Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 171

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 171

Chapter 171: Are These the Mutants? Peter had put together the words he had heard in the smart mecha earlier.

“The corpse of the Virgin Mary was not found after the explosion.

” As soon as Peter put together this sentence, the smart mecha had passed by the Enforcer.

Without slowing down, Peter would not be able to hear what the Enforcer was saying in a few seconds.

This was something Peter could not control.

After all, he could not allow No.

0 to control the smart mecha and return.

However, the contents of the conversation he had just heard from the Enforcer were enough to surprise Peter.

The Virgin Mary was the most powerful person in the entire Mechanical City.

According to the information he had looked up before, after hundreds of years of transformation, the Virgin Mary’s body had become a terrifying “monster.

” Very few people in the entire northern region had seen the true face of the Virgin Mary.

Even within the Mechanical City, very few people had seen her.

Peter felt very puzzled after piecing together what he had heard from the Enforcer.

The reason for Peter’s surprise was very simple.

The Enforcer had just said the word “corpse”.

Even if he didn’t mean the corpse of the Virgin Mary, it was more or less related to the Virgin Mary.

Meanwhile, No.

0 controlled the smart mecha to advance.

Behind the smart mecha, the Enforcer finally ended the call.

However, the Enforcer did not leave immediately.

Instead, he took out an object that looked like a detector from his bag.

Since Peter was inside the smart mecha, he was free to look in any direction.

Thus, when he saw the Enforcer behind the smart mecha taking out the object, he was shocked.

This was not the first time Peter had seen the object in the hands of the Enforcer.

He had seen this device in the body of Callie’s father, John, who was in New York Base City.




This was a device that could detect and collect human consciousness.

It was similar to the device in John’s body previously, which surprised Peter.

He didn’t understand why the Enforcer had taken out this device.

However, the Enforcer’s next move shocked Peter even more.

The Enforcer, who was holding a device that could collect human consciousness, kept moving through the ruins as if he were looking for something.

Peter guessed whether the Enforcer was actually searching for the consciousness of the Virgin Mary.

Could it be that the Virgin Mary, who controlled the Mechanical City, actually had a human consciousness? There was only one consciousness that controlled the body of the Virgin Mary, and that was the original consciousness of the previous Virgin Mary.

However, for some reason, the Virgin Mary said that she would choose a consciousness that was suitable for her body every 99 years.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM It now seemed that the Virgin Mary must have lied to the outside world.

If Peter had not been sitting inside the smart mecha and accidentally saw this scene, he would not have thought of such a strange thing.

As for why the Virgin Mary’s original consciousness had left her body, this was not something Peter could know, at least not for now.

The smart mecha had already turned a corner with Peter and left the center of the explosion.

At this moment, No.

0’s voice also sounded.

“Master, I can’t control the smart mecha back to the center of the explosion.

That will arouse the suspicion of the Enforcer.

Furthermore, I just controlled the smart mecha to accept a mission.

” Peter also knew that he could not act as he pleased after entering the Mechanical City.

However, No.

0 still aroused his curiosity when he mentioned that he had accepted a mission.


0, what is the mission that you’ve received?” “Master, maintaining the operation of the Mechanical City requires a large number of cyborg and mechanical humans.

Of course, there are also various Mecha Masters.

” “The system of the Mechanical City detected that the smart mecha I was operating did not have a mission, so it assigned me a mission.

The mission was not difficult.

I just have to go to Warehouse No.

122 at the south of the Mechanical City to retrieve an energy block.

” Peter was no stranger to energy blocks.

Previously, he had often seen cars transporting energy blocks from the Federation in the base city.

These energy blocks mainly provided energy supplies for various mechas.


0, did the mission mention who to give the energy block to after you have taken it out?” How could there be no delivery target for such a targeted delivery mission? “Master, why don’t you guess who it is for?” “…” Peter realized that the artificial intelligence No.

0 was becoming more and more like a human.

He had been imitating the words and actions of humans at all times.

Now, he even knew how to joke around.

“If I didn’t guess wrongly, it should be sent to the mecha army.

” This was because Peter had seen before that the mecha army needed energy blocks.

“Master, you’re wrong! The energy block is for the Enforcer we just encountered.

” “What?” Peter looked incredulous when he heard No.

0 mention the Enforcer.

If No.

0 hadn’t displayed the mission he had received on the display inside the smart mecha, Peter would have thought that No.

0 was joking with him again.

This was still a coincidence, but Peter thought it made sense.

This was because the smart mecha he was in was the only smart mecha near the Enforcer that did not have a mission.

Thus, the system naturally prioritized assigning missions to him.

The screen in front of Peter still showed the location and route of Warehouse No.


When he looked at the road map, the smart mecha had already moved towards Warehouse No.


Peter glanced at the time displayed beside the map.

The entire process would take about 30 minutes.

It so happened that he could also observe the environment in the other areas of the Mechanical City.

After all, very few people from the human faction had entered the Mechanical City.

Furthermore, many things that happened in the city had become mysterious legends.

The buildings in the entire Mechanical City were almost all punk-style buildings.

There were also very old-fashioned steel buildings.

The surfaces of these buildings were already rusty.

Together with the various stains on the walls, they gave off a very nostalgic feeling.

Peter observed the mechanical humans walking around the block from inside the smart mecha.

They had all been ordinary people before, but for different reasons, they had come to the Mechanical City or been captured and transformed into cyborgs.

Those who were lucky only had their bodies transformed into cyborgs.

Meanwhile, the unlucky ones had their brains replaced by mechanical structures.

An example was the strange mechanical human that Peter had seen just after entering the Mechanical City.

Peter had been observing the mechanical humans around him.

He also wanted to find the mechanical human that he had previously encountered and made an OK gesture to him.

It was easy to recognize this mechanical human because its head was mechanical, which was rare among the mechanical humans in the city.

When No.

0 operated the smart mecha and was about to reach Warehouse No.

122, Peter found two figures walking past the smart mecha.

He quickly recognized the two figures as the two mutants he had been searching for.