Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 148

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Peter’s Method Donna looked at Peter in surprise.

“What’s going on?” “That’s a fraudulent shop.

All of their smart cars have been tampered with.

They look good, but they’ll break down after driving for dozens of kilometers.

Furthermore, there’s a tracking device in the smart car.

When the time comes, a group of murderers and outlaws will find you.

Just now, I saw the boss’s lustful and greedy gaze when he looked at you.

I think if I don’t see through his scheme, you’ll see him soon.

” “That bastard! Then why did you buy it if you knew there was a problem?” Peter smiled disdainfully.

“I’m a Genetic God of War, but I’m also proficient in machinery.

This smart car is different from those smart cars.

Its only flaw is in the battery of the smart car.

As long as I make adjustments, there won’t be a problem.

In addition, this smart car has two GPS trackers.

One of the trackers is in the smart car logo at the front of the smart car, and the other is under your seat.

We’ll get rid of them when we return to the hotel.

” After returning to the hotel, Peter asked Donna to go back to her room first.

Then, he drove the smart car to the parking lot beside the hotel and parked it.

This parking lot had two floors above the ground and three floors underground.

It was also heavily guarded.

Peter sent the attendant away and opened the hood to get busy.

The attendant saw that he was repairing the smart car and looked at him for a while.

Then, he felt that it was boring and walked away.

Peter took out a universal mechanical repair arm from his portable space and quickly removed the battery of the smart vehicle.

Then, he quickly took out the spare battery from his storage space and replaced the battery in the smart vehicle with it.

This battery was a spare battery for a mecha.

Then, Peter removed the two trackers and threw them into the sewers of the parking lot.

After everything was packed and parked, Peter returned to his room and went down to the restaurant with Donna for dinner.

However, Donna was really eye-catching.

Although she had changed her appearance, it could not hide her charm.

Thus, countless greedy eyes landed on her.




The two of them sat down in a corner of the restaurant.

The dinner was a very simple red wine and steak.

There were not many ingredients here.

Fortunately, the chef’s cooking was still acceptable.

After a whole day of torment, Donna was really hungry.

However, her actions when she ate were very graceful and seemed to be enjoying herself.

After dinner, the two of them ordered another dessert and chatted as they ate.

Just then, a drunk young man with tattoos and hair the color of feces walked up to their table.

He raised his hand and two bundles of bills were smashed on the table in front of Peter.

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COM “Kid, our Young Master Hasan has taken a fancy to this girl of yours.

The money is yours.

Girl, come with me and let Young Master Hasan dote on you.

” Then, the young man reached out to grab Donna.

Peter grabbed the young man’s hand with his left hand and pressed it against the table.

Then, he picked up the knife with his right hand and stabbed it directly into the back of his hand.

The knife passed accurately through the back of his hand and stabbed into the solid table.

“Ah, it bloody hurts!” The young man tried his best to pull out the knife, but the more he tried, the more pain he felt.

The pain was excruciating.

There was also an accomplice five or six meters behind him.

When he saw this scene, he took out a dagger and rushed forward.

Peter saw this and raised his hand.

Then, a cold light flashed and the knife was deeply embedded in the knee of this lackey.

He hugged his knee and rolled on the ground, screaming miserably.

Donna stood up and kicked him to the ground.

Then, she picked up the two bundles of bills and threw them in his face.

Immediately, a large pile of bills flew around the restaurant.

At this moment, on the other side of the restaurant, a fierce-looking fatty led a group of people over.

This fatty was covered in fat, and he looked like he had been too indulgent in his lifestyle.

He also had two beautiful women in his arms, and behind him were more than twenty gangsters with various weapons.

The plump young master Hassan led more than twenty subordinates to surround Peter and Donna.

“Kid, you’re dead.

No one who offends me in the Maple Leaf Underground Fortifications will have a good time.

Our Hassan family is not something that a Genetic Warrior like you can afford to offend.

” Peter said nothing.

From the bills that Hassan had just used, it was not difficult to tell that his power was still limited to this area.

If he was really from a large family, how could he still use ancient paper bills? However, to his surprise, since these guys saw that he was a Genetic Warrior, they actually dared to provoke him.

It seemed that Hassan had some strength.

Peter’s disregard completely angered the group of people in front of him.

“Bastard, I’ll kill you! Come, kill him!” Young Master Hassan flew into a rage out of humiliation.

“Stop!” At this moment, a loud shout sounded from the restaurant.

It was then that everyone saw that the man sitting at the table had reached Young Master Hassan.

His hands had grabbed Young Master Hassan’s neck.

With Peter’s current strength, it was too easy to break this neck.

At this moment, Young Master Hassan’s pants were dripping with liquid.

Meanwhile, a team with more than ten people had arrived at the scene of the incident.

They were the hotel’s security guards, with the hotel attendant leading them.

He was the one who had shouted for them to stop.

The screams of the two lackeys just now alerted the people in the hotel.

Thus, they quickly gathered people to intervene and prevent the situation from escalating.

When the hotel manager saw this scene, he frowned.

“Sir, what do you mean by doing this? Fighting is strictly prohibited in our hotel.

If you do this, we have the right to take action and kick you out of the hotel.

” Peter’s expression was dark and his gaze could kill.

He looked coldly at the hotel attendant from the corner of his eye.

He didn’t say anything.

Meanwhile, Donna looked at the attendant and described what had just happened.

“My companion and I were eating.

Then, two of Hassan’s subordinates came up and wanted to forcibly purchase me as a slave.

They almost threw the money in my face.

Furthermore, they wanted to forcibly kidnap me.

” “You can get someone to verify this.

There are many witnesses and surveillance cameras.

Could it be that your hotel can’t even guarantee the basic safety of their guests? Could it be that even if I’m violated here, I can’t defend myself?” Under the attention of the surrounding people, the manager’s expression was very ugly.

“Is that so, Mr.

Hassan?” The hotel manager looked at Hassan angrily.

This was not the first time this brat had caused trouble in the hotel.

“I, I’m warning you.

Quickly take your hand away.

If I get injured, you and your hotel will die… die.

You’re dead.

Kid, don’t even think about leaving this area alive!” At this moment, Hassan had now recovered from his panic.

Peter’s outburst had frightened him so much that he had pissed his pants.

Now, when he saw that the people from the hotel had arrived, he knew that he would not die.

At this moment, he remembered that he was the young master of the Hassan family.