Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 140

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 140

Chapter 140: David Exposes Professor Eugene “Great Bishop, when I was in New York Base City, I discovered a very interesting piece of information.

Professor Eugene from the Genetics College seems to have a new gene extraction method.

” What he meant was very clear.

He wanted the Holy War Bishop to continue sending reinforcements to him.

This was because he was now working for Oria.

Without his own power, he could only act depending on Oria’s mood.

This was something he did not want to see.

“Is this information accurate?” After the Holy War Bishop asked this question, David took the initiative to open his smart device.

Inside the device was a recording of his conversation with Professor Eugene.

That was when he had looked for Professor Eugene when the mutated creatures attacked the city.

He had wanted to know some information about the God of War Peter, but he had accidentally heard Professor Eugene mention the latest gene potion.

He had guessed at that time that Peter must have used the gene potion developed by Professor Eugene to obtain great power in a short period of time.

However, he didn’t tell the Holy War Bishop in front of him that he had once secretly sent spies to steal the gene potion that Professor Eugene had developed.

However, he tested the potion on Genetic Warrior and found that his power didn’t increase much after testing it.

“Great Bishop, there’s only so much in the recording.

It took me a lot of effort to steal the information about Professor Eugene and his cunningness.

” Oria, who was standing beside the Bishop, looked at him with disdain.

He felt that David was like a clown who was showing comical loyalty in front of the Bishop.

Meanwhile, the Holy War Bishop ignored Oria’s disdainful look at David.

He also knew that David was thinking of ways to regain his trust.

The Holy War Bishop liked pawns like this very much.




“You did well, David.

I’m satisfied with your loyalty.

” The Holy War Bishop knew very well that David wanted some smart mechas.

“David, I can give you a team of smart mechas, but don’t let me down.

This is also the last time.

” More beads of sweat on David’s forehead began to appear after hearing what the Holy War Bishop had said.

This was his true reaction.

After all, the Holy War Bishop, who was in front of him, was someone who controlled his life and death.

Although he had a reason for abandoning New York Base City, it was very easy for the Holy War Bishop to take his life.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM Just as David was thinking about this, the Holy War Bishop’s voice sounded from ahead.

“David, since I’ve given you a team of smart mechas, you have to complete an additional mission.

I want you to find John.

” At this moment, Oria looked at the Holy War Bishop.

“Great Bishop, is John still alive? John’s consciousness is incomplete.

How can he live for so long?” David knew what the Holy War Bishop meant, but he deliberately didn’t say it.

It was as if he didn’t want Oria to know that John was actually Anna’s father.

Furthermore, after John was transformed into a smart mecha, John’s incomplete consciousness had been secretly replaced by someone in the Holy City.

As a result, John could awaken his memories himself and eventually betray the Holy City.

The Holy War Bishop also knew about this, but he had never been able to find out who had replaced John’s consciousness.

However, David now had a bold guess that the person who had stolen John’s consciousness was most likely the Virgin Mary of the Holy City.

… Barker and the others crossed the river and continued north under Cinthya’s guidance.

A few days later, there were few plants left.

As far as the eye could see, it was a desolate area that was half sandy.

Meanwhile, the further north they went, the more rugged the terrain became.

Mountains and valleys intersected each other.

Moreover the mountains here were also not like the ones Barker had seen before.

They were mostly steep and tall, and the exposed stone walls on the mountain could be seen everywhere.

Although this place had already been turned into sand, it was still located at the periphery of the Taling Desert.

Furthermore, the cold air from the Red Wastelands was combined with the warm humidity from the sea to the east.

Thus, the amount of rain here was not as scarce as that in the desert.

However, as most of the vegetation had been destroyed, there was no way to keep the water in the sand.

Thus, the original small rivers and streams had all dried up.

Furthermore, snow would occasionally fall here in winter.

One day at dusk, they were attacked by a snowstorm.

Cinthya led the others to climb a mountain and look for a cave-like place to temporarily hide from the snow.

Although this place was called a cave, it was actually just a cliff that was shaped like an eagle’s beak.

However, it was obvious that large mutated creatures had once lived here.

Thus, after excavating the area below the cliff for many years, an open cave was formed.

However, although this cave could block them from the rain and snow from the sky, it did not block the wind.

Thus, when wind blew into the cave, it was blocked by the stone wall, forming strong currents.

The three girls were afraid of the cold.

Thus, they formed a wall around the cliff to block the wind.

However, even so, the three girls, who had lived in the base city for many years, still could not get used to the cold.

Furthermore, after rushing around for days, they were already somewhat exhausted.

Thus, Barker built a bonfire in the depths of the cave, and the few of them sat around the fire.

As Cinthya looked at the burning flames, she remembered the abandoned town and the people who had now left the abandoned town.

Barker could tell what she was thinking.

“Why did you come north with us instead of going to Washington Base City?” “I don’t want to listen to other people’s orders.

I won’t join other people’s war either.

Whether this world is ruled by the Genetic Warriors or occupied by the Mecha Masters, there’s no difference to me.

Those are just games for those in power.

I won’t be stupid enough to be their pawn.

” Barker knew that this thought had already been ingrained in her heart.

After all, he had once thought the same way for a very long time.

He knew that this thought would not change with a few words from anyone, so he didn’t say anything else.

Seeing that he was silent, Cinthya asked curiously, “Why aren’t you talking about your principles?” Barker smiled.

“All principles can be found in every corner of this world.

If you want to know, you can always find it.

No matter what I say, you won’t believe me even if you don’t want to.

” “That might not be the case.

” Cinthya moved to Barker’s side and leaned against his shoulder with a charming smile.

“Maybe if you talk to me more, I’ll believe you.

” “This again.

” Donna, who was opposite the bonfire, rolled her eyes when she saw this.

“Why? Are you jealous again? I think she really likes you, but I guess…” She deliberately paused and looked at Donna.

“You’re so self-righteous.

You probably won’t ever say it.

” “I can’t be bothered with you.

Just continue teasing me.

” Donna was so tired that she didn’t have any thoughts.

Thus, she wrapped her cloak tightly around her and curled up against the God of War Peter, who was behind her.

Barker ignored the words of these two people from the beginning to the end.

He simply tried his best to guess the reason why Cinthya wanted to travel with them.

After all, with the personality that she had displayed, what she had said was clearly not her reason for coming here.

Furthermore, her intimate actions seemed more like she was hiding her goal.