Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 87

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 87

Chapter 87: Sunset Peak Is A Beauty Sect The Sun was setting, and dusk had arrived.

On Sunset Peak.

Other than the sound of birds returning to their nests, there were also sounds of martial arts shouting.

“Senior Brother, why don’t we spar?” Su Xing, who was stroking his cat, heard this and waved his hand.

“Junior Sister, you practice yours.

I won’t get involved!” Su Yan’er’s cultivation had greatly improved.

She wanted to take the opportunity to appraise Su Xing’s foundation.

How could she let go of such a good opportunity.

Su Xing was just about to reject her again when he was suddenly interrupted by a notification sound.

[ Ding! Host and Junior Sister have a friendly spar.

It will help you obtain a critical hit to your cultivation.

] Ah! There was such a good thing! “Little Radish, you can play by yourself for a while!” .



Ignoring the dragon cat’s protest, Su Xing carried the newly-replaced hundred smelting Black Iron Axe onto the stage.

“Junior Sister! Don’t hold back later.

Use all your strength you have!” She was not happy just now, so why was she so enthusiastic all of a sudden? Su Yan’er nodded slightly.

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COM An unnatural expression appeared on her beautiful face.

“Senior Brother, be careful.

This move of mine is called Phoenix Dance of the Nine Heavens!” Clusters of scarlet flames formed.

As Su Yan’er reminded him, a huge fiery phoenix rose and soared into the sky.

The phoenix’s cry resounded throughout the mountain peak.

A scorching aura spread out, but it did not harm a single blade of grass or a single tree.

Su Xing’s heart wavered.

For Junior Sister Su Yan’er’s fire control technique to be able to reach such a level, it must have already reached the acme of perfection.

What a terrifying cultivation talent.

Although such an attack did not pose much of a threat to him, to be on the safe side, Su Xing still used a trace of domain power.

After all, these were his Junior Sisters.

It would be awkward if he was careless and made a fool of himself.

Boom! The fire phoenix circled in the air and screeched with the aura of burning everything.

“Meow!” The dragon cat’s pair of jade-green eyes flashed with joy.

It was this feeling again.

Instead of the Majestic Fire Phoenix, its gaze was fixed on an ordinary figure.

At this time, the dragon cat Radish seemed to be half-drunk as it randomly waved its limbs to express its joy.

The Fire Phoenix that was as large as a house circled around and suddenly rushed toward Su Xing like a sharp arrow that was half-drawn.

The scorching Fire Phoenix streaked across the sky, and the air it left behind was scorched and smoke twisted.

Su Xing felt the heat in the air and nodded in appreciation.

At first, he thought that Shen Yaoling’s strength and cultivation should be the first among his Junior Sisters because she had refined a huge amount of energy.

But now, he realized that his guess was wrong.

Su Yan’er had gained a lot from the visit to the Mystic Realm.

Coupled with her terrifying talent as the Empress, her growth speed was no slower than anyone else’s.

Just this move, dancing in the Nine Heavens, it was as powerful as a peak Soul Formation cultivator.

“The twelve sword techniques!” As the fire phoenix approached, Su Xing raised his iron axe and hacked at it at a steady pace.

“Senior Brother, be careful!” Su Yan’er was very clear about her ability.

If Su Xing had used other moves to counter it, it would have been fine, but these twelve sword techniques were a set of shallow moves.

How could she compete with them.

At this time, it was obviously too late to stop.

Su Yan’er had no choice but to dash forward to rescue him.

Whoosh! The sound of flames being extinguished could be heard, and the fire phoenix under the Iron Axe was instantly split into two.

“Hahaha! As expected of a refined Black Iron Axe.

The sharpness and weight are just right!” Su Xing could not put down the shiny iron axe in his hand as he played with it.

He completely did not notice Su Yan’er, who was staring at him with her beautiful eyes.

“Eh? Junior Sister, what happened to you?” Su Yan’er: “…” “Junior Sister, let’s continue to spar.

This time, Senior Brother will let you make the first move.

