Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 90

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 90

Chapter 90: Bai Xueling’s Surprise As everyone knew, the path of cultivation was a path that went against the heavens, and the road ahead was full of trials and tribulations.

A small realm in the eyes of a cultivator was the first heavenly barrier.

Someone like Su Yan’er, who could jump three realms in a short period of time, could be regarded as a monster.

And when such a person grew up, without exception, they would become a legend of an era.

In that case, this cheap disciple of hers also possessed the qualifications to stand shoulder to shoulder with those legends.

Thinking of this, Bai Xueling could not wait to verify her thoughts.

“Yan’er, follow me to the back mountain, I want to personally test your combat ability.

” “Master, I’m coming in!” Su Xing excitedly pushed open the door and entered, only to see a stream of light rushing towards him.

Oh my God, there’s a meteor in Master’s room? Su Xing’s figure moved, and that streak of light shot into the sky at high speed.

“Little Xing Xing, I’ll bring your Junior Sister to the back of the mountain for a stroll.

Remember to clean up my room…” .



Hearing Bai Xueling’s voice, Su Xing finally understood.

However, it was very strange.

Although Master had not returned for five years, he would clean her room every day.

That place… “? ? ?” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM She turned her gaze and Su Xing was in a dilemma.

In Bai Xueling’s room, there was a mess of furniture on the floor.

There were even some that were emitting wisps of green smoke.

What the hell! What was going on? Was there a fire here? At the Sunset Peak, Back Mountain! In addition to the array formation, there was also the stone tablet that Su Xing had set up.

It could isolate all energy and aura from leaking out, and at the same time, it could prevent damage from happening to the mountain range.

“When has there been another stone tablet here?” Bai Xueling muttered.

Following that, she looked at Su Yan’er with a burning gaze.

That burning gaze seemed to be able to pierce through her.

“Cough cough! Master?” The anticipation in Bai Xueling’s gaze rendered even the empress unable to withstand it.

“Come, your Master will suppress her cultivation to the same realm as yours.

Feel free to attack.

“Your master usually neglected your cultivation.

Therefore, I will also take this opportunity to examine the results of your cultivation during this period of time.

” “Master, Swords and sabers are merciless.

What if…” As if she had thought of something, Bai Xueling said indifferently.

“You don’t have to worry.

Your master’s cultivation is profound.

I will definitely control my strength well.

I will definitely not hurt you.

” Su Yan’er: “…” At the same realm, it was not certain who would hurt who! In her previous life, she was the Empress of the Fire Phoenix Palace.

She had yet to experience a defeat at the same realm.

However, it was strange that even with her empress’ magic eyes, she could not see through Bai Xueling’s cultivation base.

It faintly confirmed her initial guess.

Her Senior Brother was the same as her master.

They were both hidden experts.

It was normal for her to not be able to see through Bai Xueling’s cultivation base since she had yet to recover her previous cultivation base! Su Yan’er’s desire to fight was ignited.

“Master, I’m ready!” “Begin!” Bai Xueling pointed her fingers like a sword, and the spiritual essence condensed into a light blue sword formed of Qi.

Condensing Qi into a sword was an ability that could only be mastered by those in the Soul Formation Realm.

Although she did not move, the sword Qi looked down on her.

Sword shadows appeared in the air and floated around her.

“Phoenix dances in the Nine Heavens!” Sensing the threat, Su Yan’er took the initiative to attack.

She waved her long sword in the air, and scarlet flames gushed out from the sword.

The flames grew bigger and bigger, and finally condensed into a flaming phoenix.

The Flaming Phoenix cried in the air, and its voice shook the sky.

At this time, Bai Xueling’s expression changed from surprise, disbelief, and finally, to admiration.

“Hahaha, good timing!” As soon as Bai Xueling finished speaking, streaks of light blue sword Qi shot out.

The dense sword Qi instantly enveloped the Flaming Phoenix.

