Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 114

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 114

Chapter 114: So The Voice Transmission Talisman Was A Bomb The Desert Inn had a total of six floors.

When they arrived at the sixth floor, there was no noise around them.

The old man brought the two of them to a room with the words “Heaven Room” written on it and stopped.

“Young master, this is room No.


This is the token of the room.

You can enter the room by entering the token.

” Su Xing nodded in understanding.

The room was covered with a layer of array formation.

To open it, one did not need a key, but the array token would allow them inside.

The rooms of the inn were all equipped with an upgrade array formation.

Su Xing gained a new level of understanding of the Desert Inn.

It seemed that the inn in front of him was different from ordinary inns! “Grandpa, can I play with this token?” The old man seemed to want to say something, but when he saw Xue Jian looking at the token curiously, he just nodded.

“Then this old man will send the two distinguished guests here.

If you need anything, you can ring the copper bell in the room.

Someone will come and take care of your needs.

” .



The service was quite considerate.

He even thought of calling the room service in the guest room.

The boss of the Desert Inn was really thoughtful.

As the coughing sound gradually faded away, Su Xing also withdrew his gaze.

The token turned into a ray of black light which pierced through the door.

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COM The two wooden doors slowly opened with a creak.

The rooms were originally pitch-black, but lights suddenly lit up.

Walking into the room, before he had the time to look around, Su Xing looked at the young girl, Xue Jian.

“Miss Xue Jian, take out your things?” “Master, what did you say? I don’t understand?” Xue Jian’s bright eyes kept dodging back and forth, as if she did not dare to look straight into Su Xing’s eyes.


You can just call me Su Xing.

” As Su Xing said this, he casually closed the door.

“Also, hand over the medicinal pills that you stole just now!” “Master Su Xing, I…” Su Xing felt both angry and amused.

When he left just now, Xue Jian had actually stolen the medicinal pills that he left on the counter under the watchful eyes of everyone.

Moreover, other than himself, even that old man had not noticed it.

Of course, perhaps he had noticed it, but he just did not want to expose her.

Su Xing shook his head helplessly.

“A gentleman loves money, and it is wise to take it.

If that item belonged to someone else just now, it would be your right to steal it.

However, this is the cost of our accommodation.

If you take it back, what’s the difference between staying at the king’s restaurant and eating a king’s meal?” “If you want to continue following me, go and return the pills to that old man right now.

I’ll wait for you here!” “Alright! I’ll go right now!” Seeing that she was in the wrong, the young girl, Xue Ling, curled her lips and walked out of the room.

… Meanwhile, on the Sunset Peak.

Bai Xueling and the others fell into silence.

On the bed, the originally elegant and cold beauty, Mo Yuanqing, had now become a sleeping beauty.

The women looked at each other speechlessly, their faces filled with worry.

“Master, since there’s a ninth grade god-calming tree in the Thousand Miles Red Cliff, what are we waiting for?” “If we wait a little longer, Senior Sister will be in more danger.

” Shen Yaoling broke the silence in the wooden house.

Although Mo Yuanqing was usually cold towards them all, she still played an important role in her heart.

Su Yan’er also knew that the situation was urgent, so she also turned her gaze to Bai Xueling.

She seemed to be a little afraid, and after hesitating for a moment, Bai Xueling said again.

“It’s not that I’m not anxious.

It’s just that this matter involves the mystery of the Thousand-Mile Red Cliff, so I have to be more careful.

” The mystery of the Thousand-Mile Red Cliff? Seeing the confused looks of her two disciples, she spoke again.

“The Thousand-Mile Red Cliff, also known as the land of death.

Its bad reputation is not imaginary.

” The Thousand-mile Red Cliff was known to be barren, with not a single blade of grass growing within it.

“And this strangeness is the most dangerous thing in it.

It is said that it is the place where the Heavenly Emperor had died.

” Hiss! Su Yan’er could not help but feel her heart tighten.

One had to know that in her previous life, she had only touched the realm of the Great Emperor, and the Heavenly Emperor was above the realm of the Great Emperor.