” “Senior Brother, what is your cultivation level now?” “I can’t tell, I can’t tell!” A gentle breeze blew past.

Su Xing looked at the high skies from a 45-degree angle.

His green robe fluttered in the wind, and his figure, which was hidden as if it were the deepest secret in the world, stood quietly on the peak of the mountain.

He was as graceful as a fairy.

If he had a green blade, he would definitely be a peerless Sword Immortal.

She was finally certain now.

Recalling the figure who had shattered the Thunder Tribulation on his own, and then looking at Su Xing’s smiling face while holding the iron axe, the two figures simply overlapped.

The one who had attacked that day was her Senior Brother, who seemed to be nothing but handsome.

“Ding! Host has sparred with Junior Sister.

You have gained 50 years of cultivation, 20 times the critical strike, and a total of 1,000 years of cultivation.

” “Ding! Host is one step closer to becoming a Human Immortal.

You will be rewarded with one turn of the wheel.

” Note: a total of three times.

She had achieved her goal.

Su Xing held the iron axe in one hand and the dragon Li cat in the other.

He left.

“Junior Sister! Senior Brother has gone to the rear mountain to feed the fish there.

Come and spar with me next time when you have time!” Looking at the figure that was walking further and further away, Su Yan’er fell into deep thought.

… Over the past few days, word of mouth had spread that the Sunset Peak had become a god.

And under the disguise of someone with good intentions, Su Xing had also become a peerless powerhouse hidden under the guise of mediocrity.

Countless disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect came to visit Su Xing one after another.

Due to the existence of the Xuanwu Grand Formation, they had all been blocked at the foot of the Sunset Peak.

But even so, they still insisted on waiting at the foot of the mountain and did not leave.

They came here with only one purpose, and that was to enter the Sunset Peak.

“Let us in, Martial Uncle Su Xing!” “Martial Uncle Su Xing, are you here? Disciple Wang came to seek an audience.

” “F * ck! Don’t squeeze me, I came first.

” At this moment, a group of disciples of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect gathered in an empty space in front of the formation.

It was bustling with activity and was extremely lively! At this moment.

A beautiful woman wearing a pure white dress slowly walked out from the crowd.

When everyone saw this, fear appeared on their faces and they all took the initiative to open up a path.

This woman looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old.

She had bright eyes and white teeth.

The curve of her face was extremely perfect and her skin was as white as snow.

Her hair was like a waterfall and under the contrast of her white dress, there was a beautiful and pure radiance.

It was as if her entire person was enveloped in a pure white radiance.

However, his expression was cold and arrogant, just like a proud white swan.

“Hmph! Look at all of you.

Why would Martial Uncle Su Xing accept all of you?!” “I, Li Yiyi, am different.

Although I’m not as handsome as Martial Uncle, I can still be considered a precious flower of Thunder Peak.

I will definitely be accepted into the Sunset Peak.

” When the other disciples heard this, although they were angry, they had no way to refute it.

Although the words of this little but fiery chili from the Thunder Peak were very unpleasant to hear, when they thought about it carefully, there was some truth to it.

It was said that the Sunset Peak had never focused on cultivation and talent.

The only thing they cared about was their looks.

Martial Uncle Su Xing and the others, which one of them did not possess looks that were rare in the world? Sigh! Some disciples touched their faces and exited out of the crowd helplessly.

In less than the time it takes for an incense stick to burn, there were only a dozen disciples left.

One of them was the little chili girl from Thunder Peak.

Su Yan’er, who had been shocked by Su Xing, was walking around.

She noticed at a glance that there were more than a dozen disciples from the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect sitting cross-legged at the foot of the mountain.

Since when did the foot of Sunset Peak become a popular cultivation venue? Su Yan’er frowned slightly.

“Senior Sister, please wait!” “I’m Li Yiyi from the Thunder Peak.

We met last time.

Do you still have any impression of me?” Ever since she joined the Blackheaven Sword Sect, Su Yan’er rarely went out.

How could she have any impression of these disciples? She said indifferently, “Oh! I don’t know them!” …