Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 81

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 81

Chapter 81: Who Is Peace Shen Yaoling clutched her stomach, her face flushed red, and she kept mumbling something.

Su Xing was immediately concerned.

“Hey! Junior Sister, did you eat something bad?” No wonder he asked.

Shen Yaoling’s current expression was the same as a mortal with a bad stomach.

“Sob, sob, Senior Brother, you can still laugh?” “Okay, okay! Who told you to be so greedy? Go back to your room and refine it.

” The effect of the Tianji Qi Dominating Pill had finally arrived.

Shen Yaoling had absorbed a large amount of spiritual essence, but she hadn’t refined it yet.

Now that her strength had fallen, the violent energy she absorbed couldn’t be suppressed anymore.

This force wasn’t small.

There were more than ten Heaven Treading Realm experts, more than 20 half-step Heavenly Tribulation Realm experts, and an ascendant realm expert who was taking pills.

When this group of people’s powers gathered together, the undulations formed were extremely huge.

If it were not for Shen Yaoling’s natural talent as a fierce beast, if it had been anyone else, they would have long been stuffed to bursting point by the enormous energy.




The cultivation realms on her body started to fall rapidly.

Ascending Realm third transition, Ascending Realm second transition, Ascending Realm high level.


Seeing that Shen Yaoling’s cultivation realm fell and fell again and again, the violent energy that had lost its restraint began to assault her body.

A strange feeling suddenly appeared, and the violent energy seemed to have met with an irresistible force, gradually calming down.

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COM Su Xing’s voice was heard, comforting Shen Yaoling who was panicking.

“Hold on to your energy, don’t think about anything, just focus on refining the energy in your body!” “Senior Martial Brother?” A sound was heard.

Shen Yaoling felt her whole body shake, and she fell down weakly.

Her soft and delicate body fell into Su Xing’s arms.

“Senior Brother, I’m so hot! So hot!” Her pretty and lovely face was flushed, and she was extremely charming.

Her bright and beautiful eyes were misty, like the clouds that had just cleared, bright and moving, shining brightly.

Su Xing couldn’t help but take a few more glances, and then he pulled up the falling dress.

Cough, cough! Junior Sister! You’re guiding Senior Brother to make a mistake! Just as he was thinking.

Shen Yaoling suddenly said weakly, “Senior Brother! Ling’er is so sleepy.

I’m going to sleep!” Just as she finished speaking, she closed her eyes.

Eh? “System, Junior Sister, what’s the situation?” System: the Heavenly Demon Rat Race has a special habit.

As long as it consumes a large amount of energy, it will fall into a deep sleep.

It will only wake up when the energy has been exhausted.

Firstly, it is natural.

Secondly, it is to fully refine the energy obtained to avoid too much loss during the refining process! Well, this was simply the habit of others.

There was nothing to say about it.

In order to prevent Shen Yaoling’s refining process from being interrupted, Su Xing carried her into the wooden house.

Su Xing sighed secretly.

It seems that Junior Sister has swallowed too much energy in one go, resulting in her devouring ability exceeding the limit.

At this moment, she had already entered a deep sleep.

She did not know anything about the outside world, but a pained expression appeared on her face.

Su Xing placed her on the wooden bed.

“I don’t know how long it will take for you to refine it by yourself.

Let Senior Brother help you.

” Spirit energy gushed out from her body and surged into Shen Yaoling’s body.

“Supreme Domain, activate!” As soon as he finished speaking, a strange energy fluctuation emerged from Su Xing’s body.

After the selfless dedication of his junior sisters, Su Xing’s domain and conception were getting stronger.

Under his domain, everything in the world would be affected as long as their cultivation was not high.

“Ah!” Shen Yaoling, whose face was flushed and constantly groaning in pain, suddenly felt a warm current enter her body.

It was as if she had grabbed onto a life-saving straw as she guided the power to start refining the stored energy.

She seemed to have entered a magical state of neither joy nor sorrow as the feeling of her body being inflated by the energy instantly disappeared without a trace.

Just as her consciousness was blurred, a voice suddenly sounded by her ear.

“Junior Sister! Stay true to your heart and focus on refining!” Boom! Hearing this voice, Shen Yaoling, who was in a deep sleep, subconsciously activated her innate talent and began to refine.

Under the suppression of Su Xing’s domain and concept, the refining process was very smooth.

After refining a small portion of the energy, Shen Yaoling’s cultivation had already risen to the middle stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

That’s right.

The amount of energy contributed by the black-clothed old man and the others was enormous.

Just refining a small portion had already allowed her to step into two great realms.

Tsk, tsk! The Heaven Demon Rat’s innate ability was truly very heaven-defying.

Shen Yaoling, who possessed the physique of an ancient vicious beast, had undoubtedly perfectly inherited this heaven-defying devouring ability.

She was not inferior to the other two Senior Sisters.

If such a person was given a chance, her future prospects would be limitless.

Thinking of this, Su Xing felt a little envious.

But in his own words, so what if his Junior Sisters were all as talented as monsters.

I’m still a monster Senior Brother! … The rest of the time passed slowly.

After a long while.

Shen Yao’s spirit body’s last trace of ability had been refined, and she woke up.

Her bright eyes looked around.

When she saw Su Xing looking over with a faint smile, Shen Yaoling was suddenly shocked.

“Senior Brother, you!” Was she not in a deep sleep? According to the shortest period of time, she would need at least three days to wake up.

Looking at the sky outside, it had not even been two days, how could she wake up already? Senior Brother was still in her room.

Subconsciously, Shen Yaoling crossed her arms in front of her chest and made a defensive posture.

She retreated to a corner of the wooden bed and looked at Su Xing who was slowly walking over with vigilance.

“Senior Brother, what did you do to Ling’er?” Although she felt that her Senior Brother was handsome and charming, she still remembered that this day had come so quickly.

She admitted that she was not ready yet.

A man and a woman were in the same room together.

In addition to that, she was still in a deep sleep earlier.

Shen Yaoling’s expression suddenly became complicated.

It’s over, it’s over.

Could it be that Senior Brother has gone berserk! Shen Yaoling was very confident in her appearance.

She still remembered the scene of herself falling into Su Xing’s arms before she fainted.


Sigh! It was all her fault.

If she had found a place to sleep earlier, she would have been fine.

This was not Senior Brother Su Xing’s fault.

After all, it was normal for him to be unable to control himself when facing a beauty who was as beautiful as a flower.

Thinking of this, Shen Yaoling immediately threw an apologetic look at Su Xing.

“Senior Brother, you don’t have to say anymore.

I already know.

” “This isn’t your fault either.

Don’t worry, Ling’er won’t make you take responsibility.

This matter will be kept between us.

” What was going on? “? ? ?” Su Xing stopped in his tracks.

He was wondering what had happened to his Junior Sister.

Then, he was interrupted by her inexplicable words.

“Sigh! Senior Brother, I’m tired.

You can leave now!” Shen Yaoling then pushed the dazed Su Xing out of the room.

With a bang, she closed the door.

“Huff! Huff!” Hearing the sound of breathing coming from behind the wooden door, Su Xing was even more confused.

“System, is this also the habit of the Heaven Demon Rat?” System: this question is beyond the scope of the system’s knowledge.

Host, please feel it out on your own.

Hearing the system’s answer, Su Xing shook his head helplessly.

“Junior Sister! I left you your favorite bamboo shoots with vinegar and pickled peppers.

If you’re hungry, remember to come out and eat!” “Senior Brother, I’m not hungry.

I want some peace and quiet!” Who is peace?