Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 41

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Ye Youji Was Shamed, The Mystic Realm Was Opened! Inside the Mysterious Sky Sect’s hall.

Zhuang Changhe, who had just finished presiding over the Sect’s competition, was sitting in the hall with a group of elders.

Su Xing walked over.

When he saw the scene, he felt suspicious.

Why were these bunch of old farts in such an elegant mood today? Although he had doubts in his heart, he still had to follow the proper etiquette.

“Greetings, Sect Leader.

” “Martial Nephew Su Xing, there’s no need for formalities.

Quickly, sit down!” Zhuang Changhe’s face was extremely happy, and his wrinkles were all piled up together.

The heavens had blessed our Blackheaven Sword Sect.

Now that such a genius had appeared, there was hope for the Sect’s revival! The elders couldn’t help but smile as well.

“Today’s Sect competition, I’m very gratified to see the hard work of your juniors.

All the elders have worked hard!” .



“Two of them are outstanding.

One of them is Ye Youji.

” “You have comprehended the Sword Intent at such a young age.

If you continue to train hard, you will definitely achieve great results in the future!” Ye Youji, whose entire body was covered in filth, heard this and his body froze slightly.

He hurriedly thanked his master.

Although he was praised, the loneliness in his eyes could not be hidden.

“The other one is Mo Yuanqing.

Hahaha, you really surprised me!” Continue -reading -on MYB0 X N0V E L.

COM “I see that you are barely 20 years old, but you are actually at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm stage.

Your Sword Intent is so sharp that even I am extremely shocked!” “Your master, Bai Xueling, has a monstrous talent.

Even though he doesn’t see anyone all day, the only disciple he taught, Martial Nephew Su Xing, is only at the Foundation Establishment Stage after cultivating for more than ten years.

Martial Nephew Yuanqing, you must cultivate well and don’t disappoint my expectations.

In time, your future will be limitless!” The more Sect Master Zhuang Changhe spoke, the more excited he became.

His face was flushed red.

“Speaking of Martial Nephew Su Xing, when will you have the time to come visit my peak?” When the Sect Master finished speaking, the surrounding elders were all shocked beyond words! That night, Youji’s performance was extraordinary, but everyone with discerning eyes knew that in this competition, the strongest person was none other than Mo Yuanqing! Most importantly, Bai Xueling was not at home.

She was not at home.

This Mo Yuanqing was a highly sought-after person who had no teacher or master! Mo Yuanqing had a limitless future ahead of her.

If she were to make a move in the future, if she were to become a teacher, she would definitely prosper as well.

This Sect Master was very cunning, preparing to rope in Su Xing so quickly.

Sigh, if they had known this day would come, they would not have looked down on Su Xing in the past.

If they had treated him well in the past, they might have been able to recruit Mo Yuanqing together! Seeing that Mo Yuanqing was about to be snatched away, but the target was the Sect Master, everyone dared not voice their anger.

However, an elder still could not help but open his mouth.

“Martial Nephew Su Xing, Sect Master is right.

If you are free, why don’t you come to our peak for a visit?” With someone leading the charge, the others immediately let go and began to persuade him.

“Brother Su Xing, if you are free, why don’t you come over to my peak for a visit!” “Old cousin Su Xing, the scenery on my peak is very good.

Why don’t you come and sit with me?” Su Xing looked at this group of crafty elders with black lines all over his head and simply replied with a bow.

“Sect Leaders and elders, junior sister Mo Yuanqing is already an adult.

She has her own judgment on her own matters.

Although I’m her senior brother, she’s not my puppet.

She has her own judgment.

” Guidance?! You punk, don’t teach her nonsense! Mo Yuanqing was a rare talent, don’t follow his example of not learning! The elders turned pale.

Mo Yuanqing raised her eyebrows and looked at her Senior Brother.

Senior Brother gave me so many heavenly treasures and helped me break the restriction of my cultivation.

If I left like this, wouldn’t that make me an ungrateful wretch? Looking at the expressions of everyone in the hall, Sect Leader Zhuang Changhe sighed and coughed lightly.

“Alright, alright.

This time, we asked everyone to come over for a meeting.

It’s not just a recognition ceremony.

” “What we really want to discuss is for the Mysterious Sky Mystic Realm.

” “Mysterious Sky Mystic Realm?!” Some people of the older generations were shocked, leaving only the juniors with question marks on their heads.

“Sect Master, where is that?” A junior dared to ask.

“Oh, I haven’t explained it to you yet.

Elder Liu, please explain it to the juniors on my behalf!” Elder Liu was thinking about something, but he was stunned by the Sect Master for a while before he replied.

“Yes!” Elder Liu waved his long sleeve, and the spiritual energy in the sky materialized into a magnificent painting! “The so-called Mysterious Sky Mystic Realm is a mysterious independent spiritual space.

It is rumored that a void-treading expert opened it.

This expert used a divine ability to separate a spiritual space from this world, and finally passed away in it.

” “It is rumored that the void-treading expert passed down his legacy, but no one has obtained it yet.

” “This Mystic Realm is currently controlled by the Great Qin Dynasty.

It opens once every three years.

At that time, all the major powers in the Eastern Wastelands will send their disciples in.

” After Elder Liu finished introducing the Mystic Realm, the Sect Leader continued.

“The Mystic Realm restricts entry to those below 30 years old.

This meeting is to discuss countermeasures.

” In the Eastern Wastelands, those below 30 years of age did not exceed the Golden Elixir Realm.

Of course, there were also many geniuses who had reached the Golden Elixir Realm.

However, the Mystic Sky Sword Sect definitely did not have the strength.

“I propose that we let the outstanding disciples of this competition go!” An elder suggested.

“Right! This can be said to be the most outstanding batch of the Mystic Sky Sword Sect in the past thousands of years.

Let them go, we can rest assured!” As soon as these words were said, a wave of agreement immediately followed.

“Everyone, calm down.

Although this batch is indeed very outstanding, they still lack experience.

I’m afraid that they will suffer a great loss in Mystic Realm territory!” A calm elder raised an objection at this time, and some of the elders also calmed down.

“Right, we can’t be too rash.

When we go out, we are not in the Sect.

We still have to pay attention to the point of the competition.

Once we enter the Mystic Realm, it will be filled with danger.

If we are careless, our lives might be in danger!” When Su Xing heard that these old geezers were going to send his precious Junior Sister to the Mystic Realm, he was instantly speechless.

Although he had taught her well, what kind of place was the Mystic Realm? Murder and plunder happened from time to time.

There were opportunities inside, but more often than not, there were dangers! Even if you were lucky enough to encounter an opportunity, you had to have the strength to withstand it! What if the Junior Sister he had spent so much effort to recruit died in there? There was a rule forbidding killing, but there was no one watching after entering.

The inside itself was extremely dangerous.

If one died in there, their body wouldn’t even be seen, so how could they care about that rule? Although Mo Yuanqing had the cultivation of the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm, her experience was too little.

As a person, her ability to read people’s expressions still needed experience.

This kind of newborn calf did not even know how it could die in there! Even two of the geniuses from the last batch who went to the Sect with no grudges had died! “I also object.

That Mysterious Mystic Sky Realm isn’t just a test of strength.

Luck and the way of dealing with people are also indispensable!” Su Xing joined the group of elders in objecting.

He thought that with these old geezers on top, he would be able to protect his little Junior Sister even if he didn’t cancel the expedition! “I agree!” Suddenly, a very pleasant female voice could be heard.

Everyone turned around and saw that it was actually Mo Yuanqing!