Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 78

Age of Mecha: Divine-grade Genetic Extraction - Chapter 78

Chapter 78: A Foolish Move Peter closed the door to the hospital room and turned into Callie’s room.

The lights in the room had been adjusted to a mild setting.

Meanwhile, Callie was still asleep in the hospital bed.

Previously, Peter had asked the doctor at the hospital and was told that Callie’s condition was not very stable for the time being.

Thus, he suggested that she should be under observation at the hospital for a few days.

Callie lay on the bed, snoring softly.

Ever since the moment she had seen Peter, her tension had finally eased, causing Callie to sleep for a very long time.

Peter came to Callie’s bed and leaned down to kiss her cheek.

Professor Eugene, who had rushed over, saw this.

He faked a cough, which was loud enough for Peter to hear without waking Callie, who was asleep.

“There you are.

Let’s talk outside.

” Peter left Callie’s hospital bed and went to the corridor.

Then, he turned to Professor Eugene, who was standing in front of him.

“Professor Eugene, do you remember if a large number of Genetic Warriors have disappeared in the Federation over the past few years?” Professor Eugene lowered his head in thought.

He seemed to be recalling something.

Then, he looked up at Peter.

“Master, we have a large number of Genetic Warriors in the Federation.

Most of them are in the respective base cities.

The Genetic Command in each base city manages them, so if you want to look for information, you’d better go to the Genetic Command.

” Peter looked disappointed.

He thought Professor Eugene might know something, but it was clear that this old fellow had been at the Genetics College all along and rarely went anywhere else.




Just then, Eugene seemed to have remembered something.

“Master, I’ve never heard of any missing Genetic Warriors in the New York Base City, but the Washington Base City, which is the nearest base city to us, has a legend about some missing Genetic Warriors a few years ago.

” “Oh, tell me everything you know.

” Professor Eugene looked at the bench behind Peter.

After obtaining Peter’s approval, he sat on the bench and continued speaking.

Continue_reading_ on MYB0XN0V E L.

COM “The exact time should be six years ago.

Our Genetics College received an announcement from the Washington Base City Genetic Command.

I remember that the general contents of the announcement was about the collective escape of the Washington Genetic Warriors.

This matter blew up at that time and alarmed the mecha army to capture the escaping Genetic Warriors.

” “As for why the Genetic Warriors escaped from the Federal camp, the final explanation given by Washington Base City was very perfunctory.

It was said that a high-leveled Genetic General had betrayed the human camp and joined the mutated S-Grade queen insect.

” “Master, at that time, I was studying the body of the Thunder God underground and didn’t pay much attention to that matter.

However, now that you’ve brought it up, I’ve thought of a possibility.

Was the Genetic General who defected to the S-Grade queen insect controlled by the S-Grade queen insect? However, the upper echelons in Washington Base City didn’t know the truth and mistakenly thought that the Genetic General had betrayed them and fled.

” Peter understood what Professor Eugene meant.

The S-Grade queen insect could control the human brain, but that was not what Peter wanted to hear.

Since that mysterious Holy War Organization could fuse the bodies of Genetic Warriors with mechas, they definitely needed a large number of Genetic Warriors.

Only the Human Federation had a large number of Genetic Warriors.

Peter wanted to confirm his theory that the mysterious Holy War Organization had secretly obtained a large number of Genetic Warriors through the upper echelons of the Federation that they controlled.

After hearing the information from Professor Eugene, Peter had reason to believe that the Genetic Warriors in Washington Base City six years ago were likely to have been captured for modification experiments.

As for why the Genetic Warriors in New York Base City were not captured by the Holy War Organization, it was probably related to Professor Eugene.

Peter looked at Professor Eugene with mixed emotions.

This made Professor Eugene look terrified.

“Master, did I do something wrong? Please forgive me.

” Peter almost laughed when he saw how frightened Professor Eugene was.

This old fellow had accidentally done something wrong and indirectly saved the Genetic Warriors in New York Base City.

When Professor Eugene was not controlled by the A-Grade queen insect, which was before Peter entered the Genetics College, he had secretly studied the body of the Thunder God as the dean of the Genetics College.

Furthermore, he had also obtained a large amount of the Thunder God gene potions.

However, Professor Eugene was afraid that the Federation would know his secret, so he didn’t dare to nurture a large number of Genetic Warriors.

As a result, the Genetic Warriors in New York Base City were of very low levels.

They could only follow behind the Mecha Warriors and clean up the battlefield.

Thus, it could be inferred that the Holy War Organization didn’t forget about the Genetic Warriors in New York Base City.

Instead, they didn’t fancy the low-level Genetic Warriors here.

Therefore, Professor Eugene’s foolish move saved their lives.

Just then, a ray of morning light shone through the window on Callie’s ward and into the corridor.

It was then that Peter realized that the night was over.

With a new day coming, he had much to do.

Callie was already out of bed.

Seeing no sign of Peter in the room, she hurried to the door and opened it.

When she saw Peter in the corridor, she smiled, something she hadn’t done in a long time.

“Peter, have you not slept all night again? Come in and get some sleep.

” Peter smiled knowingly when he felt Callie’s heart ache for him.

“Callie, you’re awake too.

I have to go do something this morning and will be back in time for lunch with you, okay?” Peter didn’t say what he was going to do, because he was going to unlock the secrets of the fake President’s corpse in the basement.

He didn’t tell Callie because he was afraid that her emotions would fluctuate and affect her recovery.

Callie sensibly walked up to Peter.

Without saying anything, she tiptoed and kissed Peter.

Then, Callie stood in the tunnel and watched Peter disappear at the end of the corridor.

Peter and Professor Eugene walked out of the hospital.

He wanted Professor Eugene to do something first.

“Professor Eugene, go to the basement first and take Betty to the place where the President’s corpse is stored.

” The fake President had a particularly sophisticated mechanical structure.

Thus, Peter needed an engineer who knew a lot about machines, and Betty was the best candidate.

Peter was not afraid that Betty would reveal the secret of the fake President’s corpse.

This was because Professor Eugene would take Betty to see the A-Grade queen insect tomorrow.

When the A-Grade queen insect finished controlling Betty, Peter would have another soul slave.

Seeing Professor Eugene leave, Peter first went to the canteen to purchase some exquisite food, mainly organic vegetables.

He spent a lot of points on the food and asked the canteen staff to deliver them to Callie.

After leaving the canteen, Peter walked into the familiar laboratory and took the elevator to Basement Three.

When he pushed open the door to the warehouse, he saw that Professor Eugene was waiting with Betty.

When Betty saw Peter, her attitude changed greatly.

She was no longer making a scene.

“God of War Peter! I promise not to leak the secret I saw.

Please let me go.