Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 173

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 173

Chapter 173: This Deal is a Bit of a Loss Peter hid behind the church hall.

Through the observation window, he could see the two mutants conducting a trade in the hall.

The price that the two mutants wanted was too high.

Thus, they were discussing something.

Peter’s idea was that since the two mutants needed points, he happened to have a large number of points on hand that he could use them to exchange for the information that the mutants had obtained.

If that did not work, he could still control the two mutants at once.

Peter had previously led Donna to massacre the Hassan family, which sold slaves, in Maple Leaf Town.

For this reason, he had obtained a large number of treasures and a considerable amount of points from Hassan.

If Peter could use the extra points in his hand to deal with the two mutants, he did not want to use the power of the Thunder God in the Mechanical City.

After all, if he alarmed the Virgin Mary, it was unknown if he could leave this place safely.

When he made his decision, Peter asked No.

0 to remove the protection of the smart mecha.

Then, he finally left the restraints of the smart mecha.

The moment his entire body left the smart mecha, a very comfortable feeling swam through his body.

Just as Peter left the smart mecha, the two parties that were trading in the church hall seemed to have an argument over something.

The trump card of the Mecha Masters was that they could operate powerful mechas.

However, in a place like the church, Mecha Masters were forbidden from operating their mechas to attack any living creatures, especially in the Mechanical City.

At the same time, mutants could not kill other creatures in the Mechanical City.

Thus, both parties could only rely on their eloquence to obtain the greatest benefits for themselves.

The red-haired girl was insulting a Mecha Master.

“Idiot, what abilities do you Mecha Masters have? Even then, you still want to exchange your conditions for the information in my hand.

I only want points! If you don’t have points, I accept chips too.

However, you don’t have anything.

You only have an ugly face and a foul mouth.

” .



Just as the red-haired girl finished venting her anger, an unfamiliar voice suddenly sounded from the church.

When this voice appeared, the Mecha Masters were sure that this was the first time they had heard it.

However, the red-haired girl looked surprised.

She seemed to have heard this voice somewhere before.

At this moment, everyone in the hall looked in the direction of the voice.

Then, an unusually tall human walked out from behind the church.

His appearance made everyone present gasp.

“It’s a Genetic Warrior!” “He’s a Genetic Warrior!” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “He might even be a Genetic General!” “Oh my god, why would a Genetic Warrior appear in the Mechanical City?” The last to speak was the red-haired girl.

In the Mechanical City, there could be ordinary humans, Mecha Masters, and special humans with special abilities.

However, Genetic Warriors could not appear here.

This was because the Mechanical City was an absolutely forbidden area for the Genetic Warriors.

As long as the Enforcers in the city discovered Genetic Warriors, they would immediately kill them.

Meanwhile, Peter was no fool.

After he appeared, he had activated the power of the Thunder God in his body.

When the other party discovered him, Peter pushed his speed to the limit and attacked the Mecha Masters first.

“Bang bang bang!” Peter punched three times in a row, each punch landing on the heads of the three Mecha Masters.

As an existence that had surpassed the Genetic God of War, the power of his punches had reached 160,000kg.

Although the Mecha Masters had equipped a special alloy to protect their bodies, they could not resist Peter’s punch.

This punch directly hit the head of the Mecha Masters.

Under the powerful force of the punch, the heads of the Mecha Masters were disintegrated.

The upper bodies of the three Mecha Masters were blown up by Peter.

A mist of blood filled the hall of the church.

Sunlight shone through the church window, making the mist of blood appear even clearer in front of the two mutants.

“Eurgh!” The red-haired girl saw that the three Mecha Masters in front of her, who had been talking just now, had turned into three standing corpses in the next second.

She could no longer control the urge to vomit.

Thus, she opened her scarlet mouth and vomited all the food she had eaten.

Meanwhile, the man standing beside the red-haired girl was in slightly better shape than she was.

Thus, he did not vomit.

However, he controlled his throat and swallowed, making Peter feel even more disgusted.

“You… better spit it out!” Peter walked slowly towards the two mutants.

Then, he pointed his finger at the man.

“If you don’t want to vomit, let’s make a deal.

” The red-haired girl had finished vomiting while Peter was talking.

She supported her upper body with both hands and stood up straight.

Then, she looked at Peter with a rare expression of fear that seemed to be mixed with reverence.

“We— we agree…” Just as the man was about to agree, the red-haired girl interrupted her companion.

“With your status, you definitely don’t want to make things worse, right?” After the red-haired girl finished speaking, she did not forget to look at the three corpses of the Mecha Masters.

This was also a warning to Peter that the crime of killing three Mecha Masters in the Mechanical City was very serious.

If the Mechanical City knew who killed them, they would put an arrest warrant in the entire northern region.

However, the red-haired girl did not know that Peter did not care about the arrest warrant from the Mechanical City.

He only cared if he could see the mysterious warrior.

As for the three Mecha Masters that he had just killed, they could only blame their deaths on their bad luck.

Peter would not allow them to leave this place alive.

Without benefits, there was no guarantee of any promise.

Thus, Peter ignored the red-haired girl and walked up to them.

The power of the Thunder God contained in his body, which Peter deliberately activated, erupted with a strong aura.

The eyes of the two mutants were finally filled with reverence.

This was the instinctive reaction of creatures to powerful genetic forces.

In particular, the red-haired girl was very shocked.

After all, the power displayed by the Genetic Warrior who had suddenly appeared in front of her was something that even the mysterious warrior couldn’t reach.

“I don’t want to waste time.

Hand over the information you know.

I’ll give you points as compensation.

” In order not to let the two mutants play any tricks, he specifically looked at the three corpses of the Mecha Masters after saying this.

His meaning was very clear.

If they didn’t hand over the information about the mysterious warrior, they would end up like the three Mecha Masters who had turned into corpses.

The man continued to swallow, and his feet began to move.

This did not escape Peter’s eyes.

“Are you competing with me in speed!” After Peter activated the power of the Thunder God in his body, his physical fitness had reached a terrifying level.

As he spoke, he appeared behind the man.

The speed that Peter displayed made beads of sweat appear on the man’s forehead.

The man knew very well that not only was the Genetic Warrior behind him powerful, he also had speed that was not inferior to his.