Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 75

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 75

Chapter 75: Activate The Formation Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Outside the mountain gate of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect! The war flags of the Great Qin Empire fluttered in the wind.

​  At a glance, one could only see a dense group of armored soldiers with long sabers at their waists.

Seeing Zhuang Changhe and the others being forced back by the black-clothed elder behind Chen Youliang, the disciples guarding the mountain immediately cried out in shock.

The few people who were forced back by the mysterious black-clothed elder took a few steps back and finally stopped.

Zhuang Changhe did not care about his injuries and hurriedly took out a black token.

The token disappeared into the air and was followed by a loud shout! “Blackheaven Sky Sect protecting formation, activate!” .



The formation was activated! A golden screen of light appeared from the mountain in the blink of an eye and eventually formed a huge golden screen of light that enveloped the entire Blackheaven Sky Sword Sect.

The formation to activate the formation was too huge, and even the experts of the Blackheaven Sword Sect were alarmed.

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COM Streams of light shot out from the Blackheaven Sword Sect.

More than ten human figures immediately turned into streaks of divine rainbow and sword light, rushing towards the sky at the fastest speed possible.

The other peak masters and some elders gathered at the mountain gate.

“Sect Master, Elders, are you alright?” They were slightly injured, but they were fine for the time being! They waved their hands and looked outside the mountain gate with solemn eyes.

“Damn it, who are these people? The sect’s great formation has been activated!” “Order is forbidden, orderly, these people are from the imperial dynasty!” “The imperial dynasty? The lesson from last time wasn’t enough.

Do they really think that our Mysterious Sky Sword Sect is a pushover?” Zhuang Changhe extended his hand to stop everyone’s discussion.

Fortunately, the sect-protecting formation had been successfully activated.

Seeing that the formation had temporarily stopped Chen Youliang and the others, he immediately let out a soft sigh.

That black-clothed elder’s strength was incomparably tyrannical.

Just now, under his attack, the great formation had caused ripples.

However, in a short while, he should be able to stop them! “Is this the so-called sect-protecting formation of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect?” Chen Youliang stood at the front of the team and looked at the golden screen of light that suddenly rose in front of him.

A trace of mockery appeared on the corner of his mouth.

His mysterious confidence came from his absolute strength.

At this moment, behind Chen Youliang stood an expert at the peak of the tribulation, more than ten high-level cultivators at the late stage of the great completion stage, more than a hundred commanders in the deity transformation stage, and nearly ten thousand soldiers in the nascent Soul Stage! It was no exaggeration to say that.

Such a powerful lineup was definitely enough to sweep through all the sects and forces in the Eastern Sastelands, except for the top five of the top ten sects.

Not to mention the existence of the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect, which was at the bottom of the top ten sects.

In his opinion, it was impossible for a small Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect to have any truly powerful array masters.

So what if they had activated the sect-protecting formation? It was just an additional show of fighting a cornered beast.

“How is it? Little Li Zi, what do you think of this formation?” Seeing Chen You Liang’s inquisitive gaze, the black-clothed elder immediately understood.

He pulled at his sharp voice and said respectfully, “Third… third master, although the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect has declined, this sect-protecting formation is the work of an expert.

This old servant will find it difficult to break it in a short while.

” “What? Even you will find it hard to break it!”! “Is this also a legendary first-class formation?” The black-robed elder nodded his head! Chen Youliang was a little surprised to receive the Elder’s affirmative response.

He carefully sized up the formation, and a strange look gradually appeared in his eyes.

“This Blackheaven Sword Sect’s formation is indeed not ordinary.

Although it is not as good as my Great Qin Royal City’s nine dragons lock-pillar formation, it can still be considered a first-class formation.

” “Third master, I’m afraid there will be some trouble this time.

” This time, Chen Youliang did not refute.

One had to know that not just anyone could set up a first-class formation.

Other than the person who set up the formation having to reach the Ascension Realm, the attainments of the formation master had to reach the emperor level.

Hence, although the Eastern Wastelands was a large first-class formation, it could be counted on one’s fingers.

