Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 163

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 163

Chapter 163: Joining Peter’s Faction After the doctor inputted a few commands, the Jia Luo’s, which had been placed flat in the treatment cabin, slowly rose and was tilted at a 45-degree angle.

Then, the nutrient fluid in the treatment cabin poured out of the drainage pipe at the end of Jia Luo’s feet.

After the nutrient fluid was drained, dozens of water holes in the treatment cabin sprayed warm water and cleansing liquid onto Jia Luo, washing Jia Luo clean.

This cleansing process lasted for nearly 20 minutes.

Finally, the ventilation device inside the treatment cabin dried the water on the surface of his body.

Then, the entire treatment process ended.

After that, the lid of the biological treatment cabin opened.

The doctor handed Jia Luo a towel and clothes.

Jia Luo wiped the water stains from his body and hair.

After getting dressed, Jia Luo looked brand new.

He no longer seemed like a slave.

Jia Luo was then taken to the restaurant, where he ate some food.

Of course, it was mainly liquid food.

After all, he had not eaten normally for a long time and needed to slowly recover his gastrointestinal function.

Furthermore, he had been malnourished for a long time and needed proper nutrition.

After eating his fill, Jia Luo was taken to a luxurious conference suite.

Then, he met the young man who had previously asked him a question in the reception room of the suite.

This young man handed the service staff a few point cards.

After the two service staff received the money, they left happily.

Soon after, a very beautiful young girl brought a pot of hot tea and left.

Then, she closed the door to the conference suite.

Upon seeing Jia Luo enter, Peter made an inviting gesture.

“Please have some tea.

” Jia Luo sat down carefully and looked at Peter very warily.

His eyes were filled with vigilance and mistrust.

However, to hide his uneasiness, he took a sip of his tea and then looked coldly at Peter.




“You’re free.

You’re no longer a slave.

You can go anywhere you want and I won’t stop you.

” Peter’s words stunned Jia Luo.

“What exactly is your goal?” “I don’t have any goal.

I was just looking for a mysterious warrior when I met you.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to help me.

However, I didn’t think it was appropriate to see a Genetic Warrior die there in such a cowardly manner.

Thus, I saved you.

” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “Thank you, then.


” Jia Luo got up and prepared to leave.

“Don’t be anxious.

You’re penniless now.

After all, this is the northern region.

How are you going to leave and live? Are you going to be captured and sold as a slave after eating a free meal?” No.

0 looked at Jia Luo, who was preparing to leave, in a teasing manner.

“I’ll work.

I believe that I can still earn a living.

” “Haha…” No.

0 laughed loudly after hearing his words.

“This is the northern area, and slaves are everywhere.

They are the cheapest labor in the area.

Where will you find a job? Can you compete with them? Besides, what will you do besides being a Genetic Warrior?” No’s 0’s words pierced through Jia Luo’s heart like an awl poking a balloon.

He stopped and sat back dejectedly.

He had to admit that Peter was telling the truth, a bloody truth.

At this moment, Peter spoke to calm Jia Luo’s unstable emotions.

“Don’t be in such a hurry to leave.

Sit down and drink some tea.

We can have a good chat.

However, I spent over 10,000 points on treating you in the treatment cabin over the past five days.

It doesn’t matter where you go, but don’t get captured by the slave traders soon.

Otherwise, my points would have been wasted.

” Jia Luo calmed himself down, picked up his glass, and drank a large mouthful of wine.

“My name is Jia Luo.

” Jia Luo was born to a family of Genetic Warriors, whose ancestors were the first batch of Genetic Warriors.

Since then, their family had followed the path of the Genetic Warriors for dozens of generations.

Meanwhile, Jia Luo had entered the Washington Genetics College to study at the age of 14.

Due to his diligence and outstanding talent, he was already a D-Grade Genetic Warrior at the age of 19.

He achieved brilliant results later on, but the good times did not last.

An accident happened when Jia Luo was about to break through and become a Genetic General.

There would be many failures on the path of a Genetic Warrior’s growth.

However, the most important thing was to become a Genetic General.

After Jia Luo failed to advance to the level of a Genetic General, he was ruthlessly abandoned by the Washington Base City.

Thus, he could only bring his family to the Mechanical City.

However, halfway through, he heard news that there was a mysterious warrior in the unnamed town near the Mechanical City.

It was said that this mysterious warrior could repair the side effects on the body after a Genetic Warrior failed to advance.

He planned to change his route to the unnamed town and look for the mysterious warrior.

However, unfortunately, he was besieged by the Hassan family on the way.

His wife and children had been snatched away, and they threatened him to give up on resisting.

Thus, Jia Luo was given an injection and locked in the cryo chamber to be frozen.

Finally, he arrived in the northern region.

Jia Luo refused to serve the slave merchants.

After being beaten and tortured by various inhumane people, he was sent to the slave market by the slave traders to be sold.

In the end, he was saved by Peter.

At this point, Jia Luo shed tears of regret.

He hated himself for being so obstinate and causing the death of his family.

Peter listened to Genetic Warrior Jia Luo tell the tragic story that had happened to him in the conference suite of his hotel room.

It could be said that his tragedy had been caused by his personality.

Looking at the crying Jia Luo, Peter didn’t say anything.

Instead, he let him vent the emotions that he had suppressed for a long time.

After more than half an hour, Jia Luo stopped crying.

Upon seeing that Jia Luo had completely calmed down, Peter asked, “What are your next plans?” “I want revenge.

I want to avenge my family!” Jia Luo punched the table viciously and spoke through gritted teeth.

However, he quickly lowered his head and looked dispirited.

“What can I do in my current state? What can I rely on to avenge my family?” However, Jia Luo didn’t know that the Hasson family had been massacred by the God of War Peter as Peter didn’t tell him.

Just as Peter and Jia Luo were talking, the spy Barker had deployed sent back an important message.

A big shot from the Holy City had appeared in Maple Leaf Town, which was near the Mechanical City.

Barker sent this important message to the God of War Peter through his smart device.

“A big shot from the Holy City!” Peter looked interested when he received this message from Barker.

It should be known that Oria was a person with real power in the Holy City.

According to the information he had previously obtained, General David, who had been chased away by Peter, had joined Oria’s side.

However, what puzzled him the most was that although he had little information about the northern region, he had also heard that the northern region was going to be independent and enter a state of war with the Mechanical City.

Now, it was very illogical for such a person like Oria to swagger into the hinterlands of the northern region.

This filled Peter with questions.

What Peter needed now was help.

In the coming days, New York Base City would most likely descend into war again.

“Jia Luo, you can consider joining the New York Base City camp.

” In the face of Peter’s persuasion, Jia Luo stood up.


Peter, don’t say anything.

My life is yours from now on.

I’m willing to serve you.

” Peter was very happy.

“Welcome, Genetic Warrior Jia Luo!” Peter had settled the matter with Genetic Warrior Jia Luo.

Meanwhile, Barker had learned a lot from his investigation over the past few days.

Then, the two of them discussed their future plans in their room.