Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 83

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 83

Chapter 83: The Empress Was Moved Su Xing was no longer interested in cultivation resources.

He already had enough resources on hand.

Other than the items left behind by his beautiful master, he also possessed many system rewards.

Pills, weapons, cultivation techniques! To put it bluntly, with his current foundation, it wouldn’t be difficult for him to establish a new sect on his own! Zhuang Changhe gave Su Xing a deep look.

Obviously, he was a little surprised by his indifferent expression.

On second thought, Junior Sister Ling’er’s resources were all in Su Xing’s hands, so it was understandable that they were indifferent towards cultivation resources.

Su Xing seemed to have thought of something and immediately said.

“To be honest with Sect Master, Junior Nephew really has something that he urgently needs recently.

If Sect Master can help get it, that would be great.

” As he spoke, Su Xing started writing rapidly.

Zhuang Changhe was stunned when he opened the piece of paper.




“This…” “One hundred smelting black iron pots, one stainless steel kitchen knife, one set of kitchen tools, and several farm tools!” Uh… The iron pot and kitchen knife were understandable.

After all, there were cultivators who used them as weapons on the Lingtian continent.

However, what was the situation with the kitchen tools and farm tools.

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COM Were they planning to live in seclusion in the countryside! Zhuang Changhe was already prepared for Su Xing to ask for a lot of things.

He didn’t expect that what he wanted were these ordinary things.

He was in disbelief and his face was filled with a strange expression.

“What’s wrong, Sect Master? Is it difficult?” The Mysterious Sky Sword Sect also had a department responsible for forging weapons and items.

These things shouldn’t be forged, right! “Martial nephew, are you… sure you want these?” “Of course not.

” Hearing this, Zhuang Changhe heaved a sigh of relief.

It seemed like his guess was wrong.

He would probably ask for other cultivation resources from now on.

Su Xing thought for a moment and said somewhat embarrassedly.

“If Sect Master doesn’t mind the trouble, you can help buy some glutinous rice and fresh ingredients.

Recently, the Martial Sisters have been going crazy with greed.

” Zhuang Changhe, “…” I made a mistake.

In the end, I still made a mistake! .


A moment later.

Zhuang Changhe took off away on his sword.

“Look, there’s a figure over there.

” “Hey! Isn’t that the Sect Master?” “Is the Sect Master cultivating his divine ability? Why is he flying so fast?” “Don’t guess anymore.

How can he still look so pale when he is cultivating a cultivation technique? I think the Sect Master must be in a hurry.

” “Hey! Let’s not talk about it.

I also think it’s quite appropriate to hear Senior Brother’s congratulations.

” In the square of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

The disciples who were meditating raised their heads and discussed.

The figure flying on the sword suddenly stopped and then quickly disappeared from everyone’s sight.



In front of the wooden house.

Su Xing held the iron axe and easily split the wooden stake in front of him into two.

Although this iron axe was still usable, after using it for a long time, the toughness of the axe had become somewhat uneven.

It was time for the tools on Sunset Peak to be upgraded.

Thinking of this, Su Xing revealed a proud expression.

The sect master’s material support was really timely.

After a period of time, a new axe would be used.


The Familiar Bear’s notification sound rang out.

“Beep, beep!” “Hint: host has helped Shen Yaoling successfully break through to the next realm.

As her Senior Brother, she has helped her Junior Sister in her cultivation.

This is the kindness of a mortal!” “Twenty years of cultivation obtained, ten times the reward of a critical hit! Total cultivation obtained, two hundred years.

” Hahaha! It was here, the reward this time was finally here.

Su Xing threw down the iron axe and excitedly opened the system interface.

[ system: check in system 2.

0 every day ] [ host: Su Xing ] [ strength: ninth transition of the ascendance realm (99%)] [ affiliated force: Mysterious Sky Sword Sect, Sunset Peak ] [ supernatural ability: Royal Sword of Destiny, twelve sword techniques, meteorite primordial divine art ] — Supreme Sword Intent/Sword Domain “Ding! Host has stood up for the sect and contributed a part as a disciple.