Among the various powers and sects in the Eastern Wastelands there was an unwritten rule.

If the two sides encountered a first-class array formation, if they were not mortal enemies, the other side would definitely retreat.

Because the one who set up the array was most afraid of someone breaking his array formation, very few people were willing to offend a powerful array master unless they had no other choice.

The Dao of array formation could exert energy that was countless times stronger than oneself.

Offending a powerful array master was equivalent to being targeted by a terrorist who had a nuclear bomb in his hand.

One did not even know when a large array would fall from the sky and blow one up into pieces.

It would even seal one under a cesspit for hundreds of years.

Just thinking about it made one’s hair stand on end.

If it was anything else, he would have let it go.

However, the chessboard had already been set.

That thing was a part of his plan.

Without it, he would lose a helping hand.

No matter what, he was determined to get it.

The black-clothed elder’s duck-like voice sounded again.

“Zhuang Changhe, open the formation.

” “The third prince of Great Qin Empire is here.

Come out and receive him!” A sharp and ear-piercing voice spread through the formation.

The elder’s peak tribulation Transcending Realm strength was displayed without reservation at this moment.

“Third prince? What third prince?” Although Zhuang Changhe didn’t know what kind of tricks the old man was playing, he scoffed at the black-clothed old man’s words.

“We cultivators are all outsiders.

The descendants of noble kings might be attracted to you people who are greedy for the mortal world, but to us cultivators, we are just like floating clouds and dirt!” “The people of our Mysterious Sky Sword Sect are born with tough bones.

Our knees can’t bend!” As soon as he finished speaking, there was a commotion in the formation.

“Hahaha! Lord Sect Master said it well!” “We cultivators don’t need to bow down to the nobles for five bushels of rice and a foot of luxurious clothes.

” “These people really think that our Mysterious Sky Sword Sect is easy to bully.

Grab your weapons and fight it out with them!” After these words, everyone from the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect became excited.

The black-clothed old man raised his eyebrows, and then laughed sinisterly.

“Zhuang Changhe, a wise man submits to circumstances.

The third Prince is willing to give you another chance.

Take the initiative to remove this array, and then we’ll leave after we receive the people.

After all, unless it’s absolutely necessary, no one is willing to offend this array-setting expert.

” The laughter suddenly stopped, and the elder released several streams of energy, causing the formation to tremble slightly.

“If you delay it again and again, when this old servant brings people to break this sect-protecting formation of yours, I will definitely destroy your entire Blackheaven Sword Sect according to the laws of Great Qin.

” “I’ll give you the sound of an incense stick burning.

After an incense stick burning, either open the formation and let us go in to receive the people, or send the people out.

You have no other choice.

” After saying this, the black-clothed elder walked behind Chen Youliang and did not say another word.

The time it takes for an incense stick to burn passed quietly.

Chen Youliang laughed lightly and lightly clasped his feather fan in his palm.

It made a clicking sound.

“I think since Sect Leader Zhuang is not sincere, then we can only go in and look for him ourselves.

” As the sound of his voice faded! A large group of people, like Death Warriors, began to approach the mountain gate in an orderly manner.

“How dare you go against the third prince’s will? Do you really think that you can rest easy with just a sect-protecting array?” “Everyone, get ready to break the array!” Chen Youliang waved his hand and looked at the inside of the array expressionlessly.

As soon as he gave the order, more than 10,000 experts behind him took action.

It seemed that he was ready to break the array with brute force.

An expert at the peak of the tribulation Transcending Stage, more than ten high-level cultivators in the late stage, more than a hundred commanders in the Deity Transformation Stage, and nearly ten thousand Nascent Soul soldiers all attacked at the same time.

Each of them used their own techniques to attack the golden array in front of them.

The attacks were densely packed, and the attacks were swift and fierce.

It was as if the mountains and seas were toppling, and the momentum was great! The sound of air being broken rang out one after another, continuously! In the blink of an eye, a powerful energy exchange rate immediately erupted.