One had to know that even in the Wastelands where she was in her previous life, the Great Emperor was already a peak figure in the cultivation world.

To her, or to most cultivators, the Heavenly Emperor was an existence that they could only dream of but could not reach.

In the entire Lingtian continent, if there really was a Heavenly Emperor figure, then it should only be possible in the legendary Wastelands.

And now, Bai Xueling actually said that there was a fallen Heavenly Emperor in the Eastern Wasteland! She felt as if she had suddenly met a king in a slum.

It was unbelievable, and she even felt that it sounded like a story.

Shen Yaoling’s large eyes flickered.

She did not seem to have much of an idea of the place where the Heavenly Emperor had fallen.

She looked at her Master and Senior Sister who had different expressions and asked the question in her heart.

“Who is the Heavenly Emperor that you are talking about? Is he very powerful?” “Uh… is he as powerful as Senior Brother Su Xing?” When Su Xing was mentioned, this girl’s eyes immediately curved into a crescent moon.

Su Yan’er: “…” Bai Xueling: “…” It was over.

This female disciple’s heart had already been captured by Little Star.

Even the mention of his name made her eyes light up.

Something was wrong.

Something was very wrong.

A strange expression also appeared on Su Yan’er’s face, but it quickly disappeared.

After hearing Shen Yaoling’s words, she also thought of Su Xing, who had gone out.

This Senior Brother of hers was always able to make people’s eyes light up from time to time.

Perhaps he might have a solution to this matter of Mo Yuanqing’s bloodline backfiring.

“Master, I also feel that we can contact Senior Brother Su Xing.

After all, one more person can help think of a way to gain more power.

” Bai Xueling also nodded.

“Yeah, that kid left without any news.

It’s time to check up on him.

” Su Yan’er: “? ? ?” Upon hearing that she could contact Su Xing, Shen Yaoling quickly took out a voice transmission talisman.

“Master, Senior Sister, you’ve been busy for the past two days.

Leave this small matter of contacting Senior Brother to Ling’er!” Placing the voice transmission talisman in her palm, she conjured a spell with her other hand.

A streak of pink spiritual energy shot out from her fingertip, and the talisman paper that had been injected with the spiritual energy began to flicker.

Every family’s voice transmission talisman had the feature of confidentiality when it was first refined, so they had added a special secret method to refine it.

If it was not activated using a specific method, it could not be used.

And after obtaining the voice transmission talisman, everyone had also learned the method of using the Sunset Peak’s voice transmission talisman.

Therefore, Shen Yaoling quickly recommended herself, and no one else had any objections.

“Eh?” After the voice transmission talisman flashed rapidly, it suddenly dimmed again.

Shen Yaoling unwillingly formed another spell.

Streams of spiritual energy entered the voice transmission talisman, and immediately, the talisman paper emitted an intense white light.

“It’s lit up, it’s lit up.

Master, Look!” Bai Xueling looked over when she heard the sound, and her expression immediately changed.

“Be careful!” She hurriedly snatched the voice transmission talisman from Shen Yaoling’s hand and threw it out of the wooden house.

Bang! With an explosive sound, a twenty to thirty feet deep pit appeared where the voice transmission talisman had landed.

Its power was not inferior to the power of a Nascent Soul strike! After a short period of silence, Shen Yaoling’s muttering came into their ears.

“So what Master gave Ling’er was not a voice transmission talisman, but a bomb.

” Bai Xueling glared at her in annoyance.

“Who told you to inject so much spiritual energy and trigger the self-destruct mechanism of the voice transmission talisman? It would be strange if it didn’t explode.

” “But, Master, I’ve tried just now, and I really can’t contact Senior Brother Su Xing!” As she said that, Su Yan’er opened the voice transmission talisman in her hand.

Bai Xueling was wiping Mo Yuanqing’s face when she heard that.

She could not help but be stunned.

“That’s impossible.

You must have not learned how to use the voice transmission talisman properly.

Let me show you how to use it.

” A moment later.

Shen Yaoling subconsciously looked at Su Yan’er with a hint of doubt in her beautiful eyes.