Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 33

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 33

Chapter 33: If You Still Think That This Is Too Slow, How Are You Going To Let People Live?! Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation Su Xing’s figure flashed, and he had already carried Mo Yuanqing to the peak of the mountain.

He carried Mo Yuanqing onto the bed and carefully confirmed that her life was not in any danger.

Only then did he let out a long sigh of relief and left Mo Yuanqing’s house.

“Senior Brother, what happened to Junior Sister Qing’er?” Su Yan’er had been cultivating in seclusion in the back mountain for the past few days.

She had also felt the terrifying Sword Intent Astral Qi in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect just now.

Only then did she hurriedly come out to investigate.

Su Xing sighed helplessly.

“I don’t know what Junior Sister Qing’er was planning, but she directly ran into the Sword Pagoda to challenge the trial.

” “The Sword Intent in her body resonated with the Sword Tower’s sword intent.

This was what caused the Sword Tower uproar.

” “That scene just now was really terrifying.

” .



Su Yan’er muttered to herself.

“To be able to resonate strongly with the Sword Tower, it means that Junior Sister Qing’er must have a powerful talent for cultivating Sword Path.

” “In that case, didn’t the Sect Master and the elders ask about Junior Sister Qing’er?” Su Xing scratched his head and said, “While their attention was on the Sword Tower, I secretly brought Junior Sister Qing’er back.

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COM “The Sect Master and the elders are probably in the dark right now, wonder who caused it.

” Su Yan’er could not help but feel puzzled.

Her senior brother was only a Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator.

How could he possibly take Junior Sister Qing’er away under the eyes of the Sect Master and the elders who were at least in the Unity Realm? However, on second thought.

Her senior brother’s strength was too weak, so he might be able to fish in troubled waters in such a chaotic situation.

After all, who would dare to believe that a little Foundation Establishment Realm cultivator would dare to charge into the violent Sword Tower? Su Yan’er did not ask any more questions and turned around to say to Su Xing, “Senior Brother, I think that the Spiritual Qi in our sunset peak is very dense.

If I set up a Spirit Gathering Array in senior brother’s room, it will definitely be able to help Senior Brother cultivate faster.

” “What do I need that for?” “Furthermore, isn’t there a special Spirit Gathering Array in the sect to assist disciples in their cultivation?” “That’s trash, but you still have the nerve to call it an array?” Su Yan’er asked disdainfully.

After all, Su Yan’er was once an empress.

In her opinion, the Spirit Gathering Array set up in the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect to assist disciples in their cultivation was not even as dense as the normal Spiritual Qi in the upper realm.

Su Xing’s talent was too poor.

Moreover, the cultivation of the Meteorite Primordia Divine Technique was an extremely slow process.

If Su Xing was allowed to continue cultivating like this, he would not be able to reach the Meteorite Primordia Divine Technique’s Initial Realm for decades.

Therefore, Su Yan’er was prepared to set up a Spirit Gathering Array for Su Xing.

According to the description in her memory, she could at least set up a Spirit Gathering Array that was ten times stronger than the array in the sect.

Seeing Su Yan ‘er’s enthusiasm, Su Xing had no intention of stopping her.

Although he already had the Heaven Grade Top-Quality Spirit Gathering Bead given to him by the system, it was still not enough for an Immortal Grade Emperor-Quality Spirit Gathering Bead that only existed in the upper realm.

Thus, the denser the Spiritual Qi in the sunset peak was, the better.

“Junior Sister Yan’er, if you need any more materials in the future, feel free to ask your Senior Brother.

” “However, if I have good fortune, I can share it with you.

I can’t have it all to myself, so I have to get one for Junior Sister Qing’er too.

” Hearing Su Xing’s words, Su Yan’er looked at the house that was completely silent and nodded.

Another three days passed.

During this time, Zhuang Changhe had already ordered the Sword Tower to be surrounded by people, forbidding any disciples from approaching it.

