Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 123

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 123

Chapter 123: Another Ascendant “Junior Sister Bai Xueling, you’re back!” In the face of everyone’s enthusiasm, Bai Xueling only nodded lightly and did not say anything else.

Ever since she had returned to the Blackheaven Sword Sect, other than going to look for Zhuang Changhe, she had been staying on the Sunset Peak and had not shown her face.

Therefore, most people did not know that she had returned.

This Sunset Peak’s chief was the strongest battle force in the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect many years ago.

Now that the demons had appeared, everyone gradually calmed down with the return of this great battle force.

The other mountain peak’s chiefs and elders all went up to greet Bai Xueling and greeted her.

Now, they were discussing the decision to deal with the demons.

If they were not careful, it would almost become a large-scale reunion.

Zhuang Changhe stepped out at the right time and interrupted everyone’s courtesy! Cough, cough! “The demons are stirring up trouble in the Eastern Wastelands, and they have big plans.

” “Junior Sister Ling’er, we still need you to pay more attention to the back mountain.

” .



Hearing this, Bai Xueling raised her eyebrows slightly.

The reason she came back this time was firstly because of Su Xing’s cultivation, and secondly because she had sensed a trace of unusual activity from the demons.

She had already gone to the back mountain that Zhuang Changhe had mentioned, so there was no problem for the time being.

Looking at the sky outside, Bai Xueling turned around and left the Mysterious Heavenly Great Hall.

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COM “I’ll keep an eye on the back mountain.

Senior Brothers, you guys chat first.

I still have something to do, so I’ll be leaving First!” Everyone: “…” Zhuang Changhe also knew about the invitation, so he did not say anything about her leaving.

The others who did not know about this all revealed stunned expressions.

Zhuang changhe shouted, “Alright, Junior Sister Ling’er has other matters to attend to.

” “Let’s talk about the matter of the demon race.

Regarding this crisis of the demon race, everyone can speak their suggestions freely.

” The chief of Thunder Peak stood out and said, “Sect Master, it is said that the demon race has dispatched more than ten experts in the Tribulation Transcending Realm this time, we…” Zhuang Changhe also understood what he meant.

There were also experts in the Tribulation Transcending Realm in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

However, he was still in seclusion and could not be taken out of seclusion at this moment.

For some reason, a handsome figure in green robes suddenly appeared in Zhuang Changhe’s mind.

Then, he shook his head! Rumble! Rumble! With the sound of thunder, the sky outside the hall suddenly darkened.

A thick black cloud gathered in the sky above an ordinary mountain peak.

Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the clouds! As time passed, the lightning did not show any signs of weakening.

Instead, it became more and more intense.

Finally, a thick layer of black clouds formed on the mountain peak.

The people in the hall who were discussing the decision-making also stopped.

Everyone’s eyes looked towards the mountain peak in the distance.

“Sect Master, who lives on that mountain peak?” Everyone looked up and down at this mountain peak that they had never set foot on before.

They all looked suspiciously at Zhuang Changhe.

At this moment, Zhuang Changhe’s face was filled with joy.

“This is the place where the grand supreme elder is in seclusion.

The Grand Supreme Elder is about to break through!” This was not a simple natural phenomenon.

It was the Heavenly Tribulation when one’s cultivation base broke through! Hearing this, the upper echelons of the sect also revealed joyful expressions.

The explosive aura of the heavenly tribulation started to gather in the sky above the mountain peak.

In a short while, it covered the entire sky.

Rumble! Amidst the rumbling of thunder! The pressure of the Heavenly Tribulation gradually spread out.

An invisible aura filled the area within a hundred miles of the Blackheaven Sword Sect.

… On the Sunset Peak.

Bai Xueling looked at the clouds in the sky with a hint of emotion in her eyes.

“A hundred years have passed in a flash.

After so many years, master has finally reached this stage!” The previous leader of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect, who was also Bai Xueling’s master, had been in closed-door cultivation since a hundred years ago.

At that time, he was also a cultivator in the Crossing Calamity Stage.

Now that he was able to attract the Heavenly Tribulation, there was no doubt that his cultivation had broken through to the Ascension Stage.

