Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 151

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Peter Turns On The Harvest Mode Peter knew very well that a landmine like this was very lethal.

If someone without knowledge approached it rashly, they would definitely be smashed to pieces.

However, this was no problem for No.


“There’s a landmine ahead, but don’t be afraid.

There won’t be a problem if you follow my footprints.

” Peter instructed Donna.

Donna calmed down and followed Peter into the landmine.

This short 100 meters was like a marathon for Donna.

One wrong step would mean the distance between life and death.

She knew that Peter was training her to develop combat experience.

If the God of War Peter came alone, he would be able to quickly get rid of the Hassan family.

In her heart, there was nothing that the God of War Peter could not solve.

Was there anything more ferocious than the mutated beasts? Meanwhile, Peter walked over casually as if he was taking a stroll.

Two minutes later, the two of them arrived at the wall.

The wall in front of them was more than three meters tall.

It was made of thick steel concrete.

There was also an electric net on the surface of the wall.

Meanwhile, the top of the wall was filled with surveillance cameras.

However, in front of No.

0, the cameras were like blind people.

There was an alloy door under the wall, which was tightly shut with an electronic password lock.

Peter walked to the door and used his personal tactical terminal to scan the password lock on the screen.

A few seconds later, No.

0 finished calculating the password.

Then, a green light from the tactical terminal swept across the screen.

The green light on the door suddenly lit up, and the door was opened.

The two of them quietly slipped into the camp.

At this moment, the camp was silent, and there was no one on patrol.

There was no one patrolling this camp during the day.

After all, no one would have thought that someone would pass through the dense minefield in broad daylight, cross the tall electric net, and swagger into the base.

Thus, the two of them walked through the base just like that.

As the Hassan family did not have any strict requirements regarding the uniforms of the security personnel, the armed personnel who saw them along the way thought that they were new.




The mecha warehouse was very easy to find as the nine-meter tall white building was very eye-catching.

There were only four mecha mechanics working in the mecha warehouse.

Peter and Donna moved separately.

Without a sound, they reached into the warehouse and killed the four people.

Then, they closed the door to the maintenance base.

“Alright, the first stage is complete.

” Peter clapped his hands and sighed in relief.

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COM “I thought that there would be a fierce battle.

In the end, we came in so easily.

” Donna complained.

She was a person who liked to take risks, but it was obvious that the situation in front of her was completely different from what she had imagined.

However, she ignored the fact that the God of War Peter was present.

If she relied on herself, it would probably be difficult for her to even get close to the base.

Peter observed the warehouse and found that there were only 50 mechas here.

Among them, 15 were Intermediate-Leveled Mechas, while the rest were low-leveled mechas.

However, the mechas in front of him were not products of the Locke Company.

In the northern region, there were four companies that specialized in producing mechas.

Meanwhile, the Locke Mecha Company was only famous in New York.

Mechas were products that had been produced by the Northern Heavy Industries for almost 500 years.

This model of mecha could be said to be primitive and extremely simple.

It was 5.

3 meters tall, and its firearms and defense had been modified.

The head of this mecha was similar to No.


Its head was semicircular with a cross-shaped lamp slot.

In the middle of the lamp slot was a red indicator light, so it had an interesting nickname: Single-Eyed Monster.

The workmanship of Hassan’s mechas was rough, but it was good that their outer layer was sturdy and durable.

However, the mechas consumed a lot of energy.

Its weapons were an alloy shield, heat guns, and a shotgun used by mechas.

Donna frowned at this scene.

“Master, these things are only slightly stronger than a low-leveled mecha, but their power is very limited.

Are you sure we want to destroy them?” Peter smiled.

“Don’t worry, Donna.

There’s good stuff here.

” Peter smiled.

Then, he went to the mecha maintenance workstations in front of him to perform some operations.

Then, the two mecha maintenance workstations in front of him suddenly turned back to reveal another two mecha maintenance workstations, which were hidden on the back.

It turned out that there was another world behind this.


0 had told Peter about all of this.

In No.

0’s eyes, these steel mechas had no secrets.

Two very new Advanced-Leveled Mechas were actually parked on the two maintenance workstations that had been hidden.

“Are those… Advanced-Leveled Mechas? Why did they hide their mechas?” Peter knew why.

“Now that the northern region is about to go to war with the Mechanical Holy City, almost all the usable mechas that the large families possess have been taken over by the various fleets in the northern area.

If I’m not wrong, these two mechas will be used by two B-Grade Mecha Masters.

” He continued to explain.

“Meanwhile, that old Hassan is extremely stingy.

He might not be willing to put these two Advanced-Leveled Mechas under the name of the Mecha Masters, so he secretly hid them.

It looks like the two of us really have to thank him for being stingy.

” In order to prevent Donna from seeing No.

0, Peter could only send her away first.

The was that he wanted to destroy the two Advanced-Leveled Mechas in front of him.

It was rare that Donna actually listened to him and simply left his sight.


0, put the two Advanced-Leveled Mechas in front of you into your space.

” Peter’s goal was very simple.

He was now constantly searching for various mechas.

This was so that No.

0 could get the energy that could be used by smart mechas from these ordinary mechas.

After doing all of this, Peter left and found Donna, who was waiting outside.

“God of War Peter, did you destroy those two Advanced-Leveled Mechas so quickly? Why didn’t I hear the explosion?” Peter looked at Donna with disdain.

“There’s no need to use explosives to destroy the mecha.

Just destroying the core components of the mecha will do.

” Donna stuck out her tongue and made a face at the God of War Peter.

Then, Peter opened his smart device and looked at the map of this area.

“We’re currently at the military personnel camp, which is west of the Hassan family headquarters.

Next, I want to go to the Hassan family manor in the south.

There’s a mecha warehouse that can hold 200 mechas there.

Those C-Grade mecha operators are also there.

I’ll go and get rid of them first before attacking the manor directly.

” Peter was going to put all those mechas into his storage space so that No.

0 could convert them into new energy for the smart mechas.

“Meanwhile, in the east and north are the slave farms of the Hassan family.

There are two mecha warehouses that can hold five mechas each.

There are five Advanced-Leveled Mechas and five low-leveled mechas in each warehouse respectively.

This is your target.

Go over and kill the guards in the slave farms.

Then, release all the slaves.

If the slaves escape, the entire Hassan family will fall into chaos.

” In order to ensure Donna’s safety, Peter had specifically given her something to protect her life.

It was a nano-grade protective suit that he had obtained from No.


It was useless for him, but he could give it to Donna to use.