Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 178

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 178

Chapter 178: Change of Plan Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios No.

0 piloted the smart mecha into the restricted area of the factory.

Meanwhile, the Enforcers guarding the factory had already discovered the smart mecha that had intruded the factory.

After the surveillance system issued the alarm, the smart mecha in front of them did not immediately leave the restricted area.

Then, the Enforcer with mechanical bodies activated the power of the machines in their bodies and rushed towards the smart mecha that had entered the restricted area.

  At this time, Peter had left the cabin of the smart mecha in advance.

With the strong light from the smart mecha, he sneaked into the factory from the other side.

Behind him, the sound of the Enforcer attacking the smart mecha could be heard.

He did not turn back to look.

This was because the smart mecha did not carry any weapon system.

Otherwise, it would not have been able to pass the test at the city gate.

Instead, the Enforcers would have dismantled the smart mecha into a pile of scrap metal.

As Peter infiltrated the factory, he heard a notification from No.


“Master, there is also a self-destructing device in the smart mecha.

”   “What?!” .



Peter looked shocked when he heard what no.

0 had said.

He really didn’t expect that 0 had not dismantled the self-destructing device in the smart mecha.

This unexpected situation made Peter feel very strange.


0’s goal in telling Peter this was also very simple.

It was to let Peter know that he would also plant a dangerous bomb.

Just as Peter was talking to No.

0, two mutated mecha beasts that had woken up in the factory had rushed out of the warehouse.

They were mutated creatures with a certain amount of autonomy.

After being captured by the Mechanical City, they were transformed into mutated mecha beasts.

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COM Every mutated mecha beast would be transformed into different types of mecha beasts according to the abilities of the mutated creatures.

For example, the mutated mecha snake that Peter had encountered previously retained the original attack methods of a giant snake.

After obtaining the mecha modification, the defense of the giant snake was increased.

As a result, Peter could only kill the S-Grade mutated mecha snake after activating 50 times more rage.

The two mutated mecha beasts that had rushed out of the warehouse were an S-Grade mutated mecha bear and an S-Grade mutated mecha white tiger respectively.

After these two S-Grade mutated mecha beasts rushed out of the warehouse, the first thing they locked onto was the smart mecha that had been abandoned by Peter.

Several Enforcers were besieging the smart mecha, but the main material of the smart mecha that had been modified by No.

0 was not a metal that could be found on this planet.

Instead, it was a metal that was used by an extraterrestrial civilization.

It was an extremely high-intensity metal, and its hardness far exceeded that of the metal chromium used on Earth.

The smart mecha did not carry firearms at this moment, but the few Enforcers could not destroy the smart mechas in a short period of time either.

This attracted the attention of the two S-Grade mutated mecha beasts.

They had a certain amount of consciousness and could tell that the smart mecha that appeared was probably just a tool to carry other creatures.

The first to rush to the front of the smart mecha was the S-Grade mutated mecha bear.

Its appearance made the Enforcers flee one after another.

When attacked by the S-Grade mutated mecha bear, even the Enforcers, who had hard mechanical defenses, would have their bodies smashed apart.

The giant bear waited until the Enforcer had left before waving its huge paws and attacking the head of the smart mecha.

  Bang! The giant bear slapped the head of the smart mecha, instantly creating a huge pit in the head of the smart mecha.

The smart mecha had suffered serious damage.


0 had already received an injury notification from the smart mecha.

“Master, the humans on your planet are also very powerful.

They can actually create such powerful mecha creatures.

” Peter knew that No.

0 was referring to the S-Grade mutated mecha beast.

Even with the powerful defense of the smart mecha, it could still create a dent.

Thus, it was obvious what would happen if Peter’s body was hit by the giant bear.

Just as the giant bear was attacking the smart mecha, the other S-Grade mutated mecha, the white tiger, had also arrived behind the giant bear.

Then, two S-Grade mutated mecha beasts surrounded the smart mecha.

From the reaction of the two S-Grade mutated mecha beasts, it was not difficult to guess that the Virgin Mary was really carrying out the handover of her consciousness in the mysterious dungeon within the factory.

At this moment, Peter informed No.

0 to operate the smart mecha deeper into the factory.

The head of the smart mecha had been destroyed, but there was a spare command system in its body that could allow the smart mecha to move forward.

  When the two mutated mecha beasts saw that the smart mecha was still moving towards the factory, the reaction of the smart mecha completely angered them.

The giant bear lowered its huge body to collide with the smart mecha, wanting to stop the smart mecha from moving.

Meanwhile, behind the giant bear was another entrance to the factory.

As long as one entered through that entrance, they would arrive at the mysterious dungeon.

Peter estimated that it was about time.

The smart mecha would find it difficult to resist the siege of the two S-Grade mutated mecha beasts.

Thus, he immediately informed No.

0 to detonate the self-destructing device in the smart mecha.

The power of a smart mecha self-destructing was very terrifying.

Peter had seen this before.

This was because after the self-destruction process was activated in the smart mecha, the self-destructing device placed in the smart mecha’s body had a power comparable to a small nuclear bomb.

Peter sped up because he knew the power of the smart mecha’s self-destruction.

After he sneaked into the factory, a few Enforcers also discovered him.

However, Peter had no time to care about them.

All he wanted to do now was run into the factory as soon as possible and distance himself from the smart mecha to prevent himself from being injured by the smart mecha’s self-destruction.

A few seconds later, there was a violent explosion behind Peter, followed by two more explosions.

Peter estimated that the two S-Grade mutated mecha beasts had been affected by the self-destruction of the smart mecha.

Thus, their modified mecha bodies had also exploded.

The continuous explosions caused the ground of the factory to shake.

At the same time, it also alarmed the mutated mecha beasts in the other areas.

Amidst the smoke that filled the sky, several huge figures passed through the thick smoke.

Peter no longer cared about the mutated mecha beasts that had just woken up.

His target was the mysterious dungeon.

After covering himself with the thick smoke, Peter finally entered the deepest part of the factory, which was also the entrance to the mysterious dungeon.

According to the factory map that Elina had previously given him, the entrance of the mysterious dungeon was below an altar in the deepest part of the factory.

All Peter had to do was move the statue of the Virgin Mary on the altar, and the entrance to the dungeon would appear.

This was very easy for the God of War Peter, who was known for his strength, to move a statue.

At this moment, he had already arrived in front of the statue and could touch the smooth surface of the statue with his hand.

As long as Peter moved the statue in front of him, he could trigger the entrance of the dungeon and enter it to find the mysterious warrior.

  However, just as Peter grabbed the statue with both hands, a voice sounded behind him.


It was impossible to tell if the voice was male or female, but it sounded like a very neutral voice.