Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 149

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 149

Chapter 149: The Six Great Sects Have Gone Mad! At the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

Zhuang Changhe paced back and forth in the Great Hall.

The chiefs of each peak on both sides of the hall were also filled with shock and anger.

Finally, the chief of Thunder Peak stood up and said, “Sect Master, have the six great sects gone mad? They actually dared to besiege our Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

” “They must be crazy.

They still dare to fight petty fights among themselves while we are all facing a great enemy!” They had received the news from the disciples guarding the mountain early in the morning.

Tens of thousands of people had gathered in front of the mountain gate, and the clothes they were wearing belonged to the six great sects.

Qingshui Sect, Yan Yun Sect, Anwo Sect… What exactly were they planning? Zhuang Changhe pressed down with both hands, and the clamor at the scene came to an abrupt end.

“We can’t come to a conclusion from this discussion.

Come with me to the mountain gate to have a look!” In order to prevent any sudden attacks of the demon race, the formation of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect had always been activated.

This also provided a safety barrier for the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect.

At this moment, outside the formation, the people of the six great sects were constantly clamoring and making a ruckus.




When Zhuang Changhe rushed over, he heard the elders of the Yan Yun Sect cursing loudly.

Their curses were extremely unpleasant to hear.

If he had come just a little later, he would have been scolded by all eighteen generations of his ancestors at that point.

“Everyone, what do you mean by this?” Zhuang Changhe was followed by the eight peak leaders and appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

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COM At this moment, Zhuang Changhe’s expression was a little ugly.

The Mysterious Sky Sword Sect had been established for thousands of years, and this was the first time that someone had blocked their mountain gate to curse.

“Sect Leader Zhuang, you know very well what your Mysterious Sky Sword Sect has done!” “Hmph, things have come to this point, and you’re still putting on an act here?” “What have we done?” Zhuang Changhe and the other chief thrones looked at each other with a trace of doubt in their eyes.

“Elder Wang of the Swallow Cloud Sect, you can speak your mind.

” “That’s right! What has our Mysterious Sky Sword Sect done to make everyone come to visit us so openly?” The hearts of the people from the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect thumped loudly.

The crowd’s tone and manner did not seem like they were here to visit.

Instead, they were here to seek revenge! What in the world? What kind of medicine had they taken? “Humph! The Mysterious Sky Sword Sect is guilty of three crimes.

” “First, colluding with the demons to bring disaster to the Eastern Wastelands, plunging the entire Eastern Wastelands into insurmountable trouble.

” “Second, deceiving the leaders of the six great sects and killing them cruelly.

” “Third, colluding with the demons to kill our disciples who came out of the mountains to exterminate the demons!” “The evidence is conclusive.

Do you still want to deny it?” As the list of crimes was written, Daoist Wuxin walked out from the crowd.

On his left and right were the number two figures of the six great sects.

This time, Zhuang Changhe and the chief thrones were a little confused.

Since when had the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect collude with the demons? How could they not know? The killing of the Sect Masters of the six great sects and the killing of the disciples from various sects were even more ridiculous.

There must have been some misunderstanding.

Zhuang Changhe took a step forward and his gaze landed on Yin Yijun of the Clear Water Sect.

“Fellow Daoist Yijun, where did you hear these rumors from? There are countless seniors of our Mysterious Sky Sword Sect who have made up their minds to help eliminate the demons.

Even the grand elder is still in closed-door cultivation to recuperate from the killing of the demons 300 years ago.

” “We don’t even want to do such a ridiculous thing, so why would we do it?!” Zhuang Changhe’s words were sincere, and every word he said was from the bottom of his heart.

He was genuinely baffled.

He said that he did not event want to do it.

It made people admire his acting.

“You still dare to quibble.

What do you think this is? A game?” As soon as he finished his words, Daoist Wuxin took out the letter that he had shown to the others from his storage ring.

“If that’s the case, does Sect Leader Zhuang have anything else to say?” Before Zhuang Changhe could say anything, the other chief priests could not help but retort.

“They are slandering us.

