Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 117

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Drunk Sword Immortal, Carefree With One Sword Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation They drank a few cups of wine.

Su Xing looked straight at the man in flowery clothes.

He was dressed in flowery clothes, had a longsword as dark as ink, and had a shiny wine bottle.

It was obvious that he was a wine-loving person, but he was also a powerful sword cultivator.

His strength could not be underestimated! As if he had sensed Su Xing’s gaze, the man in flowery clothes introduced himself.

“I’m drunk this morning and drunk this morning.

Tomorrow, I’ll drink cold water without wine.

Everyone calls me the Drunk Sword Immortal.

” He paused for a moment before continuing.

“But I still like the title of ‘wine madman’.

Hahaha!” “I’m the Drunk Sword Immortal, carefree with one sword!” .



Su Xing could not help but reveal a strange expression upon hearing this.

Clearly, he was not completely ignorant of this sword cultivator.

Ever since she joined the Sunset Peak, Bai Xueling had often mentioned the three of them.

They were all sword cultivators, and the people she knew were all experts in the way of the sword.

And among them, the one who spoke the most was the Sword Saint from the past.

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COM He loved drinking like his life was never-ending, and he was free and uninhibited.

From the outside, he looked like an ordinary drunkard, but his sword cultivation had already reached the peak of power.

When the beautiful Master mentioned the Sword Saint, she only had one short sentence.

“His one sword is free and unfettered, it can break the sky, it can shatter the stars, and it can slay the devil with one sword.

” His story went back as far as three hundred years ago.

Three hundred years ago, the martial path was strong.

Compared to the pursuit of strength, some people chose to cultivate step by step, but there were also people who went astray.

And three hundred years ago, there was a person who appeared out of nowhere.

Because this person cultivated a demonic cultivation method, he became a devil and stirred up a bloody storm in the entire Eastern continent.

The top ten sects sent their experts to surround and suppress him, but they were only able to force him back.

However, they were unable to kill him no matter what.

Just as the sects were in a stalemate, a sword cultivator with a stubble appeared.

That person was the Drunk Sword Immortal when he was younger.

Back then, Drunk Sword Immortal still had the cultivation of Transcending Tribulations.

However, at that time, his Sword Dao had already reached the acme of perfection, Facing a man who had become demonic, he turned around and left it in ashes with just one sword strike.

Everyone was confused, the demon-possessed man who had ascended to the fifth transformation realm had already turned into ashes.

It was also at that time when the name Drunk Sword Immortal appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

Although a hundred years had already passed, some old people still could not help but give him a thumbs up when they mentioned this name.

Drunk Sword Immortal smiled, indicating that that was already a thing of the past.

He raised the wine cup in his hand and said.

“Drinking with a wine cup is a little too petty.

Little friend, how about we change to jugs?” “Since senior has such an elegant mood, I would be happy to!” Su Xing shouted at the counter.

“Men! Change two jugs of fine wine, big jugs!” “Cough, cough, cough! Coming, coming!” With a few coughs, the hunchbacked old man slowly walked out from behind the counter.

As soon as he appeared, he called out to the two waiters and brought over two jars of wine that were obviously extraordinary.

“It is truly a joyous occasion for the two experts to visit this old man’s little shop.

” “There is nothing to entertain in the wilderness.

These two jars of hundred-flower wine can be considered as a welcome feast for the two of you.

” Upon hearing that there was fine wine, Su Xing clearly saw the Sword Immortal’s eyes light up.

This sword cultivator senior was indeed like the legends said.

His character of not being able to have a good time without wine remained unchanged.

Su Xing took another bottle of hundred flower wine and took out a bottle of ninth-grade medicinal pills from his storage ring.

There was nothing he could do.

He had already given the low-grade medicinal pills to Huang Sheng.

The lowest grade medicinal pills he had on him now were ninth-grade medicinal pills.

And the number of high-grade medicinal pills he had accumulated over the past ten years after signing up to level up had already been uncountable.

He would not be rewarded if he did not do anything.

This medicinal pill could be used as money for a round of drinks.

“In that case, thank you for your kind intentions, old man.

However, I will not be rewarded if I do not do anything.

