a few more jumps, he had already disappeared from sight.

After Su Xing left, Shen Yaoling also started to think.

She looked at Su Yan’er, who was taking advantage of the situation to regulate her breathing, and said, “Senior Sister…” “No need to talk.

Wait for your Senior Brother to come back obediently!” Uh… How could Senior Sister know my thoughts? Ling’er had been rejected without even saying anything! “Hehe! Good Senior Sister!” Shen Yaoling walked to Su Yan’er’s side with a smile and said while shaking her arm.

“Senior Sister, aren’t you curious about what happened in front?” “I’m not curious!” Su Yan’er said indifferently without even raising her head.

Shen Yaoling: “…” “But we are so far away.

What if Senior Brother encounters a strong enemy?” “Why don’t we follow behind? If anything happens, we can support him in time.

Senior Sister, what do you think?” “Although Senior Brother is powerful, he has been watching the show from the side.

We haven’t really seen Senior Brother fight, right? This time…” Su Yan’er’s eyes slowly rippled, but she quickly hid it.

After a cold snort, Su Yan’er said with a straight face : “Senior brother definitely has his reasons for not letting us go together.

It’s better for you not to cause trouble for him.

Just stay here obediently!” “It’s not peaceful here.

Senior Sister, I’ll go check the surroundings first to avoid being ambushed by the demons.

” After taking a few steps forward, Su Yan’er turned around.

“Stay here and don’t run around!” Shen Yaoling: “…” Was Senior Sister Yan’er also so duplicitous? She clearly wanted to go and take a look, yet she had to make it sound so grand.

Hmph! You guys didn’t let Ling’er go, yet Ling’er insisted on going.

Thinking of this, a crafty glint flashed across Shen Yaoling’s eyes.

“Yes, yes! Senior Sister, you can go.

I’ll wait for you guys here.

” The sound of air being torn apart could be heard as Su Yan’er left.

Shen Yaoling had the body of a heavenly demon to begin with, so she could hide her aura well in the forest.

Even Su Yan’er, who had been an empress in her previous life, did not notice it.

When her figure disappeared from her sight, a beautiful figure followed her.

… On the other side.

Su Xing walked forward for about three to five miles before arriving at a city gate that was had been reduced to ruins.

He had seen it on the map of Great Feng Cities.

If he remembered correctly, this should be Green Mountain City, a remote city surrounded by mountains in the territory of the Great Feng Empire.

Activating his purple demon eyes, Su Xing slowly approached the edge of the city and jumped onto the tall city walls in just a flash.

As far as the eye could see, in Green Mountain City, it was like hell on Earth.

Black smoke filled the air, and dead bodies were piled up on the hill.

Blood flowed down like a dark river.

From the city gates to the center of the city, the ground was basically dyed red by the blood.

A heart-palpitating evil aura soared into the sky, and blood-red light surged as well.

The murderous aura and demonic aura gathered in the city were too exuberant, and even the vast dark night was dyed a strange dark red, as if it was truly hell.

“Someone has set up an evil array formation in the city!” Other than the demon race, no one else could do such a dehumanizing thing.

The corpses and blood all over the ground flowed from the bodies of the victims, who were from the human race.

In the end, all the blood gathered on the high platform in the center of the city.

“Senior Brother, what’s going on? The demon race?” A beautiful figure in a fiery red dress landed on the city wall.

Looking at the mountains of corpses and the sea of blood in front of her, her face could not help but turn pale.

“Junior Sister Yan’er, why are you here?” Before Su Xing could finish his words, another beautiful figure landed on the side.

“Junior Sister Ling’er!” Su Xing had originally realized that something was wrong here, so he wanted to say that he had come to check out the situation first.

He did not expect that his two Junior Sisters would follow him right after he left.

However, since things had already come to this, he did not say anything more.

“Let’s go in and take a look.

” As they walked into Green Mountain City, a thick smell of blood assailed their nostrils.

In order to avoid the danger contained in the blood soaked on the ground, Su Xing and the other two rose from the ground and flew to the center of the city.

The further they went in, the more furious they saw, and Su Xing’s expression was extremely unsightly.

There were at least tens of thousands of corpses piled up in the city.

It was obvious that besides the residents here, the demons had also captured a large number of humans from other places.

Shen Yaoling’s face was pale as she retracted her gaze from her surroundings.

“What is the demon race trying to do? Why are they killing so many innocent people?” The demon race had never taken human lives seriously.

Ever since they left the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect, they had encountered tragedy after tragedy.

However, killing so many innocent people at once was the first time Shen Yaoling had seen such a scene.

Was it purely out of interest? Obviously not! They must have an ulterior motive for doing so.

Su Xing asked in his heart, “System, what exactly happened here?” The system’s voice and Su Yan’er’s voice came almost at the same time.

“The demon race’s blood sacrifice.

They are performing an evil sacrifice,” said Su Yan’er quietly.

System: “The demon race’s blood sacrifice uses a large amount of living beings’ blood to perform an evil sacrifice.

It can summon powerful existences! Theoretically, as long as enough living beings are sacrificed, they can summon demons that are higher than the limits of the Eastern Wastelands.

” Higher than the limit of the eastern wastelands? Human Immortal Realm? Heaven Immortal Realm?! It turned out that the demons had been abducting a large number of mortals in order to perform an evil sacrifice and summon even more powerful demons.

Su Xing and the others were instantly shocked by the demons’ scheme.