Although you didn’t do it personally, you have also comprehended the concept of mortals.

” “20 years of cultivation reward, 10 times critical hit, a total of 200 years of cultivation.

” “Ding! Host has received a chance to spin the wheel!” The progress bar was increasing bit by bit, almost reaching 100% .

He estimated that he would be able to successfully break through to the human immortal realm within a few months.

Su Xing’s face was filled with an expectant smile.

“After the ninth transformation, each step requires a large amount of cultivation.

The rest is up to time.

” “The main thing is that this time, I’ve obtained the opportunity to turn the wheel again.

I’m so happy!” After enduring for so long, he was finally going to stand out.

It had been ten years, a whole ten years.

He had been waiting for this day for a very long time.

“Senior Brother, what are you doing?” Su Yan’er, who had just finished her cultivation and was about to come back to rest, happened to see her Senior Brother laughing foolishly alone.

She waved her hand in front of Su Xing’s eyes without knowing why.

“Senior Brother, What’s wrong with you?” “Nothing, I just remembered something happy!” Su Yan’er had a look of understanding.

This Senior Brother of hers was very mysterious.

Although he usually looked a little off-key, until now, Su Yan’er still could not figure out his background.

She was the great empress of the Fire Phoenix Hall.

Although her cultivation was no longer the same as before, her horizons were still there.

In her previous life, she had seen countless people of all shapes and sizes.

No one could escape her eyes.

But this Senior Brother of hers was an accident.

“Oh right, where’s third Junior Sister?” “Junior Sister is already in closed-door cultivation.

” She had just broken through a major realm? Why was she in closed-door cultivation all of a sudden.

Su Xing finally realized that ever since Mo Yuanqing came to the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, he had been focused on improving his cultivation.

His mental fortitude was rarely seen in this world.

It seemed that the two visits from Dafeng and Great Qin had already caused this Junior Sister to feel pressured! However, this was also good.

Mo Yuanqing had the bloodline of the human emperor, so he did not let down his talent by cultivating so hard.

“Junior Sister, bring these resources to your third Junior Sister.

” “Oh right, everyone has a share.

This is for you!” Su Yan’er casually took the bag that Su Xing had handed over.

She used her divine sense to probe into it.

Hiss~ Senior brother was really generous! Aside from 3,000 spirit stones, there were dozens of bottles of medicinal pills.

There were also some heavenly and earthly treasures.

All of them seemed to be of high grade.

Although she had obtained the resources in the Mysterious Heavenly Treasure Palace, her path was slowly moving forward.

Who would complain that she had too many resources in her hands! Eh? Looking carefully again, there were actually a few bottles of medicinal pills that she had never seen before.

The faint medicinal pill fragrance made her subconsciously open them.

“Senior Brother, this…” They were all heaven-grade medicinal pills with twelve horizontal lines.

“Isn’t it enough? If it’s not enough, Senior Brother still has more!” Saying this, Su Xing fished out more than ten bottles from his bosom, but if you want them, then he stuffed them all into Su Yan’er’s bosom.

“Here! Take it and use it first.

If you don’t have enough, you can tell your senior brother.

” What did he mean by ‘Senior Brother and Sister’? This was a proper relationship between a master and a disciple! Su Yan’er looked at the interspatial ring in her hand and suddenly felt a heavy sense of friendship.

For a moment, she was suddenly absent-minded.

[ Ding! Host has gifted a medicinal pill to gain Su Yan’er’s favorability and 50 years of cultivation! ] This could also obtain favorability.

As expected, being handsome was a privilege! Su Xing scratched his head.

That silly smile of his was another scenery in Su Yan’er’s eyes.

Su Yan’er muttered to herself.

She knew that the resources at this moment were extremely important to her.

The more resources she had, the faster she would be able to recover to her peak cultivation state.