Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 153

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 153

Chapter 153: The Brave Way of the Warrior from the East The mecha that appeared in Peter’s field of vision was clearly different from the other mechas.

This mecha was using two very sharp alloy blades.

“I’m a swordsman.

You’re very powerful, so I hope to have a fair fight with you!” The mecha turned on its voice transmission so that Peter could hear it.

The Mecha Master was born to a family of swordsmen.

He had reached the peak of perfection in the art of dual sword wielding and was now in his early forties.

When he was young, he had become a Mecha Master in the northern region.

His lifelong goal was to use a mecha and reach advanced levels of the way of the sword.

Due to his excellent combat skills, his mecha piloting skills had been integrated with his way of the sword.

Thus, he had become a B-Grade Mecha Master.

Although his long-range combat skills were average, his close-combat skills were very impressive.

He was hired by the Hassan family and stayed in the manor every day to understand the way of the sword.

He would only attack when the Hassan family was attacked.

This was also something that old Hassan both loved and hated.

However, almost all the Advanced-Leveled Mecha Masters in the northern region had joined the army in the northern region.

Today, he was originally focused on practicing the way of the sword when he suddenly heard an explosion in the distance.

Thus, he quickly boarded his Advanced-Leveled Mecha.

Then, he saw a very strange mecha.

When the smart mecha was using its laser sword, he knew that an expert had arrived, so he was a little excited.

Just then, No.

0 contacted Peter via voice transmission.

“Master, I can now hack into his mecha through the system.

I can control his mecha and cause its functions to fail.

Its firewall is very primitive and I’ve already broken through it.

” .



“No, No.

0, don’t interfere.

Such a powerful opponent is a very good opportunity for me to improve.

Furthermore, out of respect for this warrior, I can’t do this.

” No.

0 was very helpless.

“I really can’t understand the way humans think.

This is very irrational and willful.

You have a 67% chance of being killed by him.

” “You’re wrong, No.


Humans have constantly improved as they resist the impossible.

This is also why you’re only a high-level artificial intelligence, not a living person.

” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Peter’s words caused No.

0 to experience another CPU overload.

What No.

0 could not understand was that it did not know the true combat power of the God of War Peter.

At this moment, the Advanced-Leveled Mecha stood still with its two blades in hand.

However, Peter knew that there was great killing intent in this stillness.

He had been locked onto by the other party’s aura.

As long as he panicked and moved rashly, he would be attacked by the other party.

The mecha gave off a powerful aura.

This aura was like that of a ferocious beast that only knew how to attack.

Peter suddenly felt an extremely powerful pressure envelop him.

Under this pressure, his blood flow was slower, and his nerve transmission was much slower.

Not only did warriors have this kind of aura, ferocious beasts did as well.

This was the reason why the nearby pigs and dogs would tremble in fear when animals like lions and tigers roared.

Meanwhile, when a person was fighting alone in the face of a huge mecha, they would also feel fear and unease.

This was also a kind of pressure.

At the thought of this, Peter had a solution.

Meanwhile, the Mecha Master, who was inside his Advanced-Leveled Mecha, suddenly felt a change in his opponent’s aura.

Under the Mecha Master’s powerful pressure, the other mecha did not retreat.

On the contrary, it emitted an overwhelming aura.

This was a kind of killing intent, a powerful killing intent.

The two auras collided in midair, creating a storm that was more than ten levels high.

“Alright!” The Mecha Master shouted loudly.

Then, his mecha instantly shot out, as if there was a spring under its feet.

It crossed its two blades and unleashed a “Double Sword Style” move from midair.

A cross-shaped light blade then flew towards Peter.

This cross-shaped light blade was much more powerful than the two swords.

Furthermore, it was also much faster.

Peter didn’t have to fight.

Instead, he asked No.

0 to operate its mecha and fight the Mecha Master with its laser swords.

The two mechas and four swords collided violently.

As a result, a huge shock wave with the two mechas in the center spread in all directions.

The glass of the Hassan family manor that was 500 meters away shattered, and the roof tiles were overturned.

Dozens of security guards at the entrance of the manor had been hit by the huge shockwave as well.

A few died on the spot, while the rest were seriously injured and unconscious.

The two mechas borrowed the impact of the shockwave and flew more than ten meters back.

The legs of the mechas plowed deep marks on the ground before they managed to stand still.

“Alright, again!” The Mecha Master was extremely excited and raised the sword in its hand.

As the sword moved forward, the energy in its body circulated.

Then, the thrusters and the legs of his mecha exerted strength together.

“Triple Sword Style!” The two waves of sword aura formed a massive flame that looked like a huge bird flying in the air as it attacked the mecha controlled by No.


With a loud bang, the two waves of sword aura from the two mechas collided in midair.

The two energies annihilated each other, forming a large ball of steam.

As a result, an area of more than 30 square meters around the collision point was surrounded by the huge steam, and nothing could be seen.

The mecha monitors and radars were all white.

After all, the energy of the laser sword was not inferior to that of nuclear fusion.

The Mecha Master was delighted to see this scene and fully activated the thrusters of his mecha.

Using the left foot of the mecha as the axle, the entire mecha rose into the air.

The mecha spun at high speed in midair, and the two swords in its hands swung up, spinning and cutting towards No.

0’s mecha with huge inertia.

“Triple Sword Style!” If it was an ordinary Mecha Master, they might have been tricked by this sudden move.

However, No.

0 was a super advanced artificial intelligence.

Thus, the white mist did not affect it at all.

When it saw this move, it knew that it was very powerful.

If it took the attack head-on, it would simply be destroyed.

Thus, No.

0 controlled its mecha to spring upwards.

The thrusters behind its mecha were fully activated, and the entire mecha instantly leaped over seven meters into the air.

Then, No.

0 controlled its mecha to make a 180-degree turn in midair.

After that, it slashed the laser sword in its hand diagonally downwards.

The Mecha Master’s Triple Sword Style was a powerful killing move.

However, even after rushing more than ten meters forward, he did not hit anything.

At this moment, the sword aura produced by the high-speed rotation of No.

0’s mecha blew away the mist.

Only then did the Mecha Master realize that there was nothing in front of him.

At that moment, the Mecha Master’s warrior instincts saved him.

Without thinking, this mecha rolled ten meters away from his original spot.

Although he was in a sorry state, at the very least, he had escaped death.

“Good, you’re very powerful.

Let’s fight again!” “Single Sword Style!” “Double Sword Style!” “Triple Sword Style!” Meanwhile, the Mecha Master became excited and used all its killer moves.

Peter watched calmly from the side.

This was the first time he had seen someone operate a mecha so skillfully in a mecha battle.

He had not expected the effects to be so outstanding.