I will also give you one item as a return gift!” Hearing this, the hunchbacked old man waved his hand repeatedly.

“Young master and senior Sword Immortal are honored guests of my Desert Inn.

Let this old man do his duty as a host.

Moreover, these two jars of wild wine are not considered valuable.

” It was obvious that the old man had recognized the identity of Drunk Sword Immortal.

He could not afford to offend these two beings, and he might need to rely on these two experts in the future.

These two jars of hundred flower wine were really nothing.

Just as he was trying to shirk his responsibility, a bottle of medicinal pills rolled down from the old man’s sleeve.

Looking at the bottle, it looked somewhat familiar.

It was the item that Su Xing asked Xue to return after seeing it.

However, the old man’s expression suddenly changed, as if he had encountered something difficult to understand.

“That’s strange.

When did this medicinal pill come to me? Didn’t I let that girl take it away?” As he said this, he was stunned for a moment.

Then, he turned his gaze to the rooftop and laughed bitterly.

“I’m old, I’m old.

My eyes are blurry from old age!!” Seeing the self-mocking expression on the old man’s face, Su Xing instantly guessed what had happened.

It seemed that Xue Jian did not return the pill according to the usual method.

Instead, she had chosen her own method.

This girl, how could her imagination be so big? He had asked her to return the pill, and she had secretly stuffed it into the old man’s body.

It was really… amazing! At this moment, a clear and rich wine fragrance assailed his nostrils.

Following that, the Drunk Sword Immortal’s forthright laughter rang out.

“Old Mo, thank you.

I really haven’t tasted this hundred flowers brew before.

Today, it’s all thanks to you, little friend.

” “What’s so good about country wine? You guys enjoy yourselves!” And from this, Su Xing heard the old man’s name for the first time.

Old Mo? These two must be old friends! The old man chatted with Drunk Sword Immortal for a while before continuing with his responsibility in the back hall.

He called over a waiter and retreated into the curtain behind the counter.

One could recognize a beauty by smelling their fragrance, and one could also recognize wine by smelling the fragrance.

The fragrance of the wine was rich and clear, and the aroma was colorful.

It was worthy of the name of Hundred Flowers Wine.

“Little friend Su Xing, this wine is brewed from the Hundred Flowers of the four seasons with a secret technique.

It is very helpful in improving your cultivation.

” “Come and have a taste of Old Mo’s wine-making techniques!” Hearing this, Su Xing nodded.

Even the food in the room was ingredients with cultivation, so how could the wine the old man brought out be ordinary.

However, to Su Xing, there was no difference.

Firstly, his cultivation did not detect anything.

To him, the hundred flowers wine was just a wine with a good taste.

Secondly, Su Xing’s cultivation had already reached the peak of half-step Human Immortal realm, before he was going to transcend the great tribulation of Human Immortal, it was already difficult for his cultivation to increase.

Therefore, he only drank calmly and did not show any unusual behavior.

The two of them drank at a high speed, and in a short while, the wine jar had already bottomed out! At this time, the scene of the storm outside the inn was still continuing.

Drunk Sword Immortal looked at the scenery outside the window, and his eyes suddenly dimmed.

Although it was only for a short moment, it was still caught by the attentive Su Xing.

“Senior, do you have any troubles? Can you tell me?” Drunk Sword Immortal returned to his unruly appearance from before, “I have no troubles, only Yi Jian’er!” As he said this, he took off the ink-colored long sword at his waist, and his two fingers joined together to form a sword finger to gently stroke the scabbard.

At this moment, his gentle and focused expression was as if he was stroking his lover.

After a long while, he placed the sword in his hand on the wine table.

“Little friend Su Xing, I’ll be leaving after daybreak.

” “I can’t take this sword with me.

I’ll have to trouble you to pass it to an old friend of mine.

” Some people said that a person who loved wine would definitely have a story.

As for the story of the Drunk Sword Immortal, Su Xing did not understand it, but at this moment, he could feel the vicissitudes and sadness on the Drunk Sword Immortal’s body.

He did not ask any more questions, but put the sword back into his storage ring.

Then, as if nothing had happened, the two continued to drink in big gulps.