The six sect masters left a few days ago.

What does that have to do with us?” “When they left, all the disciples and elders can testify.

” “Left? Did they die because of you colluding with the demon race?” A hint of viciousness flashed in Daoist Wuxin’s eyes as he said coldly, “Of course, the people of the Black Heaven Sword Sect are on your side.

Their words are naturally not trustworthy.

” “Moreover, this area is all your territory.

You can completely ambush and act in secret.

” Wait.

Yin Buping and the others were dead? After learning of the death of the six sect masters, Zhuang Changhe was stunned on the spot.

Six mighty figures with high cultivations had been silently assassinated by someone! The leaders of the peaks all turned their gazes to Zhuang Changhe.

After all, he was the one who had the most contact with the six sect masters.

Zhuang Changhe came back to his senses and sighed.

He felt a hint of conspiracy.

Someone was setting up a trap for the Blackheaven Sword Sect.

Now that things had come to this, it was not the time to delve deeper.

The most important thing was to solve the problem at hand.

“I am also very surprised by the matter of the sect leaders.

” “However, all of you are also famous people.

To think that this matter is related to our Blackheaven Sword Sect just because of a letter, isn’t this a little too rash?” “Rash?” “The sect masters of my sect including the sect masters of the various sects, all died in your Blackheaven Sword Sect’s territory.

We have already observed our master’s life lamps to verify this point.

” “Also, on the corpses of the disciples slayed by the demons, marks showed that their attackers had used the sword techniques of your Blackheaven Sword Sect.

There’s no need to explain anymore, right?” … Right now, all the evidence pointed to the Blackheaven Sword Sect.

Killing the masters of the six great sects, colluding with the demons, and killing the disciples of the various sects… Even if Zhuang Changhe and the others had a hundred mouths, it was still difficult to explain anything clearly at this moment.

“Zhuang Changhe, be tactful and open the formation.

Otherwise, don’t blame us for killing the innocent.

” “There’s no innocent in the Blackheaven Sword Sect.

They are all the lackeys of the demon race.

We can’t let them go!” “You…” The people of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect were furious.

“What about the Sect Leader?” It did not make sense now.

Fortunately, they had the formation as a barrier, so the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect would not have to face the six great sects directly.

At this moment, the eyes of the people of the great sects were red with fury.

They insisted that the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect were the ones who had colluded with the demon race… If they really opened the formation, the consequences would be unimaginable.

How could zhuang Changhe not comprehend such a simple logic.

“Everyone, there is justice for what is right and wrong.

Our Mysterious Sky Sword Sect is doing just fine.

We will see whether it is right or not in the future.

” “If you want to forcefully attack our mountain gate, you can give it a try.

” After saying that, Zhuang Changhe turned around and left in a domineering manner.

He had already said what he needed to say, so it was useless to say more.

He would send someone to investigate this matter thoroughly.

Looking at the people of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect who were gradually disappearing from their sight, Daoist Wuxin and the others had a difficult expression on their faces.

If they could easily open the great protective formation of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect, why would they need to say so much nonsense to Zhuang Changhe just now? They could just fight their way up.

Since things had come to this, they could only attack forcefully! At this critical moment, they realized that the disciples of the Clear Water Sect had left quietly.

At some point in time, Yin Yijun, the grand elder of the Clear Water Sect, had also disappeared.

Only the five sects led by Daoist Wuxin were left in a stalemate outside the mountain gate of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect.

“Daoist Wuxin, are we going to attack by force?” The elder of the Swallow Cloud Sect asked tentatively.

“Prepare to break through the great formation by force.

I don’t believe that the people of the five sects can’t break through the Great Formation of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect together.

” “Alright!” After a simple discussion, the five great sects arranged themselves in four different directions and formed a simple attack formation.

This way, everyone’s attacks would be gathered together, and the chances of breaking through the formation would be higher.

After all, the formation of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect was famous for its sturdiness.

It was said that it had resisted Great Qin’s forces before, and if it were not for the fact that this was truly a last resort, they would not have chosen to forcefully break through it.