Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 120

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 120

Chapter 120: Is Donna Going to Die? Donna’s figure appeared on the large screen.

Thomas naturally didn’t know that the student in front was Donna.

After all, he didn’t even look at the opponent’s name list.

Instead, he looked at the figure running ahead and sighed.

“This bunch of trash is actually playing the game of splitting up and escaping.

It seems like they have some combat speed.

They know that if they escape together, they will be too big of a target and will be wiped out in one go.

” “But can they escape by splitting up? What a joke.

” Thomas looked around and quickly found the direction where the other opponents were running.

“Let’s settle this one first!” Thomas thought arrogantly as he silently pounced towards his target.

Thomas rushed towards Donna.

Without a sound, his ghost-like figure floated forward at a surprisingly fast speed.

This was the horror of human potential.

Meanwhile, Donna ran forward.

Although Thomas’s attack was silent, she still felt danger.

This was a skill she had learned after practicing the Eastern secret arts.

Thus, she could sense the aura of any creature.

Her body suddenly accelerated and shot out like an arrow.

At the same time, she raised her hand.

Thomas was somewhat surprised that his attack had missed.

For someone with a potential of Level 3 to discover him and increase her speed to such an extent in an extremely short period of time was also an extraordinary display.

This was probably the fastest speed that someone with Level 3 potential could achieve.

Although Thomas was a little shocked, that was all.

It was simply a huge joke for someone with such speed to avoid his attack.

This time, he used half of his power.

In his opinion, half of his power was already fatal for someone with Level 3 potential.

Of course, he wouldn’t really kill this fellow.

After all, this was not allowed by the rules.

Even someone of his status wouldn’t dare to violate the rules set by the Genetics College.




However, he was sure that if this punch landed on that fellow, she would definitely be seriously injured.

In the worst-case scenario, that person would be crippled.

It would be very difficult for her to become a Genetic Warrior in the future.

According to the rules, the Genetics College had prepared a protective device for each participating player.

This device could ensure that the participating contestants would not be killed during a high-intensity confrontation.

At the same time, to be realistic, the Genetics College had also determined several key parts on the device.

These parts were the fatal parts of the human body that were equipped with stronger protective devices, which could withstand powerful attacks.

Furthermore, the device was embedded with a miniature intelligent judgment system.

When the power of the attack reached a fatal value, the victim would automatically be determined as dead.

This maximized the safety of the contestants.

Of course, there were also exceptions.

If a powerful existence whose potential exceeded Level 8 attacked with all their might, the protective device would not be able to protect the life of the user.

However, someone with a potential of Level 8 would not be allowed to participate in a battle of this level.

Furthermore, those people would not be so silly as to participate in this Elementary-Leveled competition.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM The protective device would protect the user’s life, but it could not prevent the user from getting injured.

In particular, it could not guarantee that the user would not be injured.

For example, a fatal attack from a person with a Level 6 Genetic Potential like Thomas would cause severe damage to the body of someone with Level 3 potential.

Although there was only a difference of three levels between Level 6 potential and Level 3 potential, the difference was indeed huge.

It was the difference between ordinary potential and Genetic Potential.

This was a gap that many children from ordinary families could not surpass in their lifetime.

Even though someone with Level 6 potential had just achieved Genetic Potential, the attack power that they could unleash was definitely not something that a Level 3 potential user could withstand.

Thomas threw another punch.

His fist formed a cyclone in the air that produced crackling sounds.

This was because the power formed by his fist produced friction with the air.

Thomas was satisfied and proud of the strength he had displayed.

In his opinion, that person would be sent flying by his punch in the next second.

Thomas was already wondering if he should take pity on this fellow and not allow her to be seriously injured.

At this moment, he saw a yellow light.

The yellow light suddenly exploded in the air, forming a yellow mist in the air.

The mist spread at an extremely fast speed and instantly blocked Thomas’s vision, causing him to lose sight of his target.

“Bastard!” Thomas sensed the danger immediately and made the correct judgment.

The yellow mist that spread through the air was a very strong hallucinogenic drug.

Even someone as powerful as Thomas could not resist such a drug with his potential alone.

Thomas was extremely angry.

This bastard actually dared to use drugs.

Thus, Thomas instantly flew into a rage.

In his opinion, this fellow was already overestimating themselves if they didn’t admit defeat.

Now, they actually used drugs to achieve their goal of survival.

This was a provocation, a brazen provocation.

Thomas was completely enraged.

His body immediately retreated at an unimaginable speed.

Even so, a trace of yellow mist entered his nostrils.

He felt dizzy and couldn’t help but squat down.

“Bastard!” Thomas tried his best to stay awake.

