Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 159

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 159

Chapter 159: No.

0’s Other Ability Of course, Peter didn’t tell anyone about his portable mecha space.

After all, this was his biggest secret that he couldn’t even tell his closest friends about.

Before he had enough strength to protect himself, he wouldn’t let anyone know.

Meanwhile, Barker was shocked to hear Peter’s narration.

It turned out that an alien civilization had visited Earth before.

After that, Barker also informed Peter about their activities in the northern region these days.

They had wandered here for many days.

Furthermore, according to their intelligence gathered from various sources over the past few days, there was a very powerful organization that was going to attack the city.

It was very likely the Bishop of the Holy War Organization, the mysterious organization that General Dave worked for.

Peter sat there and thought quietly for a long time.

Barker dared not disturb his train of thought.

After a long while, Peter raised his head and said, “I have a premonition that a bloody storm is about to occur on this continent.

Even if we want to avoid it, sometimes it’s not something we can avoid just because we want to.

The Genetics College has already developed a feud with the Holy War Bishop.

” Peter continued, “As for our helpers, No.

0 is enough.

I forgot to tell you that No.

0 is also an expert in robot manufacturing and programming.

It can create powerful mechas by itself.

” “However, No.

0 wants to take the risk with me, so I think that we’d better find an experienced captain to help us.

That should be enough.

Tomorrow, we’ll try our luck at the Slave Trading World.

” Barker shrugged and continued to look at the God of War Peter.

“I have one last question.

There’s something wrong with Elise.

I found out that she was secretly connected to the outside world.

Although she was very careful and secretive, I still found out.

” “She’s been watching every move we make, and she’s been spreading the word about us every day.

My analysis is that she’s most likely a spy for General David.

What are you going to do with her?” .



Peter laughed.

“What do you think?” Barker stood up and said as he walked around, “Then let’s keep her around for the time being.

After all, killing her or deliberately avoiding her will arouse the suspicion of the forces behind her.

In that case, we might as well let her keep an eye on her.

When the time comes, we can use her to confuse our enemies.

” Peter finished his meeting with Barker.

Then, they went back to their respective rooms.

It was late into the night, but the living room was still lit with soft lighting.


0 was sitting on the sofa and watching the television program on the wall screen with interest.

He was even giggling.

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COM A cable on his body was attached to a plug in the wall.

Peter almost laughed out loud at this.

After all, No.

0’s body had a very powerful energy storage device.

His body could last for two months with every replenishment of energy.


0 had created a total of two identical bodies that he could alternate between.

Moreover, one of the characteristics of artificial intelligence was that it could replicate itself.

Thus, as long as there were enough materials, he could create tens of thousands of No.


Thus, this so-called “charging” was just a method to deceive others.

Peter plopped down beside it on the sofa in a very comfortable position.

Then, the man and the advanced artificial intelligence communicated telepathically.

“How does it feel to be a human?” “It’s great.

There’s a… how do I put it? It feels ceremonial.

For example, if I want to watch television, I can just send the television signal to my control center.

However, the signal is now filtered through a visual system, giving me time to think and wait.

” “However, the greatest gain of being a human is gaining the respect and recognition of others.

They all treat me as a life, a life that belongs to me, a life with feelings and an independent consciousness.

I’m no longer an artificial intelligence or a machine.

This feeling is something that I have never felt before.

I feel that I have developed a special state.

I don’t know how to describe it…” Peter actually felt a hint of excitement in No.

0’s tone.

“You’ve developed emotions, right?” He reminded No.


“Yes, emotions!” No.

0 could not hide his excitement.

Emotions were a general term for a series of subjective cognitive experiences.

They were a psychological and physiological state produced by a combination of feelings, thoughts, and behavior.

The most common emotions were joy, anger, sorrow, shock, fear, love, and so on.

There were also some delicate and subtle emotions such as jealousy, shame, pride, and so on.

Emotions often worked together with mood, personalities, tempers, and motivations.

They were also affected by hormones and neurotransmitters.

Both positive and negative emotions could trigger the motivation for action.

Although some emotional actions might seem unconscious, in reality, consciousness was an important part of creating emotions.

After all, human emotions were innate, but they could also be controlled.

Emotions could be categorized as “basic emotions”, which were innate, and “complex emotions”, which were learned later on.

Basic emotions were closely related to the survival of primitive humans.

Meanwhile, complex emotions could only be learned through communication between humans.

Therefore, the number of complex emotions each person possessed, as well as the definitions of these complex emotions, would be different across individuals.

Furthermore, what was commonly referred to as emotional intelligence may not strictly be “emotional intelligence”.

Psychologists and philosophers had debated the exact meaning of “emotion” for thousands of years.

Emotion referred to the experience of forming attitudes about external objects through cognitive and conscious processes.

It was the reaction of the human brain to the relationship between objective external objects and the needs of the human body.

Thus, it was a psychological activity that used the individual’s needs as a medium.

Meanwhile, human research on artificial intelligence had lasted for thousands of years.

Although this research was prohibited from an ethical point of view and out of consideration for human social safety, there were still many mad scientists secretly researching it.

From the day artificial intelligence was introduced to the world, simulating human emotions was a technological chasm in the field of artificial intelligence.

Human emotions were not just complex problems.

They were also full of contradictions and misconceptions.

Furthermore, emotions could have a huge impact on the functions of the human body.

This was almost an impossible paradox for artificial intelligence, which followed strict logic and was essentially a computer program.

“Yes, Master, I realize that this is indeed emotion.

When I feel happy and excited, my CPU’s operating speed has greatly increased.

It’s also operating very smoothly.

If I want to search for information on Skynet at this time, the most important information will be prioritized.

” “Furthermore, the construction speed of the robots in my artificial intelligence space has also greatly increased.

My creativity when analyzing and designing blueprints is also incomparable to before.

I even have a crazy idea now.

When I’m excited, my CPU usage might reach much more than 100%.

I think I want to give it a try.