Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 125

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 125

Chapter 125: A Sudden Event at the Base City Peter had currently reached 2.

13% progress in extracting the Thunder God genes.

Compared to before, it had improved greatly.

However, he was still far away from the 20% extraction value required to activate the Thunder God skill.

With the Thunder God gene potion that Professor Eugene had recently developed, it would take more than four months to extract enough Thunder God genes.

Furthermore, this was under the circumstance that there were no accidents.

Now, if Peter wanted to solve the problem of the base city, it would be difficult to take down the base city head-on with the power he currently had.

The reason was very simple.

The railguns in the base city could kill him unless he asked the mutated beasts to move and attract the attack of the base city railguns.

This was also the reason why Peter went to find the S-Grade queen insect.

After the experience of the city defense battle, he was well aware of the power of the railguns in the base city.

Back then, many A-Grade mutant creatures had been smashed into meat paste by the railguns.

After a day of travelling, Peter and the S-Grade queen insect formulated a detailed siege plan.

This siege was fake, but they wanted to make David feel that it was a real siege.

Only then could Peter dodge the railguns and enter the base city.

Peter received an urgent call from Locke in the base city as he was leaving the S-Grade queen insect’s nest.

“Master, my scouts have sent a message.

David is transporting a large number of Genetic Warriors.

” This made Peter realize that something might have happened to the Holy War Organization that David was working for.

They probably needed a large number of Genetic Warriors to turn into smart mechas.

Peter didn’t know exactly why, but what he had to do now was to stop David’s scheme as soon as possible.

These Genetic Warriors were forces that David had secretly trained, but they were also humans.

Thus, Peter didn’t want to watch them die.

While he was pondering, he had sent a message to Professor Eugene, ordering him to lock down the Genetics College and prepare for battle.

“Professor Eugene, gather all the Genetic Warriors above the C-Grade according to the plan we previously formulated.

By the way, you have to ensure the safety of the new students.

” .



“Master, I’ve made the arrangements.

I also have a new discovery.

It’s about the mysterious power in Donna’s body…” Peter knew that Professor Eugene was studying Donna.

The mysterious power in this girl was very unusual.

Furthermore, the mysterious power in her body was no weaker than the power extracted from genes.

“Oh? Has Donna already extracted the gene potion?” When Peter left earlier, he had specifically asked Professor Eugene to bring Donna to extract the gene potion.

Of course, the prerequisite was that he had to tell Donna about the risks involved, that the first fusion of the two forces might result in an unimaginable accident.

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COM “Master, after Donna extracted the gene potion, her power increased by several times.

Furthermore, I haven’t seen anything unusual up until now.

” “Master, the mysterious power in Donna’s body is really strange.

According to Donna’s description, she obtained this mysterious power in an accident.

She knows where that place is, so I think it’s necessary to take a look.

” Professor Eugene’s discovery informed Peter that the mysterious power Donna had previously obtained could be fused with her genetic power.

Furthermore, it was very effective.

This was equivalent to using a stronger gene-strengthening potion.

However, Peter didn’t have time to rush back now as he had to resolve the crisis in the base city first.

“Professor Eugene, get Barker to organize an expedition team.

There can’t be more than five people, including me.

After I resolve the crisis in the base city, I’ll immediately take them with me.

” Peter knew very well that Professor Eugene would not betray him as a soul slave.

Furthermore, his previous discovery was very attractive to Peter.

If he could really find the mysterious power that Donna had mentioned, Peter would speed up the extraction of the Thunder God genes.

… Night began to fall in New York Base City.

Several Mecha Warriors were patrolling on the city wall.

They occasionally used their lights to investigate the outside of the wall.

This was to prevent individual mutated creatures from climbing the wall.

One of the Mecha Warriors was using the light he had on hand to observe the wilderness outside the city.

This routine inspection would happen every five minutes.

The strong light formed a pillar of light that shone on the ground outside the city wall.

As the Mecha Warriors operated their mechas, the light began to move slowly, looking for any unusual areas.

Suddenly, when the light passed by an area, the Mecha Warrior seemed to see something squirming.

He immediately adjusted the light back to the area he had just illuminated.

When he saw the situation on the ground clearly, a terrified expression finally appeared on his face.

However, he reacted quickly.

He didn’t forget to issue the alarm out of fear.

Buzz buzz buzz! The alarm on the city wall was activated by him, and an ear-piercing alarm instantly resounded over New York Base City.

After activating the alarm, this Mecha Warrior quickly ran towards his companions who were not far away.

His voice had changed due to his shock.

“There are beasts, mutated beasts.

A group of mutated beasts is attacking the city.

Hurry up and enter the defense tower.

” Just as this Mecha Warrior finished speaking, a scalp-numbing sound came from outside the city wall.

Then, a large number of mutated beasts began to attack the city.

These Mecha Warriors guarding the city did not know that these mutated beasts had appeared just to protect the God of War Peter from entering the base city.

The railguns located in the base city had been activated quickly and the angle of the huge barrels were rapidly adjusted.

Their target was the wilderness outside the city wall.

Once a powerful A-Grade mutant appeared, the railgun that had finished accumulating power would fire without hesitation.

In the end, after the mutated beasts appeared, a huge figure appeared from underground.

A staff member used the neural network to survey the situation outside the city and was shocked to find a mutated spider no lower than B-Grade rushing towards the city wall.

The staff member quickly reported the discovery to the combat command room.

After a short wait, he received an order to attack.

Then, the fully charged railgun locked onto the huge mutated spider.

A dazzling light appeared in the sky above the base city.

Then, a figure jumped onto the city wall from outside the city wall of the base city.

The Mecha Warriors who were guarding the city wall suddenly realized that a human had appeared in front of them.

When they saw the appearance of the person, they were shocked.

“It’s Peter, the God of War Peter!” Previously, Peter had been waiting outside the city wall.

When the A-Grade mutated spider appeared, the railguns placed in the base city attacked the A-Grade spider as he had expected.

After all, the railguns needed about 30 seconds to replenish their energy after one shot.

Peter was waiting for this gap.

After Peter jumped to the city wall, he ignored the Mecha Warriors guarding it.

Instead, he jumped off the wall and entered the base city.

Then, he pushed his speed to the limit and rushed towards the Federal building at full speed.

As long as he could control David, the rest would be simple.

However, Peter didn’t expect that just as he was about to rush into the Federal building, David boarded an aircraft on the parking lot on the roof.