Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 53

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 53

Chapter 53: New Junior Sister! (Part I) Although Su Yan’er had been reincarnated, the Mysterious Heavenly Celestial Master would never mistake her aura.

Su Yan’er waved her hand and asked the Mysterious Heavenly Celestial Master to forgive her.

“Mysterious Heaven, you were originally in the Heaven Immortal Realm.

Why did you come to the Eastern Wastelands?” Mysterious Heavenly Celestial Master fell silent after hearing Su Yan’er’s words.

He only spoke after a long pause.

“That year, I came here with my master.

” “Oh? Your master came too? How interesting.

” “Since the Empress is in my Mystic Realm, she should have felt it, right?” Su Yan’er was silent for a while.

“Things have changed, but people have changed…” … At the Sunset Peak.




“System accounting!” [ Hint: Yesterday’s cultivation accounting has increased by 20 years.

] “Sigh, my Junior Sisters aren’t here, and their cultivation has slowed down.

It seems that staying on the mountain has slowed down the progress of my cultivation.

” After comprehending the concept of returning to the mortal realm, Su Xing felt that the progress of his cultivation had slowed down a lot.

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COM On one hand, it was because his cultivation level was too high.

On the other hand, it was also related to the absence of his two Junior Sisters.

After all, there were many reasons that could only be understood after having a deep discussion with his Junior Sisters.

It was more or less too boring for him to be alone.

“Meow” A soft meow was heard.

The little kitten nimbly jumped into the yard.

“Don’t worry, don’t worry, it’s almost done!” Seeing the little kitten come again, Su Xing’s face revealed a smile.

The little kitten jumped into the kitchen in a few steps.

Su Yun opened the lid of the pot and took out the steamed fish.

If anyone saw this fish, they would definitely be shocked.

This wasn’t a fish, it was a fish demon! That’s right, it was a high-level fish demon.

Su Xing went to the mountain range of magical beasts yesterday and picked some fruits.

When he passed by a lake where fierce beasts gathered, he happened to see a few arrogant fish demons flailing around, so he caught them.

And the cat, under the bribe of his fish meat, forgave him.

Now that it had guessed that it would come again today, Su Xing had steamed the fish for it in advance.

The white cat was immediately excited when it saw the fish.

It lay on the table and ate nonstop.

Looking at her wolfing down the fish, Su Xing couldn’t help but smile and pat the cat’s head.

At random, he stood up and walked out of the house.

“It’s time to clean master’s room.

” As he spoke, Su Xing opened master’s room.

The furnishings inside were quite simple.

There was a simple dressing table, a mirror, a painting, and a bed.

There was a man and a woman in the painting.

The man was Su Xing when he was young.

The woman had exquisite facial features.

Her long hair fluttered in the wind, and she was dressed in white.

She was extremely beautiful.

This was the place where master took Su Xing to the peak of a mountain back then.

He was still young at that time.

Su Xing studied the painting and fell into his memories.

No matter which angle he looked at it from, his master was still so beautiful and charming! Suddenly, the clouds in the painting started to move.

The sea of clouds churned and a palace appeared in the clouds.

“This… this is!” Su Xing was shocked.

He realized that his master in the painting also moved! She turned around and smiled at Su Xing.

This… Su Xing had seen this painting thousands of times in the past ten years.

This was the first time he had seen such a strange phenomenon.

This painting had actually come to life! If it was not in the Xianxia world, Su Xing would have shouted that there was a ghost and smashed the painting! In the painting, the master smiled.

She was still the beautiful master in his memory.

“My dear disciple, long time no see.

Did you miss me?” Su Xing opened his mouth, but the words in his heart could not come out.

“Sigh, Master really misses you.

I really miss my dear disciple and the Sunset Peak.

It’s just that I haven’t finished my work yet.

When I’m done with my work, I’ll go back to see you.

” “Oh right, my dear disciple.

In two days, someone will come to the Sunset Peak.

I’m not here, so you can help me teach her for the time being.

She’s your new Junior Sister.

” “And this is for you.

Catch!” Swoosh! A white light flashed.

Su Xing’s mind was in a daze.

When he came back to his senses, the painting had returned to its normal state.

The painting was still the same painting, and the two people were still the same.

Looking at the storage ring on his hand, Su Xing sighed in his heart.

“What kind of supernatural power is this? It’s too powerful…” Even though this was the Xianxia world, this was too strange.

He was already a half-immortal, but to achieve this kind of supernatural power, he only felt that he could not do it.

To be able to video call from a hanging painting and throw things out, this was too amazing.

Su Xing used his spiritual power to explore the things in the storage ring, and was instantly speechless.

The storage ring was filled with medicinal pills, heavenly treasures, and all kinds of magic treasure scrolls.

“My God, the quality of these things isn’t low at all.

They even have such a large storage ring.

” He had relied on the system to obtain so many things.

Compared to his master, he wasn’t even as rich as his master! Su Xing’s state of mind collapsed! “It can’t be! My master, just who are you… the Immortal Realm? Heaven Immortal?” After stepping into the Immortal Realm, every step was even more difficult.

Heaven Immortals were the true rulers of the world! In the shock of these heavenly treasures, Su Xing suddenly realized.

The second generation of immortals is actually me? With such a master, even if I don’t have a system, I don’t need to work hard.

But then, Su Xing felt something was wrong.

“The third Junior Sister, it can’t be.

Master isn’t here.

How does he know Mo Yuanqing? Could it be that she really knows everything?” Sigh, I do not want to think about it anymore.

After all, Master is an omnipotent God! Oh right, my Master found me another Junior Sister, how could her talent be bad? In this way, each of his Junior Sisters had the talent of an emperor, and his Master’s cultivation was immeasurable, how could he be an ordinary person? “Sigh, I can’t stay on this Sunset Peak anymore.

” Shaking his head, Su Xing cleaned up the house.

When he came out again, the little cat had already licked the fat man clean.

“You little foodie, your stomach is so full.

” “Meow!” The little cat raised its paw and slapped at Su Xing, protesting against this bad nickname.

“Hahaha, you’re so funny.

” Su Xing carried the cat up and thought for a while.

It seemed like it didn’t have a name yet, so he had to give it a name.

“How about I call you Radish?” The cat didn’t object after hearing this and meowed as if it agreed.

“Okay, I’ll call you Radish.

” … Time flew by quickly without his Junior Sister.

Soon, two days passed.

On this day, a woman came to the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect.

The woman looked to be about eighteen years old.

She was very good-looking and held a sword in her left hand.

Her eyes were full of vivacity and intelligence that belonged to her age.

The moment she appeared, she alerted the disciples guarding the door.

“The front of the Black Heaven Sword Sect is an important place.

No one is allowed to go without an invitation!”