After all, the cause of the Sword Tower’s uproar and its pacification had yet to be investigated clearly.

Zhuang Changhe did not dare to use the lives of the disciples of the Sword Sect as a bargaining chip.

There was not much time left before the sect’s disciple competition.

At this moment, on Sunset Peak.

The sun was scorching hot.

Mo Yuanqing held a Dark Blue Longsword in her hand and stood still on the spot.

That Dark Blue Longsword was a Human Grade Top-Quality Magical Tool.

Her eyes were tightly shut, and a faint deterrent force was emitted from Mo Yuanqing’s body.

Mo Yuanqing suddenly opened her eyes, and the Spiritual Qi in her dantian flowed along her meridians toward the longsword.

Behind Mo Yuanqing, a sudden clap of thunder sounded.

Under the guidance of Su Xing for just one day, Mo Yuanqing was able to release her Sword Force on her own.

In the cultivation of the Sword Path, the first step was the Sword Moves Realm.

Sword cultivators who were in the Sword Moves Realm would display their sword moves strictly according to their respective sword techniques.

Although they were very precise, they were able to display 70-80% of the strength of their sword techniques.

Above the Sword Moves Realm was Sword Force.

At this moment, Mo Yuanqing was displaying the Sword Force.

After comprehending and mastering the sword techniques, coupled with her own understanding, she was able to bring along a powerful Sword Force with each sword attack.

Su Xing, who was lying on the chair at the side, revealed a gratified smile.

Mo Yuanqing possessed the Emperor Bloodline and was born to be a sword cultivator.

“Not bad, really not bad.

As expected of Junior Sister Qing’Er.

You actually comprehended the Sword Force in just a short day.

” “I’m afraid that before the disciple competition, Junior Sister Qing’er, you would be able to comprehend the Sword Intent.

” Su Xing possessed the Supreme Sword Intent, so he could instantly make sword cultivators within a radius of ten million miles submit.

However, it took him three whole days to cultivate the Sword Force Realm back then.

It could be said that Mo Yuanqing’s talent in Sword Path could be said to be terrifying.

At present, Mo Yuanqing had yet to use the Emperor Bloodline.

If she activated the Emperor Bloodline and comprehended the Emperor Bloodline Sword Intent, she would probably be able to challenge one in the Golden Elixir Realm just by relying on her Foundation Establishment cultivation.

“Senior Brother, I have a question.

” Mo Yuanqing’s small chest pumped and relaxed slightly as she sheathed her sword.

“When I used my Sword Force, I felt that there was a faint restriction between Heaven and Earth that restricted my sword.

” “So every time I used my sword, I was unable to go all out.

” Mo Yuanqing clenched her small fists as if she was expressing that she was not satisfied with her current result.

If Elder Liu of the Thunder Peak saw this, he would probably be so angry that he would vomit blood.

She had comprehended the Sword Force in one day! In the East Wastelands, even in the entire Central State, there was no sword cultivator prodigy who could cultivate faster than her! ‘If you still think that it’s too slow, how can you going to let people live?’ Su Xing did not feel that there was anything wrong with it.

He smiled slightly and raised his head to look at the sky.

“Junior Sister Qing’er, do you know about the Emperor Realm?” Mo Yuanqing was startled.

She was silent for a moment before shaking her head.

Although Mo Yuanqing was once the Great Feng’s princess, she had only learned about the Path Of Longevity through ancient books.

After one ascended, one would reach the Immortal Realm.

“The Emperor realm is the realm that a cultivator will reach after breaking through the three realms of the Heaven, Earth, and Human Immortal.

” “At that realm, this world will no longer be able to restrain him.

As long as an Emperor Realm expert wishes to, he will be able to break through this world in an instant.

” Mo Yuanqing was startled.

Soon after, she seemed to have comprehended something.

It was as though Mo Yuanqing had turned into an Emperor Realm expert at this moment.

An indomitable Sword Force transformed within Mo Yuanqing’s body.