As long as he passed the Heavenly Tribulation, the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect would have another ascendant.

Oh? What did I say again? Bai Xueling retracted her gaze and walked straight into the wooden house.

“Senior, Miss Qing’er is fine!” “Oh! Thank you for your hard work!” Li Yiyi waved her hands repeatedly and served her a cup of tea.

Over the past few days, she had come to help every day.

Sometimes, when Bai Xueling was not at Sunset Peak, she would be asked to look after Mo Yuanqing.

Although she had not officially joined Sunset Peak, it was already a good start for her to be able to go up the mountain every day.

She placed the sleeping Mo Yuanqing into a wooden bucket filled with hot water and injected spiritual energy into it.

Green smoke immediately rose from the wooden bucket.

Li Yiyi crushed the god-calming tree branch that she had prepared and then placed it into the wooden bucket.

After doing all this, Bai Xueling placed her hands on Mo Yuanqing’s back and began to comb through the violent bloodline power in her body.

Gulp, gulp, gulp! The originally calm surface of the water suddenly surged up in the next moment.

Bai Xueling’s expression was solemn, and she immediately increased the amount of spiritual energy she was transferring.

After a long while, the rolling surface of the water calmed down.

“What’s going on? The bloodline power in Qing’er’s body seems to have become even more violent!” During the past two days, because of the incident with the demon race, there was no news of the god-calming tree that was above ninth grade.

It was only by relying on the low-grade god-calming tree’s medicinal bath that Mo Yuanqing’s situation was temporarily stabilized.

However, if this continued, it would probably be difficult for her to last for a few days.

Bai Xueling looked at the dim voice transmission talisman and could not help but let out a long sigh.

… On the other side.

Shen Yaoling and Su Yan’er had finally reached the edge of the Thousand Mile Red Cliff.

The green-scaled demonic eagle lowered the two of them down and immediately flew into the sky with a clear cry.

Just as the green-scaled demonic eagle was circling in the sky, a voice that was wrapped in spirit energy was heard.

“Little Chick, don’t go too far.

If Ling’er can’t find you, I’ll strip you of all your feathers!” The green-scaled demonic eagle: “…” Then, as if it had encountered something terrifying, it dove into the clouds with a whoosh, flapped its wings and quickly disappeared into the distance.

Su Yan’er was already used to her Junior Sister’s behavior.

She took out a map and began to check her position.

When Shen Yaoling arrived at the desert, it was as if she had completely liberated her nature.

Her small hands grabbed a handful of fine sand and raised it up! “Ling’er, don’t make a scene!” “Hehe! Senior Sister, look at how beautiful the scenery here is!” Beautiful? Su Yan’er put away the map and looked around.

She could see yellow sand everywhere.

Was this what you meant by beautiful? “Senior Sister, where are you going?” “We’re not familiar with the people of the Thousand Mile Red Cliff.

If we want to rely on ourselves to find the god-calming tree, who knows what year we’ll have to go? Let’s find a place with people to understand the situation first.

” “Hehe! Senior Sister is really smart.

She’s almost on par with Senior Brother Su Xing!” Ugh… Senior Brother Su Xing was the most perfect, alright! He’s not worthy of being compared to me! Su Yan’er rolled her eyes at Shen Yaoling and sped up her pace.

They had walked for the time it takes an incense stick to burn.

Other than the yellow sand on the ground, they did not find any other colors.

Just as the two of them stopped to rest, Shen Yaoling exclaimed.

“Senior Sister, do you see anyone there?” They followed her gaze.

The sun was setting in the west, and a thick black smoke rose.

It looked like a lone desert smoke, like a river setting in the sun.

Finally, they found people in the desert.

The two hurriedly used their movement techniques and rushed in the direction of the black smoke.

When they came close, a dilapidated building in the shape of an inn appeared in front of them.

The black smoke they found earlier was not cooking smoke, but the smoke from the burning of the entire building.

Shen Yaoling curiously looked at the signboard on the ground and pretended to think.

Desert Inn.

“Senior Sister, why do you think this fine inn is on fire?”