Facing the aggressive attack, Su Yan’er suddenly revealed a triumphant smile.

She took the bait.

“Master, you have to be careful.

” Hearing this, Bai Xueling looked at the sky in confusion.

In the battle between the sword of Qi and the Phoenix in the sky, even though she had suppressed her cultivation to the Soul Formation Stage, she still had the absolute advantage.

What was going on? Could it be that this female disciple of mine has other tricks up her sleeve? She still had to be careful.

If she was beaten up by her disciple the first time they met, how could she maintain her Master’s prestige in the future? “Behind me!” After carefully probing, Bai Xueling finally discovered the clues in the air.

Bang! Just as Bai Xueling escaped, a towering flame instantly covered the place where she was at.

Hiss hiss! This female disciple of hers was not simple! This move was a diversion.

If she had not received a warning beforehand, it would have been difficult to detect.

Although she wouldn’t be injured, she would still be forced to use her cultivation that was higher than the Soul Formation Stage.

At this moment, the battle in the sky came to an end! “Roar!” A mournful cry sounded.

The Flaming Phoenix could not withstand the sword shadows in the sky in the end.

Its body began to flicker, and it was on the verge of collapse.

After a moment, it dissipated into a rain of fire.

The gorgeous rain of fire rustled down to the ground.

Little fellow, you still want to fight with me! It was not a good thing to cultivate too smoothly.

Let me teach you a lesson.

A faint smile appeared on Bai Xueling’s face.

“My dear disciple, if you have any other big moves, feel free to use them.

I haven’t even started warming up yet!” Su Yan’er’s face was solemn.

You want a big move? I’ll satisfy you! “Phoenix Nine is especially remorseful after dying.

So- rebirth!” “Interesting, there’s actually such a marvelous cultivation technique!” Under Bai Xueling’s astonished gaze, streaks of fire rain rebirthed and transformed into tiny fire phoenixes.

If one looked closely, they would find that they had not taken shape yet, but they had already taken on the appearance of phoenixes.

“Go!” With Su Yan’er’s clear shout, countless tiny fire phoenixes seemed to have been summoned and swarmed toward Bai Xueling.

There were so many of them in all directions.

There was no way to hide, no way to escape.

A huge net made of fiery red flames instantly surrounded Bai Xueling.

Su Yan ‘er’s control of spiritual energy was not like that of a cultivator who had just stepped into the Soul Formation Stage.

Instead, she was more like an experienced cultivator who had been in the Soul Formation Stage for many years.

Such a small amount of spiritual energy was actually able to be controlled by her like it was her arm and her finger.

Although Bai Xueling was puzzled, she still reacted immediately.

“Sword Energy Protection!” The sword shadows in the sky began to gather and vaguely formed a faint defensive line, protecting Bai Xueling within it.

Boom! The two collided.

Suddenly, flames burst out in all directions, and thunder rumbled through the clouds.

From afar it could be seen that half of the Sunset Peak had turned fiery red.

… This was Junior Sister’s Dance of the Nine Heavens! “Master didn’t fight with Junior Sister Yan’er, did she?” Su Xing put on new decorations for Bai Xueling’s room, then looked in the direction of the back mountain and clicked his tongue.

“Senior Brother, that place seems to be on fire.

” As she passed by the wooden house, Li Yiyi pointed at the sky-high flames in the back mountain and cried out in alarm.

Ugh… I was wondering why the room looked like a scene of a fire.

It seems that Master and Junior Sister Yan’er were fighting! “Junior Sister Yiyi, you should go back first.

I’ll convince Master to inform you later!” Su Xing’s figure was like smoke as he flashed and disappeared.

With every flash, he appeared thirty feet away.

After a few flashes, he disappeared from sight.

“Senior Brother, wait for me.

” Li Yiyi gritted her teeth and quickly stood up to follow him.

This was a rare opportunity.

Perhaps if she performed well, she would be able to join the Sunset Peak.