Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 46

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Departure! Mysterious Sky Mystic Realm.

Su Xing stretched his back and a few rays of light flew across the sky.

They were a group of people from the Sect.

They were personally led by the first elder, Elder Gao.

They rode on a huge sword and flew towards the Mysterious Sky Mystic Realm.

Su Xing shook his head as he looked at the sword rays that had disappeared into the distance.

He turned around and looked at the empty Sunset Peak.

He was the only one left in the four wooden houses.

Or rather, he was the only one left.

“Sigh, why does my heart feel so sad?” Su Xing walked back to his wooden house and watched his two Junior Sisters leave.

He did not have the mood to drink tea anymore.

“Oh system, do you think that if I marry a wife and have my own children, then I can live an ordinary life?” [This is the path of returning to the mortal world.

It is a special human emotion that the system can not understand.

] “Sigh, in my previous world, marrying a wife and raising children was the most important thing for ordinary people, right?” Su Xing recalled the things that happened before he transmigrated.




“But who said that people have to be ordinary?” “Ordinary people are just titles.

They are not truly ordinary.

” “An ordinary person cultivates, an ordinary person cultivates.

” “If you are a human, you have an ordinary characteristic.

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COM “The ordinary part of a master is to teach his own disciples.

Others may seem great, but that is the main job of a master.

” “The ordinary part of a Sect Leader is to allow the sect to develop and grow.

” “The ordinary part of a husband is to help his family and children.

” “This is the commonness of all living things, each with their own commonness.

” Su Xing closed his eyes, his fingers lightly tapping on the tip of the teacup.

His understanding of commonness had gradually deepened from the surface.

Different identities, different personalities, different things.

The more Su Xing thought about them, the more he felt that these two profound mysteries of commonness were endless.

However, his current state of mind was still too low, so he couldn’t comprehend these profound mysteries.

Forget it, drink tea! It was past three o’clock, let’s drink tea first! Su Xing picked up the teacup and gulped down a mouthful of thick tea.

An ordinary day had begun again.

The huge sword flew through the clouds at a terrifying speed! On the huge sword, the disciples of the Mysterious Sky Sword Sect sat cross-legged with their eyes closed to rest.

The hilt of the sword was where the huge sword was controlled.

Grand Elder Gao stood beside a black-clothed elder with a very respectful attitude.

“Little Gao, is this the girl who tore down the Sword Pagoda and became the disciple who received the patriarch’s inheritance?” The old man looked at Mo Yuanqing in the crowd and asked Elder Gao.

“Martial Uncle.

” Elder Gao was very respectful to the black-clothed old man.

“Mo Yuanqing won first place in the sect competition this time.

Her talent is terrifyingly good.

As soon as he entered the Sword Pagoda and Sword Pagoda, he went berserk.

The remnant soul left behind by the ancestors was activated.

Moreover, she pulled out the mysterious Heaven Sword and the mysterious Heavenly Sword Sheath!” “I see.

Something like this actually happened while I was in closed-door cultivation.

” Elder Lei and the black-robed elder couldn’t help but nod.

Their eyes were filled with admiration.

“I’ve only been in closed-door cultivation for a short period of time.

The Sect has produced so many outstanding rookies.

Good, good, good… By the way, which peak is she from?” “Replying to martial uncle, she’s from Sunset Peak.

” “Oh?!” Elder Lei’s eyes widened.

“It’s… it’s that girl…” “Didn’t she go out to travel?” Elder Gao nodded his head somewhat embarrassedly.

“What are you eating for? She’s not even here, and you guys still can’t snatch her away!” “Really… sigh…” Elder Lei felt a wave of discomfort in his heart when he thought about how such a talented disciple couldn’t be accepted into his own mountain peak.

“This… it’s not that we don’t want to… this is a disciple that Junior Sister Bai Xueling has taken in from outside.

There’s nothing we can do about it.

” “Can’t we snatch what we’ve taken in from outside?” Elder Lei was so angry that he could only blow his beard and glare.

Elder Gao knew that elder Lei was eager for talent, so he could only agree helplessly.

“Sigh, it’s not like you don’t know that girl’s character.

You’re counting on her to teach, unless the sun rises from the West!” “You don’t want to teach such a good girl, right? Fine, I’ll teach her!” Elder Lei’s beard blew, and he was about to go down to look for Mo Yuanqing.

“Sigh, I can’t… Martial Uncle, the Sect has already held a meeting.

Mo Yuanqing received the Ancestor’s Legacy, and we can’t teach her.

The cultivation method is different from ours, and we’re mainly assisting her.

Right now, her cultivation is being taught by the Ancestor’s remnant soul!” “Moreover, although Junior Sister Bai isn’t here, she specifically instructed Martial Nephew Su Xing, that girl’s eldest Senior Brother, to get whatever cultivation technique and medicinal pills she wants.

She can’t go hungry!” Mo Yuanqing secretly opened her eyes and glanced at the two elders who were arguing.

She couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

This was not simply avoiding going hungry.

If she sold the things in her storage ring, she might be as rich as a country.

From high-grade life-saving tools to medicinal pills and supplements that only replenished nutrients, she didn not lack any of them.

There were even some medicinal pills that even the elders couldn’t afford.

She had a huge pile of them.

The ancestor Elder Gao had summoned managed to suppress Elder Lei and made him give up on the idea of finding Mo Yuanqing to take in a disciple.

“Then, what about this girl? What’s her background? She looks very unfamiliar.

” Elder lei pointed at Su Yan’er and asked.


She’s a disciple that Martial Nephew Su Xing took in on behalf of Martial Sister Bai.

” Elder Gao explained.

“Her aptitude is quite average, but it’s above average.

” “Aptitude is average?” Elder Lei glanced at Elder Liu from the corner of his eyes.

Looking at his gaze, it was as if he was looking at a monkey.

“A little trick to deceive you?” “Take a good look!” Elder Lei flipped his hands, and two streaks of spiritual energy gathered at his fingertips.

He wiped them in front of Elder Liu’s eyes.

Elder Liu felt that he could see everything clearly now.

He was looking at Su Yan’er again.

“This… this! Golden Elixir Stage? !” Elder Liu sucked in a breath of cold air.

He felt that his breathing wasn’t smooth anymore.

“You call a Golden Elixir stage cultivator of this age mediocre?” Elder Lei harrumphed.

He was very disappointed with his junior Martial Nephew.

“But… maybe junior martial nephew Su Xing gave her some miraculous medicine.

After all…” “Humph, all of you are very stupid.

What kind of person is junior Martial Sister Bai? How can the Sunset Peak be simple? If you ask me, that Su Xing kid isn’t an ordinary trash cultivator either!” “AH? This… this can’t be right?” He would believe it if Mo Yuanqing was said to be a genius that was hard to come by in a thousand years.

If Su Yan’er was said to be an almighty cultivator with immeasurable potential, he could accept it.

But that Su Xing? Trash! After all, he had seen Su Xing’s daily life for so many years.

Not only him, but everyone else had seen it as well.

Every day, he would travel the mountains, play with water, cut wood, cook, plant flowers, and grow grass.

If he could cultivate to a good level, he, Elder Gao, would eat this huge sword on the spot! “Forget it, forget it.

No matter which peak it is, it is still a disciple of our Mysterious Sky Sword Sect.

It seems like I have to find time to go to that sunset peak to meet that Martial Nephew Su Xing!” Elder Gao’s expression changed drastically when he heard this.