He knew that there was no rule against using drugs in the competition.

When it came to the use of drugs, the only rule was that fatal drugs could not be used.

Furthermore, although the effects of this knockout drug were very strong, it was definitely not fatal.

Donna did not want to lose, so it was not wrong for her to choose this method.

It took Thomas a full five minutes to fully wake up.

His eyes had turned unusually red and he had been completely angered.

His fist smashed into a stone beside him, causing it to shatter.

“You’ve successfully angered me!” Thomas suddenly stood up.

Ever since he could understand things, he had only schemed against others, but had never been tricked by anyone before.

In his eyes, it was not unacceptable to be tricked by others.

After all, there was always someone better out there.

Thus, if he was tricked,he could not blame anyone else as he was not strong enough and did not master his skills.

However, what he could not accept was that he had actually been tricked by a piece of trash with only a Level 3 potential.

If news of this were to spread, what would happen to his dignity? The more Thomas thought about it, the angrier he became.

With a furious roar, his body suddenly moved forward.

The few thick tree branches in front of him were blown away by his body and landed not far away, killing a few ordinary creatures that were foraging for food.

Donna didn’t expect her opponent to want to kill her because of her small trick.

The moment the mist rose, she rushed towards the rocky mound.

She passed through the rocky mound and jumped into the somewhat cold river, hoping to hide her tracks.

She thought that this would delay her opponent’s pursuit, but she was wrong.

Heavy footsteps sounded behind her.

She suddenly turned around and saw Thomas walking towards her step by step.

Thomas stared at Donna, who was in front of him.

He would not give this bastard any chance.

Even if he had to face the rage of the Genetics College, he would kill this bastard in front of him.

It would not be enough to calm the rage in his heart if he did not let this bastard bleed to death.

Due to the protective device that the participating students wore, Thomas did not know that it was Donna who had angered him.

If it was said that Donna had been able to escape previously because Thomas had underestimated her, now that his rage had completely exploded, Donna simply had no chance to use any more tricks when faced with Thomas’s outburst.

Power was everything.

Power would crush all means.

Donna felt a suffocating aura.

She didn’t understand why Thomas was so angry, let alone the fact that Thomas wanted to kill her out of anger.

In Donna’s opinion, this was somewhat unbelievable because she didn’t know how crazy Thomas was.

Although most of these people had normal mentalities, she couldn’t deny that such people seemed to be more prone to extreme states of mind.

Thomas was an extremely conceited, extremely arrogant, and extremely prideful person.

When his pride was challenged, his mental imbalance resulted in an extreme mentality.

Thomas looked at the drenched Donna, who had climbed out of the water, with a terrifying gaze.

In his eyes, this girl with a good figure in front of him was already a cold corpse.

In the next moment, she would be completely eliminated from this competition.

As for the trouble that would result from this, he couldn’t be bothered to think about it.

The Rockefeller family would naturally deal with it.

It was just killing one person.

At most, he would just let his father beat him up.

With his terrifying gaze, clenched fists, agile speed, and power after genetic extraction… Donna had never seen such a terrifying punch before.

Sparks flew from the friction between the punch and the air.

At this moment, she confirmed the unlimited possibilities of a person’s potential once again.

“Go to hell!” Thomas sneered.

His cruel smile was like an invisible, cold sword that instantly chilled Donna to the bone.

This person did not want to simply defeat her.

Instead, he wanted to kill her! Why?! In the blink of an eye, Donna no longer had any room to dodge.

She could not even mobilize the power in her body.

Donna did not know what had happened! A contestant actually wanted to kill her! How was this possible! Was he not afraid of the rage of the military? Was he crazy? Why?! In the face of imminent death, Donna used all her strength.

Her two fists met the terrifying punch.

Seeing that the girl in front of him was actually going to exchange punches with him, Thomas smiled.

With a crack, their fists collided.

Crack! The sound of bones cracking could be heard as an intense pain instantly spread through Donna’s arm.

At the same time, her body flew backwards.

Donna’s body formed an arc in the air before colliding with a huge rock in the distance.

A mouthful of blood shot out from Donna’s mouth.

She felt as if her internal organs had been shattered.

Then, she looked at the person called Thomas in disbelief.

Why did he have to kill her? Meanwhile, Thomas was surprised that he didn’t kill this fellow with one punch.

However, he threw another punch in a very short period of time.

This time, his punch became even more ferocious.

His fist penetrated the air and formed a visible vortex.

Donna felt as if all her bones had shattered as a huge wave of pain washed over her.

She looked at the fist that had appeared in front of her again and felt a sense of fear for the first time in her life, a fear that came from the depths of her soul.