Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 136

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 136

Chapter 136: Extracting the Genes of the S-Grade Mutated Creature Just then, the other giant beasts turned around and shot dense fireballs at Peter.

Peter could only slow down the speed of his attack and dodge.

Fireballs exploded around him, spraying fire everywhere.

As Peter kept closing the distance between him and the shadow, a system prompt appeared in his mind.

[S-Grade mutated mecha beast genes detected.

Extracting…] [Extraction successful.

Congratulations to the host for obtaining heat rays.

] An S-Grade mutated mecha beast? Peter looked shocked when he heard the system prompt.

This was the first time he had seen an S-Grade mutant creature.

Unlike the S-Grade queen insect, it was a mutant creature with powerful attack power.

It was also at the highest S-Grade.

“No, this isn’t an ordinary mutated creature.

” It was a mutated mecha beast.

However, the meaning behind these words was not difficult to understand.

This mutated creature also had a mecha equipped to defend it.

Could it be that the mysterious Holy War Organization had begun to develop mutated creatures and fuse them with mechas? As the shadow of the beast was very large, Peter could not see its body clearly.

Otherwise, he would not have such doubts.




Peter stopped worrying about this problem.

Instead began to study the reward he had just obtained.

“What kind of skill is the heat ray?” Just as Peter was wondering about this, he suddenly felt the temperature in his eyes rise rapidly.

Most importantly, he didn’t feel uncomfortable.

He simply felt the temperature in his eyes increase.

“Activate the heat ray!” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM As Peter activated the skill he had just obtained, his eye quickly rose to a terrifying temperature.

Just as it was about to reach the critical point, Peter’s eyes shot out two hot rays of light.

The color of the light was similar to that of an orange.

In order to test the newly obtained heat ray, Peter used his eyes to control the direction of the orange light.

Then, he shot it at the nearby shadow.

“Zi zi!” The extremely hot ray instantly penetrated the huge body of the black shadow, causing it to suffer heavy damage.

A moment later, when Peter walked to where the shadow had been standing, he found that the shadow had escaped underground.

There was only a very deep cave left behind.

However, he didn’t go in to chase after it, because Donna’s safety was still important.

After a night of defending the town, with the addition of Peter and the others, there were no major casualties in the town this time.

The sky turned dark, and the sandstorm had begun to weaken.

Only the wind which blew past the messy abandoned town and fluttered weakly among the dilapidated walls.

The people in the town were searching for materials to rebuild their houses from among the sand.

Although the previously abandoned town had also experienced a sandstorm, and fierce battles often occurred in the town before Cinthya arrived, this was the first time that it had been destroyed like last night.

Furthermore, it was not only the houses in the town that had been destroyed, but also the people’s hearts.

No one knew when those giant beasts would return.

At this moment, the abandoned town was no longer a place of refuge in these people’s hearts.

Cinthya looked at the worried faces of these people and then at the huge pits left by the giant beasts behind the old city wall.

“Lord Cinthya.

” A Mecha Warrior looked at Cinthya.

“It seems like we can’t stay in this abandoned town either.

No one knows when these giant beasts will come again.

” “We have so many people.

What’s so scary about a few giant beasts?” Cinthya said angrily.

“A few giant beasts aren’t terrifying.

What’s terrifying is that there are even more of them.

” Barker walked out from behind the ruins.

“If those few creatures from last night were just testing the waters, more might come next time.

” “That’s just a guess.

” Cinthya said angrily.

“The abandoned town is our home.

There is no reason for us to leave here just because of a few giant beasts.

” “What if these aren’t just giant beasts?” As a Genetic General, he could recognize many things.

He had previously discovered that the body of a giant beast that had appeared had a defense similar to that of a mecha.

Cinthya could tell that there was another meaning behind his words.

Thus, she asked, “What do you mean by that?” “I think these giant beasts might be a new species controlled by the Mecha Masters.

” Barker said as he glanced at Bela, who was beside him.

Bela nodded and said to Cinthya, “When you were fighting the giant beasts just now, I saw that the bodies of those giant beasts were made of steel armor, not the carapace that the mutated beasts should have.

” “If the Mecha Masters are controlling them, whose army are they from? Right now, there is only the Virgin Mary’s army in the Taling Desert.

” Cinthya looked puzzled.

“But as far as I know, there are no such mecha monsters in the Virgin Mary’s three armies.

” “I think this is why you previously heard the sound in the sandstorm, but didn’t encounter these monsters.

” Cinthya did not understand what he meant.

“I don’t understand what you mean.

” At this moment, Barker continued to analyze the situation.

“There are two possibilities.

Firstly, this is a new species that the Holy Mother created by herself while hiding the truth from the Bishop.

This is because Bela said that this sound has been heard from the east of the Mechanical Holy City before Washington fell.

The reason why they appeared in the sandstorm should be to borrow the cover of the sandstorm.

Furthermore, in the past, they were only scouting the area.

” “What about the second possibility?” Cinthya asked.

Barker continued, “Among you, there are Mecha Warriors, Genetic Warriors, and even Mecha Masters who have been separated and have yet to return to their teams.

You’ve all gathered in this abandoned town for so long, but the Virgin Mary has never sent troops to surround and kill you.

Do you think that the Virgin Mary doesn’t know that such a group of people has gathered in her territory? Or is it because she is showing mercy on you?” Cinthya guessed the meaning behind Barker’s words and said, “Could it be that the Virgin Mary deliberately allowed the abandoned town to exist in her territory so that we can constantly gather here to test his new species?” “I think so.

Other than that, I can’t think of a more reasonable reason.

” “If that’s really the case…” Cinthya frowned and looked at the people around her.

Then, she lowered her voice and said,” If that’s the case, it means that they will still attack the town.

” Barker nodded.

“Furthermore, there might be more beasts next time.

If you want to live, the only way might be to leave the abandoned town.

” “But where can we go?” Cinthya smiled bitterly.

“There’s no place for us in this world.

This abandoned town is the last place we can stay.

” “You can go to New York Base City.

There are many Genetic Warriors there.

Furthermore, at present, they also need Genetic Warriors.

As long as I send a letter stating your identity, I think the base city will definitely take you in.

” “Genetic Warriors?” Cinthya looked at Barker disdainfully.

“We would never go to New York Base City.