Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 132

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 132

Chapter 132: Cinthya’s Experiences   Cinthya could guess whether he was telling the truth.

At this moment, Elise, who was beside them, took over the conversation and said, “What he said is true.

” Cynthia looked at Elise and then at the door.

“You should be a Warlock who studies genes.

Your home is in Washington Base City.

Am I right?” Elise could only give Cinthya a tacit look of approval.

After leaving the base city, many of her attributes and titles had been changed by others.

“So you’re Elise? You probably forgot that I saw you in Washington Base City before.

However, you were just a little girl back then.

” “I remember.

” After Elise finished speaking, an imperceptible blush appeared on her face.

This was her reaction after telling a lie.

However, the fireplace in the room was very warm, so she was not afraid of being discovered.

“I recognized you the moment I saw you.

However, I was afraid of recognizing the wrong person, so I didn’t ask.

” Cinthya sighed.

“But I should still thank you.

If it weren’t for you that night, my mother and I wouldn’t have escaped the Washington Base City.

The rebel army of the city lord would never have let us off the hook.

” .



Barker saw that the time was right and quickly asked her.

“What about your father?” Cinthya smiled even more miserably.

“He’s an assassin.

He once migrated to Washington Base City with his entire family.

I thought that the base city was a free place, but in the end, the assassins were expelled by the Mecha Warriors again.

” This had happened more than ten years ago.

At that time, the Mecha Warriors were afraid of the Assassin Organization.

This was because without the protection of their mechas, their physical weaknesses were very obvious.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “Then why didn’t you go to the City of Assassins? Aren’t there countless Assassins there? Why stay in this forgotten town?” Cinthya looked at Barker in surprise.

“Don’t you know that the City of Assassins was attacked by a mysterious organization a few years ago? Many assassins were killed.

Even if the assassins were lucky enough to escape, they wouldn’t end up much better.

” Barker realized that he had let the cat out of the bag and quickly explained.

“I’ve always lived in the base city and didn’t pay much attention to what happened outside.

If it wasn’t for the fact that I came out to look for someone this time, I might have stayed in the base city my entire life.

” He deliberately said that he was looking for a missing person.

After all, this was very common in this world.

“Who are you looking for? Tell me.

Maybe I can help you find clues.

” “This…” Barker hesitated.

Although he hesitated to continue, Cinthya could already guess a little.

“It’s okay if you can’t tell me.

Tell me when you want to go.

After all, this forgotten town is yours.

” Barker was speechless.

He was really going crazy from the torture of the woman in front of him.

Meanwhile Cinthya continued asking.

“Then where is your goal for this trip?” “The Red Wastelands,” said Barker.

“The Red Wastelands? I think it will be very difficult for you to get there.

” “Why?” Cinthya grabbed her long hair.

There was already a hint of urgency in her eyes as she looked at Barker.

“If you want to go to the Red Wastelands, you have to pass through a deep Swamp and a valley.

I’ve heard many rumors about these places.

The dangers there are far beyond your imagination.

” “If you know how to get to the Red Wastelands, then we can do it,” said Barker confidently.

“However, how can you be sure that the person you’re looking for is in the Red Wastelands?” Cinthya asked back.

“Perhaps they only spread this rumor to prevent others from finding them.

Furthermore, they might be somewhere else, or they might even be hiding among the people of the world.

” “No matter what, we have to try.

” Barker could tell that Cinthya wanted him to remain in the town.

“You people are willing to risk your lives for an uncertain goal? It seems that you’re really not a smart person.

” “I just don’t want to lose any hope.

” Barker had never told Cinthya the truth.

After all, when he first entered the town, he had realized that the people in this town were abnormal.

How could he tell her their true motives? At this moment, Cinthya asked a question that surprised Barker.

“Do you want to fight the Mechanical Holy City?” Barker didn’t know why the woman in front of him would ask this.

After all, they couldn’t defeat a powerful organization like the Mechanical Holy City.

When Barker thought of this, a figure appeared in his heart.

It was the God of War Peter.

If the God of War Peter asked him this, Barker still felt that it was very reliable.

“How can the few of us challenge the powerful Mechanical Holy City?” Barker was smart enough to leave the problem to the woman in front of him.

After Cinthya heard Barker’s question, the passion in her eyes slowly disappeared.

“So what if we defeat the Mechanical Holy City? Is the past any better than now? All the wars in this world are just games for those in power.

What has it got to do with us? The end result will still be the same.

This world is already as dark as the abyss.

” “At the very least, we can find an opportunity to change this world, change the past and present, and create a new world.

” What Barker said at this moment was what he was thinking.

This was what he had thought after meeting the God of War Peter.

“You’re so childish.

” Cinthya looked at Barker’s serious expression and sneered.

“In my opinion, only someone who will never wake up from their dream will say these words.

” Barker was not surprised by Cinthya’s words.

After all, for a long time, this was how he had once thought for a very long time.

He had even thought that the filth of this world might not be cleansed until the day of global destruction.

Even now, he often wondered if the reason why this world had become so unbearable was because of the existence of humans.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Cinthya looked at Barker, who was deep in thought, and joked, “Are you angry after hearing me tell the truth? Or are you confused?” Barker shook his head and asked, “I saw that among the people in this town, there are Mecha Masters, Genetic Warriors, and Mecha Warriors.

Why did the Mechanical Holy City allow these people to stay in the abandoned town?” “I’m not sure about that either.

When I arrived at the abandoned town, the Mechanical Holy City was attacking the Washington Base City.

“However, I heard from the people in town that ever since a mysterious organization was discovered behind the Mechanical Holy City, the army of the city has almost never come to the abandoned town again.

” “But don’t you think that’s strange?” Barker felt that the main point was here.

After chatting with the woman in front of him for so long, he had finally obtained important information.