Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 111

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Void Master Of The Joyous Union Sect Vs.

Purple Cloud Sect’s Purple Lightning Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation The disciples of the Joyous Union Sect cheered and surrounded him.

“Eldest Senior Brother, beat that Purple Lightning disciple to death.

When we go back, I’ll have Lan’er accompany you for one night.

” ​  “How can one night be enough? It’ll take at least a month.

” “Junior Brother has also taken in a few concubines recently.

Their looks and figure are quite attractive.

When we go back, I’ll have them go to eldest Senior Brother’s place to stay for a month.

” The few disciples of the Joyous Union Sect laughed wantonly, not caring about the fight between the two.

This was because their eldest brother had already reached the middle stage of the Golden Core Stage, while Purple Lightning of the Purple Cloud Sect had just stepped into the Golden Core Stage a while ago.

No matter what, he would not be a match for him.

They naturally would not care about the fight between the two.

And as they continued to clamor, the faces of the remaining four disciples of the Purple Cloud Sect became increasingly gloomy.




“Senior Brother,” one of the beautiful female disciples said loudly.

“Senior Brother, the Void Master of the Joyous Union Sect has already entered the Golden Core Realm for many years.

He is framing you to fight with him.

Senior Brother, don’t fall for his evil scheme.

” Having sensed the young Void Master’s aura, Zidian’s heart had already started to retreat.

Hearing those words, his face instantly darkened.

It would have been fine if someone else had said it, but the person who spoke now was still Junior Sister Yun’er, whom he had been thinking about all this time.

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COM Zidian had always wanted to show off in front of her and win the favor of a beautiful woman.

Now that he heard his Junior Sister say that he was no match for the Void Master, a nameless anger rose in his heart.

The most painful thing in the world was when the woman you liked declared that you could not do something in public.

Under such circumstances, how could Zidian endure the shame? He turned his head and simply smiled.

“Junior Sister Yun’er, don’t worry.

This guy is just a womanizer whose skin has been exhausted on wine and women.

How can he be a match for us orthodox disciples? Just watch Senior Brother tear his filthy mouth apart for you.

” The Joyous Union Sect and the Purple Cloud Sect had been sworn enemies for a hundred years.

Not only did the sects oppose each other, but even the disciples under them were at odds with each other.

When these enemies met, their eyes turned especially red.

After meeting each other by chance in the inn, the disciples of the two sects, as expected, began to develop animosity between them.

They engaged in a random war of words, and the situation became more and more intense.

Inevitably, it had turned into a chaotic battle outside the inn.

Although the young Void Master was standing opposite Zidian, his gaze was biased towards the young girl called Yun’er.

“Tsk, tsk! She looks pretty good.

Why don’t you leave the Purple Cloud Sect and leave with me, and I won’t kill your bullsh*t Senior Brother?” “You… you are courting death!” How could Zidian tolerate someone coveting his Junior Sister? He immediately raised his sword and attacked without another word.

“Daoist brother Zidian seems to be jealous.

” “However, from what I see, Daoist brother is just a lover with no other intentions than to impress.

Why don’t you fulfill our wish? This might turn into a good story.

” When the disciples of the Joyous Union Sect heard this, they burst into laughter again.

“Don’t talk too much.

Hand over your life.

” “Senior Brother, be careful.

” In contrast to the smiles on the faces of the Joyous Union Sect and the others, the people of the Purple Cloud sect had solemn expressions on their faces.

A cultivator who had just stepped into the Golden Core Stage against a middle-stage Golden Core Stage cultivator, would a miracle happen in this battle where there a huge disparity in strength would appear? It was not impossible, but it was very difficult, very difficult! Not everyone could cross ranks to fight, but now that Zidian had already started his crazy attack mode, how could he still listen to their advice? The commotion caused by the disciples of the two sects had already attracted the attention of the residents in the inn.

Now that they saw that the two of them were going to have a one-on-one life-and-death battle, everyone rushed outside.

Such a battle between sect disciples was truly a rare sight.

All of a sudden, there were only two or three people left in the inn, but the empty space outside the inn was a lively scene.

Zidian used the Purple Cloud Sect’s ultimate technique to attack all the way.

In his fury, he slashed out dozens of sword shadows in a row, and the sword shadows circled around young Void Master before crashing down.

“Haha! It seems like you do have some skills, but these petty tricks can only help me warm up.

” Young Void Master laughed lightly, and the jade fan in his hand flew out.

A green light appeared, and the surrounding sword Qi dissipated.

The jade fan’s momentum did not decrease as it rose into the air.

“F*ck! That fan is definitely a magic artifact.

It can actually withstand the sword Qi of a Golden Core Stage.

This is at least a third grade magic artifact.

” “I think that Purple Lightning from the Purple Cloud Sect is in danger.

He can’t even fight, and his own attacks are completely unable to break that jade fan!” “Who is stronger or weaker is still unknown, they are both sect disciple, it’s just that Void Master has a magic artifact but not Purple Lightning.

Just wait and see.

” Everyone was discussing the situation just now.

At this moment, the battle’s situation was slightly leaning toward the Void Master’s side.

Purple Lightning’s fast attacks failed to achieve any results, and they were all blocked by his jade fan.

“Little girl from the Purple Cloud Sect, you all heard what my Senior Brother said just now.

If you want to save your Senior Brother Purple Lightning, you can just say so.

” “Yes, yes.

My Senior Brother knows how to take care of women the best.

He’s much better than that Purple Lightning fellow of yours.

” “Not only is our Senior Brother handsome and talented, he’s also quite good in bed.

” The members of the Joyous Union Sect, who had always been wild and unruly, began to taunt and tease each other.

The battle between the two of them was not that serious.

However, it was very pleasant to be able to taunt the Purple Cloud Sect with this.

Especially when they saw the gloomy expressions on the faces of the Purple Cloud Sect disciples, they always felt a special sense of satisfaction.

As expected, after the two of them exchanged dozens of moves, Zidian had already fallen into a disadvantageous position.

At this time, Zidian, whose eyes were bloodshot from killing, took out a medicinal pill from his storage bag and swallowed it regardless of everyone’s dissuasion.

Following that, his aura surged wildly, causing everyone to be startled by the sheer power.

At the side, Void Master who had a mocking expression on his face, suddenly had a change in expression.

Although he had always shown a calm expression, at this moment, he also felt an unexplainable palpitation in his heart.

“Purple Lightning, are you crazy? You actually took a pill to stimulate your cultivation.

” “Die! I want you to die!” After taking the pill, Purple Lightning’s cultivation had climbed all the way to the Nascent Soul Stage.

At this moment, his eyes were red, and it was obvious that his consciousness had been suppressed by the medicinal power.

He let out a wild roar and threw himself towards the young Void Master.

All the moves he had learned had been thrown to the back of his mind in this battle.

He simply instinctively used his hands and feet as a weapon like an animal, and fiercely attacked the Void Master.

“Uh oh, this is not good, Senior Brother didn’t use a pill to stimulate his cultivation.

He used a Berserk Pill.

” As the name implied, the Berserk Pill would cause people to enter a berserk state, and those who consumed this pill would lose their rationality and become a beast that only knew how to use violence.

However, because of this, they would also obtain a temporarily powerful energy.

Obviously, Purple Lightning’s current state was the result of taking the Berserk Pill.

“Senior Brother, Senior Sister, what should we do now?” Among the group of people from the Purple Cloud Sect, the young girl called Yun’er frowned.