Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 161

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Slave Market When Peter woke up, the sky was bright.

He opened his eyes and found Donna curled up in his arms, sleeping like a kitten.

Although last night was Donna’s first time, she was very enthusiastic.

She welcomed Peter enthusiastically and even performed many difficult moves.

Then, they fell asleep at dawn.

Peter now felt that his mental strength had increased again.

He asked No.

0 about this, but No.

0 couldn’t answer his question.

The process of making love could probably enhance one’s mental strength.

It seemed like a shortcut, but Peter didn’t like to use this method to improve himself.

At the very least, he had to consider Donna’s feelings.

Peter fell into deep thought and suddenly found that Donna had woken up in his arms.

She was mischievously looking at him with her big eyes.

“Donna, I…” “Am I more charismatic or is Callie more charismatic? Would Callie go crazy if she found out you slept with me?” As she spoke, she slid her fair fingers across his chest.

Peter smiled bitterly, but it made sense.

If Callie knew about this, she might come after him.

However, this beautiful woman’s teasing had once again caused him to burn with desire.

Thinking of this, he fiercely pushed Donna under him, and the house rang with decadent sounds again… When the two of them woke up again, it was already afternoon.





0 stopped Barker and the others in the living room with the excuse that Peter was meditating with his mental strength and needed time to consolidate his thoughts.

However, only Barker guessed what had happened.

Then, Peter used his smart device to contact Elvin.

They agreed to go to the Slave Trading World the next morning.

Elvin had been recommended to Peter by Donna.

Previously, when Donna had obtained the mysterious power, it had been Elvin who had led her to find the mysterious Eastern warrior.

However, a few years had passed since then.

Would Elvin be able to find that mysterious warrior again? Peter’s heart was full of uncertain emotions.

The next day, Elvin came to the unnamed town early to pick Peter up.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM It was Donna’s first time having sex.

Furthermore, she had done it with Peter very frequently over the past two days.

Thus, she stayed in the hotel to recuperate.

Meanwhile, Peter led No.

0 to the slave market under Elvin’s lead.

According to Donna’s memories, the mysterious warrior was usually hidden among the slaves.

This made it difficult for others with ulterior motives to discover him.

Furthermore, few people knew what the warrior looked like.

However, they checked through the hundreds of slaves this morning and did not find the mysterious warrior.

Elvin felt embarrassed.

As a guide, he could not provide information that would satisfy his client.

After all, he had accepted Peter’s generous points as a reward for this search for the mysterious warrior.


Elvin, we’ve seen all the slaves sold here.

However, there’s no sign of the mysterious warrior you mentioned.

” Elvin looked apologetic, but he did not mention anything about returning the points.

After all, the points Peter had given him were very tempting.

Thus, he was not willing to give up like this.

“Sir, please believe in my ability.

That mysterious warrior is indeed active in this area.

You also saw that there are thousands of slaves in this slave market…” Elvin’s meaning was clear.

He wanted Peter to stay in the unnamed town.

Then, Elvin would lead eter to slowly look for the mysterious warrior.

In that case, Peter would not take back the points that he had paid.

“Is there any other place in this slave trading market that sells slaves?” Elvin pondered for a moment.

“There is another place, but the situation there is very complicated.

There are not many slaves there.

Thus, it is hard to say if we can find the slaves you need.

” “Where is the place you mentioned?” “It’s at the Slave Elimination Area.

” The Slave Elimination Area was located in the northwest corner of the Slave Trading World.

This was a huge open-air trading market that was more than 100,000 square meters large.

The shops on the market all contained metal cages that were filled with various slaves.

The slaves here were simply old, weak, sick, and crippled.

They did not have much value to be exploited, and they could not be sold for a good price.

Thus, they were sent here.

Every five days, the Mechanical City would send people to buy these slaves at a very low price.

They would either be used as food for the mutated creatures, or sent to the hunting grounds for people to hunt and enjoy.

However, they had to stay here for a few days before being sent to the Mechanical City.

Meanwhile, some people needed slaves, but wanted to buy them for a cheap price.

Thus, they would come here to buy slaves.

As long as the price they offered was higher than the price offered by the Mechanical City, they could bring the slaves away.

This was also the last chance for the slaves to escape their fate of being killed.

The reason why Elvin hadn’t brought Peter here from the start was very simple.

It was unlikely that the mysterious warrior would enter this place.

Over the past few days, due to the massacre of the Hassan family, the army of the Mechanical City had been on patrol nearby.

They were also searching for the Genetic Warrior who had tortured the Hassan family.

However, Peter was not worried about this.

After all, there were still many high-leveled Genetic Warriors in this unnamed town.

When he first entered the town, he had attentively discovered that the highest grade of Genetic Warriors here had reached the level of a Genetic General.

It should be known that even in New York Base City, there were no more than ten Genetic Generals.

Furthermore, this was a base city with a population of millions.

Meanwhile, this nameless town only had tens of thousands of residents, but there were a few Genetic Generals.

When they stepped into the Slave Elimination Area, almost all the moving slaves in the cage-like buildings on both sides of the road were banging on their cages and shouting.

They wanted to do everything they could to attract the attention of the buyers.

Peter frowned.

He hated this place as it was filled with the ugliness of human nature.

Furthermore, these slaves were like lambs waiting to be slaughtered.

They did not know how to work hard and resist.

Peter had wasted another half a day, but still did not see the mysterious warrior.

This made him feel that there would be nothing to gain from this trip to the unnamed town.

Perhaps the mysterious warrior had left this area.

Over the next few days, as Peter had guessed, no trace of the mysterious warrior was found in the two slave markets.

Today was the last day Peter decided to look for the mysterious warrior.

If they couldn’t find the mysterious warrior, they would have to leave this place.

They couldn’t wait in this town forever as there were still many things waiting for Peter to do.

At that moment, Barker was behind Peter.

The two of them were almost at the end of the main road that led to the slave market, but they still didn’t see the person they were looking for.

Meanwhile, reproachful voices came from the slave market on both sides of the street.

This kind of thing happened every day in the slave market.

However, today was special because Peter saw that a slave, who was being beaten up, was a very strong young man.

It was rare to see such a strong person in the slave market.