Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 86

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 86

Chapter 86: Discovering The Smart Mechas Peter walked slowly towards the fake President while constantly thinking about what the fake President had just said.

Peter knew that General David of the Federation had betrayed the human camp, but he didn’t expect that the Holy War Organization also had the ability to control humans.

“It’s interesting that they use insects to control humans.

” The fake President stood still and rubbed his dry hands as he told them everything he knew about the secrets of the Holy War Organization.

This was an irresistible instinctive reaction after he was controlled by the S-Grade queen insect.

After all, after becoming a soul slave, there was no such thing as secrets in front of his master.

“Master, I’ve seen those insects that can control humans a few times.

Their appearance is similar to that of ordinary maggots, but as long as these insects enter a person’s body, their appearance will immediately change to become a kind of insect with a hard shell.

The insect will parasitize the spinal column of the human and use the nerve clusters in the spinal column to achieve the goal of controlling the human.

” Peter had walked up to the fake President.

Instead of staring at the fake President’s face, he walked around the fake President and looked at his spine.

“I’m curious as to why the Holy War Organization didn’t use the insect to control you when you were abducted by them.

Instead, they transformed your body into a cyborg.

” A pained expression appeared in the fake President’s eyes as he looked at the pile of mechanical structures in his chest.

“Master, not every human can be controlled by insects.

There is a prerequisite that many ordinary people cannot fulfill.

” Although the fake President did not say what the prerequisite was, Peter could guess that before the insects crawled into the bodies of humans and controlled them, they had to judge whether the human in front of them could withstand the intense pain.

This was not difficult to guess.

One could imagine that when a bug burrowed into a human’s spine and controlled its nerves, the pain was something that ordinary humans could not endure.

This was not a matter of having a strong will.

Instead, this was a physiological reaction from the body.

Ordinary people would faint from intense pain or even die.




“Master, you’re right.

When choosing a human target to control, they will first choose the Genetic Warriors.

” Although he had guessed it in advance, Peter still felt uncomfortable after the fake President confirmed it with his own words.

After all, he was a Genetic Warrior, and was even the strongest among the Genetic Warriors.

“Were any of the Genetic Warriors in the Federation controlled by the insects?” This was what Peter was most worried about.

He didn’t want to see a Genetic Warrior controlled by the insects as that feeling was worse than death.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “Master, as far as I know, the Genetic Warriors in New York Base City are not controlled by the insects yet, but there are many in other base cities.

” “Oh.

By other base cities, do you mean Washington Base City?” The fake President made an affirmative gesture and looked at the God of War Peter.

“Master, it’s not just the Washington Base City.

Powerful Genetic Warriors in the Los Angeles Base City and some of the surrounding small base cities are also controlled by the insects.

” Peter felt a chill run down his spine after hearing the information from the fake President.

If it was really as he had said, the ultimate goal of the mysterious Holy War Organization was terrifying.

Although it was confirmed from the fake President that there were no Genetic Warriors in New York Base City who were controlled by insects, Peter knew that this was not because the Holy War Organization had mercy on them.

Instead, it was because the Genetic Warriors in New York Base City had been too low-leveled to attract the attention of the Holy War Organization.

The Holy War Organization might even be wondering why a powerful Genetic God of War had suddenly appeared among the trashy Genetic Warriors in New York Base City.

It was probably something they had not expected.

“Let’s go back to the Genetics College first.

I’ll arrange something else for you later.

” Peter increasingly felt the importance of the fake President in front of him.

This was equivalent to learning a lot of secret information about the mysterious Holy War Organization.

When he returned to the Genetics College, Peter would ask Professor Eugene to quickly organize all the important information that the fake President knew.

Just as Peter was about to big goodbye to the S-Grade queen insect and leave with the fake President, he was suddenly stopped by the S-Grade queen insect.

“Master, I just received a report from the mutated creatures outside.

They discovered a group of strange mechas quickly approaching my cave.

” The S-Grade queen insect did not appear anxious as its safety was ensured with Master Peter present.

“Master, I can use the perspective of the mutated creatures to see that group of mechas.

They’re clearly different from the Federation’s mechas.

They’re moving very quickly, and their mechas don’t have firearms like the Federation’s mechas.

” Peter did not have to guess to know that the mecha described by the S-Grade queen insect was the same as the smart mecha he had captured previously.

“Can you project the image that you see?” Peter wanted the S-Grade queen insect to share what it saw.

“Master, I can’t share the images I see.

However, you can touch my body with your hand and sense some of the images.

” This was beyond Peter’s expectations.

He had not expected the S-Grade queen insect to have such a magical ability.

This should be a new ability the S-Grade queen insect had obtained after its evolution.

Thus, Peter walked up to the S-Grade queen insect and touched its hard skin with his palm.

An unprecedented connection appeared in Peter’s senses.

This connection was like stealing a part of someone else’s privacy.

Peter could also see what the S-Grade queen insect saw, but it was fragmentary and incomplete.

The S-Grade queen insect was now seeing a large number of smart mechas in front of its field of vision through the perspective of a mutant creature.

However, Peter could only see the rough appearance of the smart mechas.

The image was not very clear, because the image he saw was fragmentary, and there were only monochrome colors.

It was like watching an ancient video.

However, this was enough for Peter.

Peter saw that these smart mechas did not send sentries to investigate their surroundings as they advanced.

This could only prove that they had a clear goal.

“How far is this mutated creature that you sent out?” Upon hearing Master Peter’s question, the S-Grade queen insect immediately answered.

This was also one of its abilities.

It could calculate its precise distance from the mutated creatures it controlled.

“Master, that group of mechas is 23km from the cave.

Their speed has reached 200km/s.

” Through a simple calculation, Peter knew that at their current speed, the group of mechas would reach the cave of the S-Grade queen insect in about seven minutes.

“S-Grade queen insect, among the mutated creatures that you control, what is the strongest grade?”