Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 80

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 80

Chapter 80: Revival of the Corpse? When Professor Eugene saw that the corpse behind the God of War Peter had suddenly sat up from the platform, this scene frightened the old fellow.

However, what frightened Professor Eugene was not the revival of the corpse, but the terrifying strength that a creature with a blood oxygen content 100 times that of ordinary people would display once it was revived.

Peter reacted quickly.

Before Professor Eugene could finish, he turned to face the revived corpse.

Peter knew that calling it a “reactivation” was actually more accurate to use the word “revival.

” Needless to say, Betty must have secretly altered this body or triggered a special device in this body while Peter and Professor Eugene were not paying attention, thereby activating the backup energy supply.

It would be easy for Betty to do something within those two hours.

However, Peter and Professor Eugene couldn’t be blamed for being careless.

After all, no one could keep an eye on Betty.

Facing the fake President who had been reactivated, Peter did not panic at all.

Instead, he looked interested.

Peter wanted to know how powerful this body was after it was activated again.

If it could really achieve what Betty said, it would be equivalent to picking up a treasure.

After the fake President sat up on the platform, he first jumped to the ground and his originally opened chest automatically closed.

Then, his eyes emitted a ruthless red light.

“Master, be careful!” Professor Eugene reminded Peter from behind.

Meanwhile, Peter locked his eyes on the fake President nearby and carefully observed his actions.

Seeing that the two humans in front of him had no intention of escaping, the fake President showed caution on his face.




This scene made Peter discover that the dark technology controlled by the Holy War Organization was indeed powerful.

Putting aside the strength of the body in front of him, from the various reactions he made now, it was definitely a product that far exceeded the Federation’s technology.

“Do you know your name? Or what do they usually call you?” Peter asked the fake President directly.

He wanted to see how the fake President would answer or react.

The fake President suddenly exerted strength in his legs and rushed towards Peter like a fired cannonball.

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COM Meanwhile, Peter, who had been wary that the fake President would suddenly attack, quickly responded.

He raised his foot and kicked the fake President who was rushing over.

Bang! The fake President’s rushing body was kicked away by Peter and knocked into the wall behind him.

Then, a slight tremor occurred in this space, which showed that Peter’s kick would have blown up even an ordinary mecha.

This was even after Peter controlled the power in his legs and didn’t use all his power.

Otherwise, the fake President’s body might have been blown up.

Peter could feel the approximate power from the fake President’s body after kicking him.

That Betty was right.

The fake President’s power had definitely reached the level of a Genetic General.

Right now, Peter just wanted to be sure of one thing.

He wanted to know if this body had any autonomy.

“Do you know a human named Callie?” Peter spoke as he walked towards the fake President.

He knew that with the physical fitness of a Genetic General, he would not be badly injured.

At most, he would only temporarily lose his ability to attack.

The fake President’s body fell to the ground from the wall.

There was a depression on the front chest of his body, which was where Peter had kicked him.

The sophisticated machines inside were probably also injured.

Peter came to the fake President, put his foot on his chest, and continued to exert force.

“I’m asking you for the last time.

Do you know a girl named Callie?” The fake President finally responded.

He raised his head and looked at Peter with scarlet eyes.

His mouth was open as if he wanted to say something.

“You don’t have to test me with Callie.

I’m the President.

I’m Callie’s grandfather.

” “How can I believe that you’re telling the truth!” Peter had previously guessed that this cyborg, which Callie thought was the fake President, was actually Callie’s grandfather.

He just didn’t know what had happened to transform him into something that was neither human nor mecha.

“Hmph! I don’t have to make you believe me.

Since I can’t kill you, there will naturally be other powerful smart mechas that will kill you.

” Professor Eugene, who was nearby, was a little dazed when he saw this.

He couldn’t accept what the fake President had said for a moment, but he thought that the God of War Peter would end the life of the fake President next.

However, he was wrong.

Professor Eugene saw the God of War Peter moving his leg away from the fake President’s chest and leaning down to look at him.

“I won’t let you die.

You’re a priceless tool to me.

” At this moment, the fake President finally looked surprised.

He didn’t know what was awaiting him, but he felt a familiar aura from this Peter.

It was the same feeling he had when he was first brought into the Holy War Organization and his body was strengthened.

“Do you also have the Thunder God genes in your body?” Peter was not surprised to hear this.

On the contrary, this further confirmed his previous guess.

The strengthening potion that the Holy War Organization had been using all along was extracted from the body of the Thunder God.

Furthermore, from how it was used so that it could produce the greatest effect, it could be seen that the technology of this Holy War Organization was much more advanced and brilliant than that of the Federation.

After figuring out the identity of the fake President and the power in his body for the time being, Peter stopped wasting time on this body.

Since he had confirmed that the fake President was self-conscious, the rest of the matter was much easier.

Peter planned to take this body directly to find the A-Grade queen insect and let the A-Grade queen insect control him.

Originally, Professor Eugene was supposed to take Betty to the nest of the A-Grade queen insect tomorrow.

Now that this last-minute plan had changed, it was unrealistic to let Professor Eugene go alone.

After all, this body in front of him was comparable to that of a Genetic General.

Professor Eugene couldn’t control him, so Peter had to make a trip himself.

Peter locked the fake President in the warehouse for the time being and then returned to the ground level with Professor Eugene.

Then, he instructed Professor Eugene to prepare the strengthening potion that Peter would bring to the A-Grade queen insect in advance.

Peter would then leave for the A-Grade queen insect’s nest tomorrow morning.

If everything went well, Peter would obtain a soul slave whose combat power was not inferior to that of a Genetic General.

Most importantly, this fake President could continue to increase his level and might even be able to advance to a Genetic God of War soon.

Just as Peter was about to return to the hospital, an idea suddenly popped up in his mind.

Back in the basement, Betty had secretly activated the fake President’s body.

However, he hadn’t settled the score with Betty yet.

According to Professor Eugene, Betty even stuck her ear against the back of the door and waited to hear him and Professor Eugene scream.

At the thought of this, Peter turned and walked toward the basement again, running to where he had placed Betty under house arrest.

He wanted to scare Betty and see her look terrified.