Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 26

Xianxia: My Junior Sisters Are Freaks! - Chapter 26

Chapter 26: The Imperial Physician Reverses Black And White, The Great Feng Empire Exterminates The Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation In the Heart Nourishing Hall.

Mo Shenghong slowly opened his eyes.

Outside the door, the sound of anxious running could be heard.

“The imperial physician has arrived!” Immediately after, the imperial physician hurriedly knelt at the entrance of the Heart Nourishing Hall.

At this moment, it was late at night.

“Reporting to the emperor!” “I… have something important to ask you!” .



The imperial physician’s voice was a little shaky.

Inside Heart Nourishing Hall.

Mo Shenghong’s voice was like a loud bell.

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COM The door opened without any wind.

If an outsider were to see this scene, they would probably be extremely shocked.

This was because the Spiritual Qi that opened the door contained a faint trace of Techniques Of Heaven And Earth! The Great Feng Emperor, Mo Shenghong was already in the Tribulation Realm.

He was the ruler of a country.

The various trivial matters and various memorials from the Great Feng Empire had already caused him to be in a terrible state.

There was practically no time for Mo Shenghong to cultivate.

Even so, Mo Shenghong had already faintly touched the Tribulation Realm.

This kind of terrifying talent could already be called a monster.

“Your subject deserves ten thousand deaths!” The moment he entered the door, the imperial physician immediately knelt on the ground and hurriedly kowtowed several times.

Even his forehead was already bleeding from kowtowing, and he did not have the slightest intention of stopping.

“Speak your mind,” Mo Shenghong said indifferently.

Only then did the imperial physician stop kowtowing and slowly raise his head.

Fresh blood had already flowed down from his forehead.

“Your Majesty, this subject deserves ten thousand deaths!” “The crown prince has been framed by a demon and his life is already in danger.

This old subject has committed the crime of not reporting the truth!” Mo Shenghong slowly raised his head, and a trace of solemnity appeared on his face.

The first prince was actually going to die? He had countless children.

Thus, whether the first prince was dead or alive did not have the slightest effect on the survival of the Great Feng Empire.

However, the problem was, why did the imperial physician say something about being framed by a demon? “This was something the crowned prince ordered me to keep a secret…” “The ninth princess, Mo Yuanqing, colluded with a cult.

Not only did she steal the crowned prince’s talent, but she also planted Gu Witchcraft on him.

” “The crowned prince had already discovered everything back then, but because he was as close to the ninth princess as a brother, he didn’t report it.

” “But who would have thought that the ninth princess actually defected and even detonated the witchcraft Gu!” “Now, the crowned prince is in imminent danger.

if he did not use the spirit pills and miraculous medicines to protect his heart, he would have died long ago!” The imperial physician was heartbroken, and in his tone, he did not hide his hatred towards Mo Yuanqing.

Mo Shenghong pondered for a moment and slowly stood up.

“Bring me to the crowned prince’s Palace.

” “This old subject… obeys the imperial decree!” The imperial physician was filled with trepidation as he brought Mo Shenghong to the crowned prince’s palace.

Looking at the first prince who was lying on the bed with his eyes deeply sunken.

He was only breathing in and not breathing out.

Mo Shenghong narrowed his eyes slightly.

“Imperial physician, can the crowned prince be saved?” Although Mo Shenghong did not care about the life and death of the first prince, he would not let the members of the imperial family die in vain.

“Only the efforts of the person who cast the Gu can break this vicious curse.

” “Lord Gu and third commander had already found the location of the ninth princess a day ago, but…” Mo Shenghong raised his brows and said, “What?” “Just now, third commander and Lord Gu’s Soul Jade Pendants were completely shattered, I’m afraid they have already…” Imperial Physician Yan’s eyes were red.

Imperial physician Yan’s words were very clear.

The third commander and the Gu Master had already died.

It meant that Mo Yuanqing probably had a terrifying expert protecting her.

At the same time, it was also clear that the first prince was completely hopeless.

“If there’s no way to cure the crowned prince, let’s give him a quick death.

” Mo Shenghong said indifferently.

The expression on his face seemed to be indifferent, but a faint killing intent had already appeared.

In order to usurp the throne, the royal family had turned a blind eye to the fact that they had killed each other.

However, he absolutely would not allow anyone other than the Great Feng Empire to attack the members of the royal family.

A piercingly cold Spiritual Qi fluctuation flashed across the first prince’s neck and instantly cut off the first prince’s throat.

After struggling for a while, the first prince was completely out of breath.

The imperial physician wanted to say something, but when he saw Mo Shenghong’s eyes filled with killing intent, he forcefully swallowed his words.

“Who is the person who took in Yuanqing?” “Your Majesty, it’s the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect…” Mo Shenghong had not slept the entire night.

When the time came, he immediately sat on his throne.

In the hall, nearly a hundred figures knelt down to worship Mo Shenghong.

However, the three people at the front only bowed slightly.

If someone who did not know the situation saw this, they would definitely be shocked.

After all, Mo Shenghong was a famous tyrant.

If one did not show proper manners in front of him, it would be a serious crime.

Of course, if one knew that the three people in front of him were all experts at the Tribulation Realm, he would be relieved.

As long as they became experts at the Tribulation Realm, they would be able to receive the treatment of grand elders in any empire or sect in the lower realm.

After all, as long as they wanted to destroy a city, they would only be able to flip their hands.

“My beloved ministers.

” Mo Shenghong sat on the throne and spoke in a deep voice.

“Just yesterday, the crowned prince passed away.

” The audience was instantly shocked.

“Your Majesty, I’m sorry for your loss!” “A dead person can not be brought back to life.

Your Majesty, please look forward!” “I will definitely remember the highness the crowned prince.

Later on, I will ask the entire imperial city be hung with white scarves.

” “Your Majesty, although the crowned prince has passed away, the second prince and the third prince are also excellent successors.

Although Your Majesty is grieving, you have to think about the successor, for the sake of the empire!” The hall immediately fell silent.

“According to the imperial physician, the crowned prince was framed by the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect behind the ninth princess yesterday.

They aslo planted Gu Witchcraft in the crowned prince’s dantian.

” “Whether the ninth princess did it on purpose or was manipulated, it doesn’t matter.

” “However, the people of Greta Feng can not be killed easily.

” “Today, I am preparing to slaughter the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect.

What do you think?” Slaughtering the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect? In the meeting hall, everyone was shocked.

Even the three Tribulation Realm experts in the lead were no exception.

“Your Majesty, isn’t this too hasty?” The Tribulation Realm expert in the lead was a stooped old man.

He did not just ask Mo Shenghong.

“Although the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect is not strong, it is still an Eastern Wastelands sect with thousands of years of foundation.

” “If we act too hastily, we will inevitably reveal our weakness.

If we are discovered by the enemy at this time and they follow behind, the losses will be too great.

” “That’s right.

Although this emperor wants to slaughter the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect and wash their sect inside and outside with blood, this emperor believes that there is no need to be in a hurry.

We just need to make careful preparations.

When the Mysterious Heavenly Sword Sect reveals its weakness, we will give it an earth-shattering blow.