Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 197

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 197

Chapter 197: The God of War Peter Returns to the Base City to Find Callie Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios When Peter got off the aircraft, it was not dark yet.

This time, he had two very important things to do when he returned to New York Base City.

The first thing he had to do was convince Callie to take over the position of her grandfather, the President of the Federation.

Of course, he had to get Callie’s approval first.

Furthermore, he also needed Callie to participate in the Presidential elections at the end of the month as a candidate.

The other thing was to find the forces that David had left in the base city.

This was what the S-Grade queen insect had told Peter.

Even without the S-Grade queen insect’s information, Peter could guess that General David had flown away alone when he had been frightened away.

General David had held an important position in the Federation in the base city for so many years.

Furthermore, he was the highest-ranking commander of the Federation’s mecha army.

How could he not have a faction that he had secretly nurtured? This was something Peter couldn’t believe.

In particular, he believed that there would be families who secretly supported David.

Peter also planned to investigate all the ancient families that existed under the Locke family through Locke.

Of course, Peter wouldn’t kill the families of innocent people.

If the family that supported General David on the surface did not participate in the matters between David and the Holy City, he would not pursue the matter with these families.

However, if these families secretly supported David and received help from the Holy City through David, such as obtaining smart mechas with human consciousness, this was a violation of human rights.

Thus, Peter had to get rid of these families.

Furthermore, the families who had obtained parasites through David were also targets that Peter had to eliminate.

After what had happened to Anna, Peter hated insects that could parasitize the bodies of humans.

Thus, he would definitely eliminate them completely once he saw them.

The howling north wind blew Peter’s hair.

Behind him was Barker from the Genetics College.

Barker was now a Genetic General, and he had been following the God of War Peter.

Thus, he was now very close to the Genetic God of War.




If Anna had chosen not to leave the Genetics College, she would be the one following behind the God of War Peter now.

However, there was no remedy for regret in this world.

Every time Peter saw Barker following behind him, he would think of Anna.

He could only rely on time to dull Anna’s pain.

No one could help her.

This was unless Peter could obtain the Mechanical Heart from the Virgin Mary and then give it to John to use.

This way, John would be able to see Anna.

As Anna’s only family member in the world, perhaps John’s appearance could cure her mental illness.

At that moment, Peter had entered the Federal building with Barker.

After Callie returned to the base city, she didn’t return to her home.

Instead, she stayed in the Federal building.

Peter could understand how Callie felt.

After all, Callie’s grandfather had become such a monster.

She didn’t say anything, but she hated her grandfather greatly.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM A President who had once betrayed the human camp would be torn into pieces by angry people anywhere.

Thus, Peter could only make Callie’s grandfather the third soul slave of the S-Grade queen insect.

After Peter saw the Mechanical Heart of the Virgin Mary, he thought that Callie’s grandfather would be a very suitable candidate to use if he could obtain the Mechanical Heart.

This was because Callie’s grandfather’s body had been transformed into a mechanical body by the Holy City.

Originally, Callie’s grandfather’s mechanical body had about the same power as Peter’s previous body.

If he added the Mechanical Heart, the effects would be better and his strength would be greater.

This was a good thing for Peter.

This way, he would have a very powerful helper.

However, Peter knew that he couldn’t do that as he had to consider Callie’s feelings as well.

He knew that the last thing Callie wanted was to see her grandfather.

If he gave her grandfather the Mechanical Heart, he could not prevent them from meeting each other.

After all, after obtaining the Mechanical Heart, her grandfather would definitely do many things for Peter.

Thus, it was inevitable that Callie would discover him.

The God of War Peter led General Barker into the Federal building.

When the guards in the hall on the first floor saw the God of War Peter, they were shocked.

Now, the entire New York Base City knew about the God of War Peter.

The people also hoped that the God of War Peter would continue to be the new President of the Federation.

“God of War Peter, I will inform Callie.

” After the guards left, Peter took another elevator to the Federal combat command room.

After General David escaped, Hal, the Genetic General recommended by the Locke family, was temporarily in charge of the Federation’s matters.

This Genetic General called Hal was also a student of the Genetics College at first.

He was not much younger than Professor Eugene and was almost the same age as Professor Eugene.

After becoming a Genetic General, his strength had stopped at the level of a General and had never stepped into the Genetic God of War.

After the God of War Peter rose to power, Hal had once hoped that he could enter the level of the Genetic God of War in his lifetime.

This was because after humans became Genetic Warriors, their bodies would be enhanced.

Their lifespans would also be extended by about 50 to 100 years compared to ordinary people.

Hal was now 80 years old.

He had become a Genetic General at the age of 55.

If nothing went wrong, Hal would live for at least another 20 to 30 years.

Once Hal became a Genetic God of War, his lifespan would increase by to 60 to 80 years.

How could this not tempt Hal? This was especially so after hearing that the Genetics College had been secretly developing a special gene potion.

As long as the Genetic Warriors successfully absorbed the potion, they would be able to level up.

Hal was now a Genetic General.

If he succeeded in consuming that special gene potion, he could directly advance to the level of a Genetic God of War.

Hal was in the Federal combat command room checking the distribution of the Federal army.

After General David escaped, the three mecha armies of the Federation had also landed in Hal’s hands.

The old mechas of the Federation had always been the only weapon the human camp used to fight the mutant creatures.

However, after the siege of the beasts, the Genetic Warriors that Peter represented suddenly replaced the Mecha Warriors and became the new guardians of the human camp.

Hal’s plan was that since the Federation no longer needed Mecha Warriors, those old mechas should be destroyed.

They would be a pile of scrap metal even if they were left behind.

Only a certain number of logistical mecha armies would be left behind to provide logistics transport and rescue work for the army of Genetic Warriors.

When the God of War Peter walked into the combat command room, Hal was still checking data behind his wide desk.

“General Hal, hello!” Hal looked up and almost dropped the device in his hand when he saw that it was the God of War Peter.

It was mainly because he had become very excited to see the God of War Peter.

“God of War Peter, you’re back.

I was looking at the data that was sent over.

I also wanted to discuss with you about how to deal with the Federation’s mecha army.

” Peter knew that the current upper echelons of the Federation were mainly made up of Genetic Warriors.


After the beast siege, they were finally going to deal with the mecha army.