Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 130

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 130

Chapter 130: The Crazy Cinthya Upon seeing this, Cinthya immediately dodged to the side and jumped back and forth between the walls of the houses on both sides of the narrow street, dodging the circling fire dragons time and time again as she ran towards Barker.

At the moment she got close to Barker, she suddenly turned her body sideways and used the momentum to continuously slash the crescent blades in her hand at Barker.

Barker erupted with the power of a Genetic General and instantly dissolved his opponent’s attack.

“Stop! If we continue fighting, this town will be destroyed.

” “If it’s destroyed, so be it.

” Cinthya snorted.

“I don’t care.

” “Don’t you care about the people in this town?” Barker pointed at Cinthya.

“You can’t defeat me.

Do you want everyone in this town to lose their homes with you? What’s the point of that?” “I’ve never lost before.

” Cinthya was indignant, but she knew very well that the man in front of her was a very powerful Genetic Warrior.

However, she needed a way out.




Meanwhile, Barker could definitely tell what the woman was thinking.

Thus, he could only shake his head.

“You didn’t lose, and I didn’t win either.

I was just a passerby who wanted to find a place to sleep for the night.

This was all a misunderstanding.

” “No!” Cinthya stubbornly continued, “We must decide who wins and who loses tonight.

Unless you win against me, don’t even think about stopping the battle.

” Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “You won.

I don’t want to fight anymore.

” Barker sat cross-legged on the ground.

Cinthya shook her head and threw Barker a seducing look.

Barker stood up and walked towards Cinthya.

Then, he looked down at her.

“Can we call a truce now?” Cinthya said resentfully, “In the future, the abandoned town will be yours.

” “I don’t want your abandoned town.

I just want to spend the night here with my friends and obtain some food.

I’ll leave tomorrow morning.

” Cinthya pushed away his outstretched hand and stood up.

At this moment, the sound of metal hitting metal came from the outskirts of the town.

Cinthya asked someone nearby, “What happened?” “I don’t know.

There’s no news yet.

” “Tell everyone to gather.

” Cinthya said loudly, “Everyone else, follow me.

” Then, she ran towards the south of the town.

After exiting the city wall of the old abandoned town, Barker saw that the dark houses that he had passed by earlier had lit up.

Under the light of the lamps, he could clearly see the vines moving around in the distance.


Prepare to attack.

” Cinthya ordered.

Some of the people beside her rode mutated gray wolves, while others boarded their mechas.

Meanwhile, the people who had seemed like drunkards in the tavern were now ready for battle.


” Barker walked forward and said to Cinthya, “They’re not enemies, but my friends.

The sparks from our battle must have made them think that I was ambushed.

” “However, your friends are now attacking my town.

Everyone who attacks the abandoned town must die.

” “This is a misunderstanding.

I’ll resolve it.

” Without hesitation, Barker grabbed Cinthya’s hand and pulled her behind him.

Then, he rode a horse that had just stopped outside the door and traveled in the direction that he had come from.

At this moment, outside the town… Donna was surprised to see Barker riding a mutated gray wolf from afar.

After all, to most people who lived in the base city, they either killed mutated creatures or were killed by them.

Why would anyone want to ride such a terrifying creature? Donna looked at Barker and asked, “What just happened?” “The people in this town think I’m a scout from the Holy City, but the misunderstanding has been cleared.

” Donna’s large eyes kept darting around.

She was thinking about something.

“Has the misunderstanding been resolved, or did they deliberately mislead you by asking you to lead us into the town?” “I don’t think so.

” “The people in this town are a little stubborn.

I saw that there were both Genetic Warriors and Mecha Masters among them.

The leader seems to be a Seal Master.

” “Sealers! Did you really encounter such a profession that is only recorded in books?” It was Elise who spoke.

This girl had always lived in the Genetics College.

Thus, other than the knowledge in the books, she rarely knew what the outside world was like.

At this moment, the God of War Peter arrived in front of everyone.

“It’s better to wait.

It won’t be too late to enter the town after we figure it out.

” After a short wait, Cinthya had already led a group of people outside the town.

Seeing the five people in front of her, she questioned, “You frightened our horses just now.

” “It was me!” Peter looked at Cinthya in front of him.

There was no need to hide anything.

Barker quickly took over the conversation.

“This is a misunderstanding.

We were just passing by.

” “Are you Genetic Warriors?” Cinthya observed Peter and Donna.

“If you’re Genetic Warriors, why didn’t you say so earlier? I thought you were scouts sent by the Holy City.

” Barker stared angrily at Cinthya.

He had wanted to say this before, but this woman in front of him was like a madman, not giving him a chance to explain.

“Why aren’t we welcome? In that case, we can leave this place now.

” The person who spoke was the God of War Peter.

He would not expose his identity for such a small matter.

However, he wondered what Cinthya would think when he learned that Peter was an existence that surpassed the Genetic God of War.

“Of course you’re welcome.

” At this moment, Cinthya looked at Barker and smiled charmingly.

“Especially you.

You are most welcome to stay in my town.

” Then, she turned around and shouted at the people behind her.

“It’s fine.

Let’s go back to the town!” However, when Cinthya took a few steps back, she realized that Barker and the others had not followed her.

Thus, she turned around and said, “Why? Don’t you dare to come with me?” Barker didn’t answer.

Instead, he glanced at the God of War Peter beside him.

After seeing the God of War Peter nod, he controlled the mutated gray wolf and followed Cinthya into the town.

The group returned to the abandoned town.

After Cinthya sent people to clean up the damaged buildings and settle the residents, she led Barker and the others to the center of the abandoned town.

Peter and the others followed behind Cinthya.

At this moment, Barker caught up to the God of War Peter as he had something to say to the God of War Peter.

Seeing that no one had noticed them, Barker lowered his voice and said what he had discovered when he entered the town.

“God of War Peter, when I entered the town just now, I realized that the people living here are not simple wanderers.

There are a few very dangerous guys among them.

They should be Mecha Masters from the Mechanical Holy City.

” Before setting off, Peter specifically looked for Professor Eugene to understand the events that had happened in this area in the past few decades.

He remembered that the Holy War Organization had attacked the Mechanical Holy City a few years ago.

At that time, only a small number of Mecha Masters had escaped.

“Barker, it’s better if you keep an eye on the three girls.

” Although Peter said this, he would act decisively when there was really danger.